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Best Restaurants in Walnut Creek

With over 345 locations to choose from, "The Real Yellow Pages" is here to help you discover the top restaurants in Walnut Creek. Fortunately, we've gathered over 394 reviews for restaurants in Walnut Creek. These restaurants have an average 4-star rating to help you narrow it down.

If you're looking for places to drink coffee & espresso we've found over 31 popular options in Walnut Creek. We love coffee & espresso as much as you do. We suggest checking out Philz Coffee, Nespresso, or Peet's Coffee & Tea in Walnut Creek to get your fix.

coffee & espresso restaurants in Walnut Creek are well rated and have over 6 reviews, so you are bound to find something nearby.

Walnut Creek, CA is also known for having great restaurant food so you can check out Momos Walnut Creek, Corners Tavern, and Lark Creek Walnut Creek for popular choices. If you've already tried these locations and want to try something new, you can check out one of the other 31 restaurants that have 34 reviews and an average of 4 stars.

Just to make it clear that you have an abundance of options in Walnut Creek we'll make a few more suggestions: Fleming's Prime Steakhouse, The Cheesecake Factory, and Lettuce are known for their top notch American food in Walnut Creek.

Regardless of where your stomach is leading you, "The Real Yellow Pages" can help you find the best food in Walnut Creek.

No matter the circumstances, we have a restaurant in Walnut Creek that is perfect for just about any occasion. Easily make online reservations through as there are 48 Walnut Creek restaurants that will let you book a table in advance.

With this many choices it's easy to plan ahead and ensure a great experience in Walnut Creek. Check out Subway, Skipolini's Pizza, or Taco Bell for booking a table during the busiest hours.

Catering options are also widely available to you. There is a total of 47 restaurants in Walnut Creek that can either cater to you or have your order ready when you arrive for pick-up. Kinder's Meats Deli BBQ, Kacha Thai Bistro, or Tullio's Italian Restaurant are popular options for catered food in Walnut Creek.

Are you planning an outing with a larger number of people? Fuddruckers, Silk Road Restaurant, and Montecatini Restaurant in Walnut Creek and 11 other restaurants are excellent choices for parties or large groups.

If there are children involved in your outing, not to worry, as we have 15 good places to eat in Walnut Creek that are kid-friendly. Panda Express, California Pizza Kitchen, and P.F. Chang's are popular kid-friendly restaurants in Walnut Creek, CA.

Concerned about what to wear? Locations like Broderick Roadhouse, Sunol Ridge, and Va de Vi Bistro & Wine Bar in Walnut Creek are on the more casual side, along with 71 other restaurants.

If you're looking for somewhere to eat in Walnut Creek but wish to find some options that provide discounts, we have 1 restaurant in Walnut Creek, favorites include:

Walnut Creek certainly has some great dining options in the state of California, but if you want to explore other nearby cities you can view our list of restaurants in Concord, Berkeley, or Oakland and so much more.

Continue to browse our top restaurants in Walnut Creek and share your experience with!

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