What does an endodontist do?


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Endodontists are dentists who specialize in maintaining teeth through endodontic therapy -- procedures, involving the soft inner tissue of the teeth, called the pulp. An endodontist may end up working on 20 or more root canals in the same timespan that a dentist does a few. Becoming an endodontist means undergoing an additional two years of training beyond dental school. Their added training means that the endodontist is more adept at utilizing complex dental equipment - especially ultrasonic instruments or microscopes....Read More

Robin P.

I've had several root canal treatments treated by an endodontist. They're dentists who have gone on to specialize in treating conditions that affect the roots, pulp and other soft tissue within the teeth themselves. They dedicate their time mainly to root canals or saving teeth....Read More


I thought all of the dinosaurs were dead, so they can't do anything.

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Erwin H.

An endodontist is a specialist who has completed extra years of dental training in order to properly diagnose the various causes of tooth pain. Their primary focus is to help you retain your natural teeth, but they also perform root canals and can place implants if needed....Read More

Greg C.

An endodontist is a dentist specialist trained to alleviate painful or infected teeth by performing root canal therapy instead of extraction.

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Angela S.

Edno’s specializes in Root Canals, root cleanings along with tissue/gums repair.

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