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We will guarantee results on your past due account(s) within 14 days or you may request your account be returned free of charge.

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A delinquent asset is a wasting asset. Not only are you deprived of the cash outstanding, but with the passage of time the average percentage that you are finally able to collect drops as well. TDM would like to partner with you to collect all unpaid accounts while achieving a maximum net return. With TDM, you can expect excellent recovery percentages from an experienced team of professionals. Our goal is to create a relationship of trust with you that guarantees your business long into the future. Please take time to speak with us to learn more about how we customize our collection programs to meet your needs.
Our trained professionals search through the Debtor’s financial family, to both identify the best person to treat for the” Payment Priority Disorder” and to prescribe the most dynamic financial remedy. Using Auditory (hearing), Kinesthetic (feeling) and Visual (seeing) rapport our Agents bring you the four letter word you want to hear “PAID”. On its surface, this information may seem obvious but our technology will impress you with the results. We believe, the “How we do it “will produce results that are unmatched by any collection service in the World, we guarantee it! We are The Debt Masters!
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A delinquent asset is a wasting asset. Not only are you deprived of the cash outstanding, but with the passage of time the average percentage that you are finally able to collect drops as well. TDM would like to partner with you to collect all unpaid accounts while achieving a maximum net return. With TDM, you can expect excellent recovery percentages from an experienced team of professionals. Our goal is to create a relationship of trust with you that guarantees your business long into the future. Please take time to speak with us to learn more about how we customize our collection programs to meet your needs.

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Sharon E.
Edited: 03/21/2022

We are a Real Estate Company, we assigned 500k and The Debt Masters did a terrific Job! Very Responsive, professional and effective.

Jay M.
Edited: 10/22/2020

Fantastic ! They collected 8 of 10 accounts in less than 30 days. I was aprenhensive because although my customers had not paid, I did not want to lose the business.

Mel E.



I own a small Beauty Products Company. The Debt Masters collected 43k in 3 days ! Excellent results , I love the service.

Thank you !

Mike F.



Don't waste your time uploading your files if you are a small landlord. Debt Masters website does not spell out they take
large property manager debts against tenants on a retainer or continuing basis.

Nor does website spell out they do not take small landlord account.
A vague website that is tantamount to misrepresentation.

William H.
Edited: 11/01/2017

In March 2015, I was charged $1770.27 from Paradise Cleaning and Restoration of Middletown, RI . Most of the charges on were fraudulent. Paradise tried to get my home insurance to pay their invoice since they understood that my insurance company had NO idea what services were actually provided.
I filed complaints against Paradise with the Better Business Bureau and the MA Attorney General's office. Interestingly, Paradise chose not to respond to either complaint.
After many abusive emails, I finally told Paradise that I would only negotiate my claim with their attorney. Eventually Paradise agreed to waive all charges.
Interestingly, Paradise refused to send my a copy of their invoice. I had to get this from my insurance company.
Now, nine months after Paradise agreed to waive ALL charges, I received a phone call and then a letter from a *pre-litigation* counselor. Interestingly, the *claim amount* they tried to collect was exactly two times the amount of my Paradise Invoice.
The *LegalGram* from *The Law Center* demanded a check by overnight courier. The *pre-litigation* COORDINATOR threatened *costly litigation* and to *impair my credit rating*
I refused to let *The Law Center* or *Debt Masters* to intimidate me into paying for fraudulent charges that Paradise ultimately decided to waive entirely.
I believe their intimidation tactics are illegal and unethical

Meagan D.
Edited: 04/04/2017

Lisa is my contact with The Debt Masters and I must say she does not annoy me whatsoever. That may sound funny but honestly most collection people that I've used have bugged me to the point that I won't use them. The Debt Masters seem to be patient and understanding with me but I assume that's not how they are with the companies they go after because the turn around on collecting is great.
I gave Lisa two accounts on 8/29/14 and we had checks in full by 9/5/14 (one was sent to her and one to me). I had been trying to collect on them for just under a year before I finally gave up. It's wonderful to know those clients didn't get away with not paying.
I will most definitely be giving The Debt Masters more accounts and I highly suggest you give them a try.
Casco Equipment

Johnathan L.



I called The Debt Masters because I own rental property and had an old tenant that owed me money. I was told that they don't handle landlord collections but I also own a small business so I thought that I would give them a try. I am impressed with their results. Not only did they collect my account but my customer placed another order (C.O.D. of course). An agency that can collect a past due account and not loose my customer? I will definitely use them again and you should too.

Martha W.



I, like most people nowadays, read the reviews of The Debt Masters before I called. I was actually a little angry that someone gave this company a 1 star review just because they wouldn't take their account. So I called them to see for myself if they could help me. I am in the property management industry and have several old tenants that owe for back rent/damages. I even have Judgments on some of my ex-tenants. I was told immediately that they do not handle this type of debt and the lady I spoke to (Shannon) even told me to narrow my search by adding landlord/rent to my search for collection agencies. I was able to find another company who specializes in my industry. B.T.W., thank you Shannon. I still can't believe that other reviewer gave this company 1 star and said that their customer service is the worse she has ever seen JUST because they didn't respond to her. Did you even call them? I called around 6 collection agencies and either got disconnected numbers or voice mails. I still haven't gotten a return call from some of them. The Debt Masters actually had an operator who answered the phone when I called. People are so sensitive when they don't get what they want. I hate keyboard assassin's.

Pat B.



I contacted this company, and have never seen such awful customer service. They refused to take my case. After many emails that when unanswered, I still don't have any idea way they won't help me.

I would NEVER recommend this company to anybody.

Angela G.



i called asking about there services and she told me right up front
that they would not be a match for my office. If you do not do high volume of accounts each month or financially have high balances they do not bother with you. That's ok. They were up front with me.
If you are a small Joe they would not be for you

Jackie S.



I have worked with a lot of collection agencies in my 27 years as a Receivables Manager but this is my first review. My company is a Machine shop therefore we get a lot of customized work that can't be resold once it has been completed. So it just sits and takes up space in our warehouse. My old agency just didn't seem to be doing anything, I couldn't even get them on the phone to get statuses. I found The Debt Masters online and gave them 4 accounts ranging from $1,795.00-$29,323.18. One of the accounts was out of business (it was over a year old) and I didn't expect to collect anyways but I was impressed with the fact that I was notified within 48 hours that this account was out of business and I received a write off letter via email. Then the unexpected happened, they collected all 3 of the other accounts within a month. I was flabbergasted! Just like some of the other reviewers, I don't know what the collectors do over there but their results are by far the best I have ever seen.

Sandy S.



I have recently placed my first account with the Debt Masters. Once I had placed the account I received notice that my client's one check that they paid me was NSF. I notified Lisa Knight at Debt Masters and she communicated with the client, letting them know that in their state an NSF check can land them in jail. within a week received a postal money order for the amount of the NSF check and the bank charge. These folks at Debt Masters are pros. I have no doubt they will be successful in collecting my debt. Over the years I have used many collection companies but this one is a keeper.

Lee W.



The Debt Masters collected 10 cases over 2 years old. I was shocked, my other Agency collected nothing. When I received my check , I felt as if I had won the lottery ! Very surprised ! Thank you TEAM.

Crystal R.



I work for a large dental practice. We had a collection agency that we used for years but lately we were not satisfied with their service. I called The Debt Masters and I actually got a live body who could answer my questions. I'm sure anyone who is reading this understands how rare that is. Even though their rates were higher than my previous agency, I decided to give them a chance because Sarah kept using the word "results" and that is what I was looking for. Within 24 hours of giving them the first batch of accounts our phone started ringing from patients wanting to pay. After about 2 weeks I called for a status and was shocked how many accounts had actually paid. I received my first check today and I must say that I am Impressed. I don't write many reviews because as you can see I am long but when Sarah asked me to write one, I felt it was the least I can do. I wish that I had changed collection agencies sooner, The Debt Masters do get "results." BTW, I have given them more accounts and the phone is still ringing off the hook.

Silvia G.



This is not your ordinary collection agency! My parents are elderly (dad 87 & mom 85) and owed a $13,000.00 bill from storm damage on their house. The bill was very old and they just didn't have the money to pay it. My dad was contacted by The Law Center to resolve the debt. When we spoke to Ben he was so patient with my dad and while he was gathering the information about why the debt had not been paid, he discovered that my parents had homeowners insurance that should have paid this. Ben not only walked us through the process he actually contacted the home owners insurance when the were giving us the run around because the debt was over 2 years old. The bottom line is, they got the home owners insurance to issue a check for the full amount and my parents didn't have to pay anything out of pocket. You hear so many horror stories about collection agencies but I am grateful for the way they dealt with my parents. Good people are good people even if they are debt collectors...Thank you Ben!

Manual G.



I am the old owner of a Medical Supply Company that recently had to shut down the business, however, I some old accounts on the books. Some of these accounts went back to 2011 and we were having no luck collecting because the Hospitals knew that we were out of business. Our accounts ranged from $1200 - $350,000 and that was just too much money to walk away from, so I searched collection agencies and found The Debt Masters. They gave me a flat rate that I thought was fair because the accounts were so old. I have to say, if Tracey (my sales rep) would have told me they would collect 7 out of 12 accounts within 7 days I would have told her "impossible" but that is exactly what happened. I received some payments and they received the others. I am absolutely impressed! My people have been trying to collect these accounts for years and have been unsuccessful. If you are looking for fast results, excellent service and top of the line professionalism I absolutely recommend this company.

Dan W.


Wow ! The Debt Masters collect...

Wow ! The Debt Masters collected my 2 year old receivable in less than 30 days. Absolutely the best collection firm I have ever used.

Sam H.



First things first. I called several companies on this list before I got to The Debt Masters and I was shocked at the fact that all I got was disconnected phones, voice mails and receptionist that couldn't answer any questions. If I have to work this hard to contact them to give them my business, what would it be like when I need a status if I do assign my accounts. That being said, when I called The Debt Master I am happy to say I got a pleasant sounding young lady who was able to answer my questions. I assigned 7 accounts that ranged from $1,700-$49,000. I was shocked at the response, the customers started calling me within hours of assignment. The customer service at The Debt Masters is wonderful and I absolutely recommend The Debt Masters. Oh yeah, they also collected 5 out of my 7 accounts 3 within the first week.

Paul K.



My Company manufactures and distributes beauty products Worldwide. Our Customers range from the Mom & Pop Beauty Supply store on the corner to some of the Largest retail chains in the world. We were in need of a collection company that could not only do pre-litigation collections but take the case all the way through the lawsuit process if necessary. Because we have debtors all over the country and internationally as well, we had been using multiple agencies to get this accomplished. Then I found The Debt Masters. The customer service with this company is great and I am amazed at the way their collectors handle my debtors. I started getting calls from my debtors wanting to pay within 48 hours of placing my accounts. The results were astonishing. I have never gotten this kind of response based on collections before. I gave them accounts in 8 different states and 3 in Mexico. I don't know what is going on behind the scenes at The Debt Masters but whatever it is, works. And they paid me within 30 days which is half the time of most of my other agencies. Paul Kim bottle1products.

Moses V.



I know that it is strange for a debtor to give a good review on the collection agency collecting from them. I am not going to give my company name but I am a contractor who owed a little over 100k to a supplier. I received a call from Scott Andrews from the Law Center who asked me if his could be resolved outside of court. Of course I didn't want to be sued but I also didn't have the money to put towards this debt. Mr. Andrews was very professional even though I lost my cool a few times. He suggested a few creative financing resources that I hadn't considered. It took 3 months to get the financing to go through and Mr. Andrews guided me through the entire process. I was able to get this debt and a few other small ones out of my life and believe it or not I am grateful. Moses Vargez


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