Do entertainment attorneys represent people working behind the scenes?


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Yes. In many cases, an attorney that specializes in entertainment law is more capable of handling a case for those working behind the scenes, even if the issue is not directly related to an entertainment or media matter.

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Ricky C.

Yeah, entertainment lawyers handle all kinds of legal issues related to the entertainment industry, including for behind-the-scenes folks. They handle stuff like contract issues, labor law disputes, trademark or copyright problems, and can even handle land use and permits for filming. ...Read More

Kendra H.

Sure. I studied law with a friend who was planning to get into entertainment law. While it's true that there are plenty of entertainment lawyers who work with famous clients, the majority of the day-to-day cases involve members of the entertainment community at all levels, including those who work behind the scenes....Read More


Yes, entertainment attorneys can represent people working behind the scenes in the entertainment industry, such as producers, directors, writers, editors, composers, and other professionals. They can help negotiate and draft contracts, protect intellectual property rights, provide legal guidance, and handle disputes or litigation....Read More