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I am trimming my trees in Island Park NY and I am cutting down a tree. Is there a charge to drop off at Merrik dump.


When is bulk pickup for zone 2?

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Joliet 4.

What city and state?

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What type of items can be placed in the recycling trash bin?


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Paper and cardboard products, such as juice cartons, milk cartons, newspapers, magazines, and phone books can be placed in your recycling trash bin. Glass products such as bottles, mirrors, and jars may be included, along with metal products such as drink cans, aluminum foil, and pots and pans. Different municipalities have different rules regarding which items they will accept for recycling, so get in touch with your local trash pickup company to see what the guidelines are in your area....Read More

What type of materials can be placed in the yard waste bin?


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You can place green waste, such as grass clippings, leaves, weeds, and tree branches in your yard waste bin. Branches should be no longer than 4 feet in length and no more than 2 inches in diameter. All green waste must be able to fit securely in your yard waste bin....Read More

What is considered bulk trash?


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Any item that is too large or unwieldy to be disposed of in your home's curbside trash bin is considered bulk trash. This can include furniture such as mattresses and couches and appliances such as refrigerators. You can make arrangements with your local sanitation department to have them remove certain types of bulk trash....Read More