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Additional Specialties: Pain Control, Holistic Healing, Pain Management, And Many More! See Website, Consultation, Hypnotherapy, Counseling Services, BANISH ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION, PAIN CONTROL. Heal Any Condition Without Medicine or Side Effects, Mental Health Services, Alternative Medicine and Health

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I can remove pain COMPLETELY & help you heal from the root cause of most ailments. I have a passion for helping you to heal. No drugs or medications of any kind! Affordable appointments available from home!

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Depression, Anxiety.
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Inara H.



I am very grateful to Dr.Vivian Carson for all her help with my problems.
I was suffering from anxiety, depression, sleep problems and smoking. All this was aggravated after the death of my precious dog which was for me everything in my life.
I felt like I'm going downhill grieving. I needed help and I found Dr.Carson.
I did various spiritual practices in my life and can't solve my problems, can't discover the root cause of them.
What Dr.Carson does is just incredible. Her methodology is a methodology of the future.
Dr.Carson helped me to solve all my problems, find love in my heart and true purpose in my life. I learned tools which I can always use in the future.
Highly recommend to read Dr.Carson's book and then contact her if you really want to solve problems in your life, ready to work on yourself and not surrender. Good luck.God bless.

Connie P.



Dr. Viviane Carson helped me eliminate layers of physical and emotional pain, by tapping into, neutralizing, and eliminating the core of my issues. We met for three sessions on FaceTime. I suffered from Multiple joint replacements, kidney transplant, lippodema, and hormone imbalance. Her techniques/therapy were easily applied and effective, by following her instructions to the letter. My medications caused swelling, swelling went down, my lippodema has improved and I released six pounds in three weeks. My fatigue diminished. My obsessive thoughts, over-perfectionism, and impatience were neutralized. My sleep has improved, now sleeping 7-8 hours per night instead of the 3-5 hours per night I had been getting these last five years! Hot flashes reduced as hormones balanced. Anxiety levels dropped to zero. My relationships have improved. My husband and daughter both have noticed a difference in my appearance, reactions to life challenges, communication, and increased energy levels, and no pain. I have an overall brightness and uplifting positive outlook on life, again. I thank God, for Dr. Viviane Carson. She is a true messenger and path to healing. I now feel healthy and FREE! Dr. Carson’s book “You Are More Than Your Body!” is an easy to understand, excellent overview, and reference for the techniques/tools she taught me to use. It helped greatly to read and refer to, beyond the sessions, to continue the healing. Connie P.

D R.



I was not sleeping at all and I was having pain in my arms. My family physician prescribed medications for sleep and for pain but they did not help at all so my physician kept increasing the dosage. Viscous cycle with no results!!! What I was not admitting to myself was that I was severely depressed and full of anxiety.

I called Dr Carson for a consultation and she said she could help me. I was skeptical but I was desperate. After the second session I was sleeping better and my pain in my arms was barely noticeable. By the end of the third session I was pain free and my sleep had improved even more. I use the ‘tools’ Dr Carson gave me on a daily basis - the ’tools’ are part of my life now - and my sleep and overall health continues to improve.

Dr Carson told me during our phone conversation that it would require an initial consultation session and three regular sessions to heal and she was correct. You know exactly how many sessions it will take. No months or years of appointments. I highly recommend Dr Carson for anyone with health issues. Her treatment saved my life. My wife says I’m a different person and I feel like I’ve had a second chance in life.

Krystal R.
Edited: 05/29/2018
I am a professional colleague ...

I am a professional colleague of Dr. Viviane Carson and well acquainted with her very compassionate healing work. Dr. Carson is trained in numerous healing modalities and is immensely creative and versatile in individually designing her healing sessions with clients in order to maximize the healing potential of each session.

Education is an essential component of Dr. Carson’s work with clients as it is her goal to empower individuals to take control of their own health issues by the use of specific tools she teaches them. The deeply expressed attention, compassion and expertise with which Dr. Carson approaches each individual who comes through her door is remarkable.

Dr. Carson has the capacity to generate an environment in which clients feel deeply listened to and understood, thus maximizing the potential of the healing work they experience with Dr. Carson. She is a rare and outstanding practitioner of alternative healing modalities and I am proud to be her professional colleague.

Krystal Rose, MSW

Diane M.



I had Trigeminal Neuralgia for over 10 years. I was on heavy pain medications. I had at least 4 major surgeries trying to end the pain, including Gamma Knife surgery and the Vascular decompression surgery, which is basically Brain surgery. None of these worked! I was still in pain. I worked with Dr. Carson via Face time and after 3 weeks of working with her I'm PAIN FREE and drug free and loving life again. Dr. Carson helped give me tools to heal myself that no Dr. or Expensive specialist that I went to could do. Thank you Dr. Carson. You helped me get my life back. She can help you if you let her! Trust in the Process, It works. Dr. Carson is amazing, I know she can help you also. Diane , Utah

B C.
Edited: 04/24/2017

I'm a firefighter/EMT and have seen the best and worst of people. Over the years I developed anxiety and sleep disorders. I wanted help without the pills. Dr Carson seemed to good to be true. True she is! Dr Carson has a special gift and is an instrument of healing. At first I thought it was expensive. But in hind sight it was pennies on the dollar. I got my life back. I am healed. My sleep is better and my anxiety is not an issue. We all encounter anxiety. It's a crazy world. It's how you address these fears that determine the outcome. Dr Carson not only heals you, she teaches you the tools to cope and manage life's interruptions and stay connected with your soul.

Robert L.
Edited: 03/01/2017

I am a 29 year Army veteran with 2 deployments in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. For the past 10 years I have been experiencing anxiety and severe panic attacks. The VA referred me to a psychiatrist who administered a prescription to treat my symptoms but not the root cause of the symptoms.
While searching on the internet for a local Psychologist, I came across Dr.Carson’s Natural Healing Center website. I was somewhat skeptical at first about her no medications or drugs treatment method and her 100% success rate.
I met with Dr. Carson on a Saturday which was great for a working person’s schedule. After my first session with Dr. Carson, my anxiety and panic attacks were gone with no medications or drugs. After my second and third session, my only regret was not having found Dr. Carson 10 years ago! Fellow Veterans and friends, you owe it to yourself to give Dr. Carson a call. Thank you very much Dr. Carson, I feel as though I have a new lease on life and it feels great!

Edited: 01/03/2017
I was seeking a life coach, a ...

I was seeking a life coach, a counselor to help me through extreme stress, negativity and depression as I conquered cancer. I found Dr. Carson had a lot more to offer as she discovered the root cause of my cancer was abandonment issues. She helped me to put things into perspective, taught me how to control my subconscious mind from negative thinking, to forgive people who had hurt me and to heal the destructive cellular memories to put these issues to rest once and for all.

She led me to deepen my relationship with God, to mediate and to pray. She also used energy healing to release me from pain and heal my body. When I finished the sessions I was happy, positive, and confident. I was free of pain and the source of my disease. Dr. Carson is a kind, compassionate and generous person.

Ronald P.



I had been suffering from severe post herpetic neuralgia since 2010 and had six outbreaks of shingles during that time. I was on opiate based pain killers with minimal success and even had a neurostimulater implanted to help block the pain, also with minimal success. All my medical doctors were at a loss to even explain why I had recurring shingles let alone the neuralgia for so long. The next day, after the first session with Dr. Carson, I didn't feel the need to take any pain medication since my pain was already greatly reduced. Two days later I felt so good that I exercised for the first time in six months! My pain was completely gone! Now one month later I feel 20 years younger and have more energy than when I was 30. As a bonus, my allergies are gone too and also my back and neck pain. Dr. Carson is the answer to my prayers!

Kathy K.



My anxiety and depression had taken over my life. I was gaining weight and couldn't lose no matter what i did. After my 3rd visit, I was driving independently again, and was losing weight. I haven't had a full on panic attack since I went to my first visit. I now have tools to use anywhere I go and I have my life back!

YPMobile User



I showed up at Dr. Carson's office during my third week of insomnia after all of the medical doctors failed to help me. I was extremely agitated and filled with anxiety, depression and near panic. Large doses of sleeping pills were giving me a maximum of 2 - 2.5 hours of sleep a night and that was only when they worked. Further, I had to take an indefinite leave of absence from my job and wasn't sure when I would be able to function enough to return. After the very first session, Dr. Carson enabled me to control my anxiety levels. This was remarkable because even though my sleep hadn't returned yet, I was still able to remain calm and patient which earlier didn't even seem a possibility. Eventually, my sleep started improving and after the third and final session, I had my best night of sleep in 6 weeks. I have since resumed my job and am optimistic about life once again. Throughout the entire ordeal, Dr. Carson displayed a most sincere and caring concern and never once failed to pick up the phone when I needed to talk with her. I am very grateful to Dr. Carson and would gladly recommend her to anyone who needs help. God and I are in control of my life now. Micah

Julie H.



Dr. Carson's treatment is life changing. I suffered greatly from Major Depression Disorder and Anxiety. I was desperate to help myself after 3 years of traditional therapy and being on several medications that were just not helping me. I stumbled across Dr. Carson on the internet and it turned out to be the best phone call I have ever made. Dr. Carson got to the root cause of my pain and she took it away. Read my last sentence again. To be pain free is PRICELESS. These were incidents which caused me trauma in both childhood and in my adult life. She gave me tools to self manage any future issues I may face. I saw Dr. Carson a year ago this month. I am pain free, drug free and depression free. I can't say enough good things about this doctor and her treatment. No amount of money can buy the freedom from suffering that Dr. Carson gave me in 5 treatment sessions. AMAZING.

Doc V.



I originally contacted Dr. Carson to help me with my phobia of driving a car and fear of heights, all of which have been resolved. I have healed in many other areas that I didn't expect. I couldn't concentrate, I was scattered, my memory was very lacking, I had stomach and shoulder pain that I couldn't seem to shake,and I had unresolved guilt. When I first saw her I was an 8 out of 10 on guilt and now I am a 0 out of 10. Such a relief! I used to wake up in the middle of the night in a panic, but not anymore. I now have self-confidence, my memory is much better – these are things I didn't even think to ask for help with. If you have tried everything, don't give up. Give Dr. Carson a try. You will be amazed. Believe in Miracles. Thank you Dr. Carson for giving so much of yourself and putting your patients first.



Dr. Carson provided me with th...

Dr. Carson provided me with the necessary tools to make my life calmer on a daily basis, and to conquer past negative experiences that had left me feeling unfulfilled and unsure of myself as a complete person. I just wish I hadn't waited 59 years.



Thank You Dr Carson

My whole world has changed since I started my sessions with Dr Carson. From the first day I was able to make changes that I have been trying to do my whole life. Since seeing Dr Carson in a span of four weeks I have released 19lbs of weight almost effortlessly. My gratitude to Dr Carson for changing my life is immeasurable. I just want to tell everyone and anyone about my experience and how it has changed my life. If you are considering working with Dr Carson I would say without a doubt GO FOR IT, DO IT, what do you have to loose except, fear, desperation, self-doubt, longing, anger, hunger, depression etc… THANK YOU DR CARSON!!!!!!


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