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Where can I go to put gold tooth or fill the gaps between my teeth to be more confident about my smile


I currently have a full bridge (bottom) that is connected to a post. The magnet that holds the post to the bridge has come apart from the bridge


My boyfriend works at millworks in calhoun he has a bank account with wells fargo he gets paid good is there a dentist that will do a extraction and him be able to make payments


Is it normal for a person to be afraid of the dentists?


Pin D.

Just imagining what they will do to your painful tooth and knowing how painful tooth ache can be give you the asumptions that dentists are there to cause you pain. But the reverse is the case, no one should be afraid of a dentist, they are humans like you, and are there to help you just like a pilot, a teacher and even a minister. It is usually the painful expereice that makes someone develop that feeling of fear.

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Dentists that take met life and emblem health vip