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How much does a ferret cost?


Does anyone have any young kitty'sfor saleor adoption?


Where can I buy a baby ferret?



If you get one off the black market it'll be trained to act as a scarf. very stylish.

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Looking to purchase several live mice. Who sells them locally ? Hampton Rds, NN, Norfolk ?


I have 3 hermit crabs that won't eat, what should i do to get them to start eating?


Loraine B.

My hermit crabs wouldn't eat at first either. Turns out they didn't like their food. Hermit crab pellets from the pet store have lots of weird stuff like preservatives in it, and crabs often don't like it. Try mixing up their diets. Give them small pieces of fresh fruit, and small pieces of seafood. They usually only eat at night, so you most likely won't see it. ...Read More
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