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Rebecca P.


Nice place good food

We had dinner out side it was very nice. kids loved it so that's a plus. only problem was the wait, it took a while to get our food but I guess it was worth the wait.




The tacos, burritos, tortilla was awesome, if you were looking for a nice Mexican restaurant i highly recommend this one for you.




From the valet parking people up to the restaurant staff very friendly and excellent service. The exquisite meat and super good salad bar, not had much time to visit a restaurant of this quality.



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Some changes for the better

I haven't eaten there too much in the past because as a vegetarian, they haven't had too much I could choose from. But I went recently and found out that they had some new items on the menu that were vegan/vegetarian friendly.

As with most times when meat eaters try to do veggie items, there will be hits and misses. The Black Beans are wonderful - smooth, spicy and yummy. I would order a quart of the beans just to take home. The vegan tacos are a good attempt, - lettuce used as the tortilla shell, but I miss regular corn tortillas which are usually made with some sort of vegetable oil. Maybe they use something else for theirs. The vegetarian burros are good, but better if you put the black beans in. I would have liked to have it enchilada-style with green sauce, but they use chicken stock in the green sauce. Personally, I think if they used vegetable stock in the green sauce, it wouldn't make that much difference in the flavor to the meat eaters and it would be another option for us vegetarians...

I think there is a bit of a way to go, but I'm giving them an A++ on the Black Beans, A on the veggie-burro with the Black Beans added, a B or C for the vegan tacos and an F on the green sauce with chicken stock, for an overall 4 stars! Thank you for thinking of us.



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Mexican Lifestyle

Aunt Chilada's has been a house hold name for me since growing up on the mountain next to it and it's been a while since I have been there, until recently. We just started going there regularly. The staff is friendly and helps make the experience every time. If fact I think that most of them were there when I was a kid.
You can get a burrito or a taco anywhere so we tried one of their house a matter of fact we try something new every time and we are always happy with the result. The house specials are unique and the ambiance can't be beat. The first night we went there a few weeks ago we were fat and happy and on our way out and ran into the regular Tuesday Bocce Ball tournament. It was starting, and we had some time, so we decided to stick around and play. We ended up winning a one night stay in Rocky Point that night. Needless to say we go back now about once a week, if not for Tuesday Bocce, we try to hit the Friday happy hour and the live band. After the first couple of times we started recognizing faces and by week three or four everyone knew our names and welcomed us into the so called Aunt Chiladas Lifestyle. If you are looking for a great Margarita or some awesome food, or just a place to hang out, I would highly recommend AC's (as we call it) to anyone for a Phoenix mexican experience.



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The best happy hour in town

This place is infamous! How can they afford to do a free happy hour buffet every day and never charge for live music? I guess I don't need to know. I was there for the first time a couple months ago and it is now the local watering hole for me and all my girlfriends! We love the outdoor bar and the bocce ball court. There are so many drink specials every day, and the food is not just good its free. We were there last night for the season premier of Zane Lamprey's new show Drinking Made Easy, and once again the Travel Channel found the best hideout in Phoenix. I hope my secret ""hotspot"" doesn't turn into the epicenter of where to get discovered in Phoenix. Between the chef's stint on Gordon Ramsey's Hell's Kitchen, The Travel Channel's Zane Lamprey, and the new Will Farrel movie being filmed there, I am afraid Hollywood may sweep them away!



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All u nay-sayers need to try this place again-I LOVED IT

I have NO CLUE why these other reviews are bad...I have been to the ""other Aunt's"" on Baseline and have had TERRIBLE FOOD AND SERVICE. Call me a glutten for punishment, but I wanted to see if there was a diiference between the two so...I made reservations. I was pleasantly suprised at how un-similar the 2 really are. We were promptly greeted and seated by a very friendly and cute hostess. OMFG The chips & salsa were so warm and fresh (they have amazing flour chips) I almost filled up on them alone. The menu was very reasonably priced for the portion sizes. Talk about a big o plate of yummy. I ordered the Chipotle cream chicken w/ a side of sliced avocados. The plate was served w/ a dish of sliced chicken breast, drownding in a sea of delicious chipotle cream sauce served w/ rice and beans. It had a lil spice to it but not too much. My bf ordered the Jalapeno Steak Fajitas, juicey sliced steak sauteed w/ fresh spicey jalapenos, which also came w/ sliced avocado, rice-beans, and corn tortillas. Talk about amazing. We ordered the ""Millionaire Margarita"" which was a little splurgey but hey- go big or go home. It came in a really cool glass that we got to take home w/ us. Our server Luby was so sweet and very attentive. VERY DIFFERENT from the Baseline aunts. When I told my server that I had bad service at the other one, she told me that the two were in no way other than name affiliated. She said that a family owned the squaw peak location, and ran it themselves... Go figure. I will NEVER go to the other one again. No reason to. LOVE THIS PLACE-It's worth the xtra drive time.



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Are you guys smoking crack?

My headline is directed towards the two nasty reviews I just read. I have been dining at that restaurant for years and have never had a problem. The wait staff are all very friendly and courteous. In fact, with as many years as I have been a patron of this fine establishment I have yet to see a high turn over in staff. Many of the employees have worked there for quite a while. Can't call it ""terrible management"" apparently they're doing something right. i do agree with the patio not being ""high heel friendly"" however but it's not rocket science to watch where you walk- Common sense. The food is very authentic and can be pretty much tailor made to order. I LOVE the fresh chips and salsa! Nothing about the food is pre made or pre packaged- this is the real deal. i urge those who have had a negative experience to try it out again> i just can't see how anyone would not love this place! Live bands on friday nights- they ALWAYS have free food in lounge for happy hour.. Come on- get real. This place rocks!



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Would NOT Reccomend at all!!!

I was attending a birthday party with a large party. The service for this planned event was the wort I've ever experienced. The waitress did not have any hair restraints, which is a health code violation and is just very unsanitary!! The patio surface bordered on DANGEROUS because it was so uneven, I couldn't imagine how drinkers could keep from tripping and twisting their ankles & I don't drink at all so I was completely sober!!
The entire experience was awful. The management staff are argumentative and abrasive, the wait staff is RUDE and unprofessional and the food sucked!!



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Worst Dining Experience I've Ever Had

I don't even know where to begin. I planned my 30th Birthday/Going Away party at Aunt Chilada's at Squaw Peak. It was a complete disaster and I ended up personally apologizing to my 50+ guests for they way they were treated.

* I ordered 5 appetizer platters for a buffet. They brought out three platters of what looked like soupy slop. It was not the correct items I ordered. When I brought it to their attention, they brought out two more platters of slop, but I still never received the food I ordered. They brought a manager out who told me ""you didn't pay enough for this party to be complaining"".

* The manager then announced to my guests that she did not charge me for table linens, balloons or the chips & salsa. She told them I should have paid $2000 and that I had only paid (she gave them exact dollar amount) and that I needed to be happy with what I got.

* They only provided one server for my party (and I will admit she was the only good thing about that place), but it took 30-45 minutes just to get DRINKS.

* One of my guests waited 45 minutes for soup & salad. She asked for the manager who called her a liar to her face and became very argumentative with my guest.

* One of my guests asked for the manager as we were leaving and she literally walked out and screamed ""what the F--- do you want now? I have guests in town from Australia and you are embarrassing me!"" This was said in front of dozens of other guests who were obviously offended.

I will never recommend this establishment to anyone.



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Bad service!!!!!

I attended a party at this place and the environment is nice but the worst service ever. It took 25minutes just to get a drink and when I told the waitress it wasn't even what I orderd she just looked at me like I was speaking chinese or something. I ordered 5drinks and none of them were the same thing. The party host ordered food that was not even what they brought out and cursed her up and down for complaining that the order was wrong. I would never recommend this place to anyone, not even my worst enemy. No regard for their customers or the concerns that they had. Customer service gets an F with me.



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Restaurant SUCKS!!

Servers, staff & management EXTREMELY RUDE! Servers have unrestrained hair (found hair in my food). Restrooms were filthy (garbage was falling out of trash cans)
FYI (Aunt Chilada's owners) --- This is WHY, as the saying goes, ""THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT"". Now if you could only teach that to your staff.



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Best Hang Out EVER!

Ok just so people know there is TWO Aunt Chilada's...this one at Squaw Peak, and the one at South Mountain. This one is the original. The one at South Mountain is the one that has bad food and service. I think that some of these reviews are probably about the one at South Mtn. The original AC's is amazing. And if you say that it doenst have authentic Mexican food then you are obviously unaware of what that is. I mean any Mexican food that you get north of the border is not going to be AUTHENTIC...we're in the US not Mexico people. As far as service goes AC's is a hoppin' place with a great vibe and sometimes you have to wait a little while. If your looking for fast food go to Taco Bell or a Bertos. If you're looking for a great place to hang out and have some good food & drinks then this is your place. I personally am driving 850 miles from Denver to come have some good Mexican food. And just b/c you came to AC's on a busy night or on a night where you're server had had a bad day doesnt mean that you should come on here and dis the place. It has a lot of history...1st liquor license in AZ after prohibition, used to be the famous Peak, was built in 1912 (same year AZ was made a state), was added on to by fire fighters. Has one of the largest Cinco de Mayo celebrations in the nation. And the regulars are amazing. There is a whole energy to Aunt Chilada's that is undescribable. All I can say for the people who had a bad expirence is either A) you should give it a sacond try or B) your standards are way too high.



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Ok Food

Nothing special about the food, only been there one time, would never go there again in my lifetime. We were seated in a seperate building (not the one with the bar). There were too many flies buzzing around us and other customers as well, complained to the manager, she was apologized. The food is nothing special, its average or even below average. Definately would not recomend this to any of my friends or family or anyone I know.



great tex-mex

This is one of my favorites in the phoenix area. Ambience is great, food yummy.



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Good Mexican Food

I like this place, its a good go-to for when you're craving Mexican food. It's not the best I've ever had but, I would recommend it.



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Nice enough but nothing overly special

This is an ""OK"" mexican food restaurant. I did enjoy my time there, I love reading reviews here to find out what others think about places they have been. I did NOT enjoy the 2 previous reviews that are blatant adertisments from the owners. Maybe they dont believe their establishment will get favorable ratings from their patrons. Anyway, this is an enjoyable mexican food place and a decent place to go. Don't drive out of your way to come here but if you are in the neighborhood stop in.



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Great tips for poor service

We were ""greeted"" by a very unpleasant waitress. One member of our party was on an expense account and requested a separate check. She refused to do anything to help him out. The service was poor at best. We ordered a pitcher of margarita, no salt. She came back with salted glasses filled with the drink. She told us that she knew we did not want salt, but the bartender put salt and filled the glasses. She made it very clear that she did not want to mix a new pitcher to fix the mistake. The most insulting part was that since we were a party of 6, the tip was added to our bill, 20%. No wonder the service was so poor, she was getting 20% regardless of the quality of the service. On a more positive note, the food was good (not great, but good).



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Staff & Owner ruined Large Party @ Happy Hour

I was the unlucky person that spoke to a ""new"" employee on the phone who did not specify policies for reserving patio tables for happy hour. I was humiliated when my guests showed up; they'd given away my tables because ""someone"" changed the reservation to one-half hour earlier (certainly not me!). They claimed they'd waited for us for 45-minutes but no one showed up. That happens when you seat some of the party in the dining room rather than outside! No one offered any apologies nor any alternate options for seating. In fact, the owner told us ""grab a table where you can"" and did absolutely nothing to help make up for their major shortcomings. I was told, though, that ""a regular would understand"". If you're not a regular at happy hour, prepare to be treated like a second-class guest at this place. Everyone, new employess and especially the owner need a comprehensive class on guest service - maybe the Pointe can help them. In the meantime, I'll plan parties elsewhere.


Phone: (602) 944-1286

Address: 7330 N Dreamy Draw Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85020


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Come join this family-owned Mexican Food Restaurant for a true taste of Arizona Mexican Delights! Plan your next event or come enjoy a fun-filled Friday night at the Original Aunt Chilada'sCome join this family-owned Mexican Food Restaurant for a true taste of Arizona Mexican Delights! Plan your next event or come enjoy a fun-filled Friday night at the Original Aunt Chilada's
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