What are the best fish for beginners?


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Goldfish are the best beginner fish, but there are other lesser known options like tetra, and betta fish.

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Greg M.

My kids have been begging me for a pet fish for months, and last week I finally broke down. The pet shop workers told me the best kind of fish for beginning pet owners and kids are goldfish, betta fish, tetra fish and danios. ...Read More


I started with swedish fish. They were really sweet but eventually they gave me a headache. So then I moved on to gold fish, they had a good crunch with just the right amount of flavor at first, but after a while they started to taste bland. But not before I started to feel sick. you wanna know what I learned? dont eat a lot of swedish fish and gold fish in one day. especially not when babysitting. even if they are just laying out for anyone to take, just don't do it.

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