What is stump extraction?


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Stump extraction involves removing the entire tree stump and its roots from your yard. Stump extraction is a more complicated and time-consuming procedure than stump grinding, which involves simply grinding away the tree stump and leaving the roots intact. With stump extraction, you may be left with a hole in your yard once the tree stump's roots have been removed....Read More

Dominic O.

I had a tree cut down on my property last year. After cutting it down, they left the stump. They gave me the choice of having the whole root ball extracted, which leaves a hole, or cutting the stump to ground level and then grinding away the rest....Read More

Avery B.

Stump removal is just what it sounds like: removing a dead tree stump from your yard. We had a particularly unsightly stump in our lawn for a few years before deciding to have it removed. It was attracting termites that had begun to spread to other healthy trees close by. The tree removal service came out and used a special grinder that removed the stump and its roots. ...Read More


it's similar to a "mole extraction" . My son had one on his chest. They dug it out, leaving a hole behind. skin healed over it. imagine the same thing hhappening but with earth. hope that helps

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Well I would definitely love to help you with this. Stump extraction involves copious amounts of time and energy that you should really store up for. I don't recommend eating a ton right before, but carb loading the night before is a good way to build up that energy you will burn during the process. Good luck.

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Tree stumps and roots are extracted using a hydraulic head on a tracked excavator or with a mechanical head equipped by a special tool for tractors. Stump harvesting is expected to provide an increasing component of the woody material required by the woody biomass power sector in Europe

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Stacey J.

Removal of a tree stump. We use a specific piece of machinery (stump grinder) to "grind" down the stump and any visible roots approximately 6 to 8 inches below the dirt.

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