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Several separate things have happen. Trying to charge us double rent, harassing us when to leave & turned water off 8/4/21



Best thing to do is find another place to live. however, if you can't do that look to your rental and or lease ageement for instructions on boundries set buy the landlord and what your rights are. A lot depends on where you live check your local housing authority. If you don't have one of those or a rental agreement, you are preety much, on your own. You can call the police if they turn the water off or harrass you bad enough that a violent altercation ensues. You can also call your local attorney general, or consumer awareness tv chanel. In the mean time, don't pay in cash, make sure you have a copy of the check for the rent. or pay buy money order and keep the numbers on the money order in a safe place. If you can't do those make sure you have other peolpe around who can verify you paid the rent. You can request a reciept. If they don't give you one then call the police. While he it there show the police officer you handing the cash over to the landlord. Get his name and badge number. If push comes to shove take him to small claimes court. You can also go to social media and make your complaint heard. If nothing else it makes a record of your issues with this landlord . If you have to go to court you have documentation.

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i working at 7/11 and employee put her hands on me. So i left. Now they said i can't come to the store to buy nothing. that the close store to me


Can my landlord evicted me with no place to go due to past rent. I have Thyroid Cancer Cancer on my voice box. He was ok until he found out about home health coming in to my home.


During a traffic stop for no reason,can an officer text people in contacts on my phone actin as it was me?


Is it possible for the gamming commision to give you your jackpot even though u have been banned from the casino