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Who repairs kitchen cabinet drawers?



Any kitchen or utility cabinet maker can do this.

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who can build bookcases for me


What is cabinet refinishing?


Corey F.

Refinishing involves stripping and sanding the finish off your existing cabinets and restoring or changing the look. Our oak cabinets were very dark and worn. We had them stripped and finished in a light oak color that brightened the kitchen....Read More
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How long does cabinet refinishing usually take?


Hilda D.

Our contractor estimated it would take three to five days, but it took seven days because high humidity made drying time longer. The duration of the job depends on the number of cabinets and any problems they might run into. ...Read More
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Can all types of cabinets be refinished?


Nadia W.

When I wanted to get my cabinets refinished last year, I found out not all types of cabinets can be refinished. Ones made of laminate, metal or thermofoil can't be stripped, sanded or even painted over, so to update my kitchen, my cabinets had to be replaced. ...Read More
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