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can you find someone to buy my furniture and household goods?


How much is a tankless water heater?


Mario G. J.

The price for installing a tankless can vary in prices. first we have to determine how many gas fixtures are in your house. Second, the size of your gas pipe from meter to the house. We can increase your pressure , but we would have to install regulators. Tankless water heaters are designed for endless hot water throughout your home without running out of hot water. Especially around the holidays when families come to stay and having to wait for hot water. Like everything' not recommended to run all day.

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I need to do a lot of work on my older home. Do I need a contracter to get things done in the right order?


My garage door stops going down in the afternoon. Nothing is blocking the sensors and it works again in the evening. Any ideas?


How to order a yellow pages book


YP Answers

You can call 1-800-479-2977 to order The Real Yellow Pages book for your city.

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