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How much is a solar panel?


where to get a copy of will a lawyer maid out and retired


How can the money owed be collected


Wesli S.

a law suite. Depending on the state and the amount owed some states at 25,000 some 50,000 can be handled without a lawyer in small claims court. After the judgement is when it gets dicey.Easy to win hard to collect. if you can locate them then find asset or find a way to fool them by sending them a check for 100 dollars or so under some maid up pretense if they take it and cash it you can request a copy from the bank you drew it off of. the check will have there deposit info on it the account it went into then get a court order to seize the money present it to their bank and bang you took their money

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Can my landlord tell me I have 2 weeks to vacate property after asking him to fix roof , no I don’t have lease he just bought the building I’m in , but I’ve been there for over 10 yrs


Both me and my now ex girlfriends name is on the deed to the property we just bought. She left me and now wants me to sign my name off the deed. How can i get all the money back that i spent on getting the house?