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Gail F.



this place is an icon. my parents went here to go ballroom dancing before it became a restaurant. their food here is awesome. you get quantity and quality food! they make it blackened and in ovens. sooooooo good. i miss going there with my family. it truly was a great place to celebrate occasions and treat to ourselves for a fantastic steak dinner. I haven't been here in a couple of years, and want to go there soon.i can't imagine their food changing like some people reviewed.



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This is the first time I have ever

This is the first time I have ever written a restaurant review....the $39 for a bad steak took me over the edge!

I've lived in Wisconsin all my life and I love supper clubs. The atmosphere, the relish tray and a good old fashioned! I'm on a bit of a quest to find the most amazing steaks I can in the Milwaukee area. I've eaten at Dream Dance, Butch's, Eddie, Martini's and Carnevor. It was time for the Five O' Clock. So myself and friend of mine ventured off....unfortunately we got he same results.

The atmosphere and service was great...the bar tenders were amazing! But the reason I came here was for the bone in rib-eye. To me it's an amazing cut and one of my favorites. If I am on a quest for an amazing steak it needs to be the same in all of the restaurants..right?

We had our order taken at the bar. I ordered my steak medium rare as I do with all my cuts of beef. We started off with a nice salad and some really good bread...then we waited, and it was a Saturday night and we waited some more. The anticipation of a good meal was building........

It arrived and right off bat I was looking at this steak sitting in a soup of jus...somewhat confused as I was used to steak in a very pure form...butter and salt and pepper. I thought we go, this is gonna be great. The sadness fell on me like a fat kid at a birthday party when he finds out there is no cake. It was burnt on the outside, over cooked on the inside and cut like leather. CRUSHED...was my only thought. I know they use charcoal grills but this was to much. The jus had actually taken on a burnt flavor as well and I suspect it was to hide the imperfections of my steak. So, I had a few bites and it never got any better....the waitress came to check on us and I told her it wasn't as good as I hoped for. She did try to correct it, but to wait another 20-25 minutes just wouldn't work. I had Polish beer to drink and live music to attend to.

My friend who had the porterhouse had the same results and opinion.

Would I go back.......if it's for an old fashioned yes....for steak absolutely NO! Folks take your appetites and wallets to other steak places, this is not the one.

So I ate it....$39 made me do it.

Posted on Yelp as well.



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It's about the food!

Atmosphere - supper club - old school - cool.
A restaurant experience is about everything. Even to the small details. Knowing this would be old school supper club the atmosphere was fine.

Let's get to the food.
Let me start by saying I have had more flavorful steak at Texas Roadhouse - and I can tell you the bill was 30% of what we paid at 5 O'Clock.
You can tell the time and effort that goes into food by the attention to small details.
Salad - dressing was bleu cheese. Consistency watery ranch dressing with sparse crumbles of bleu cheese. I've had much better at low end chain restaurants.
Butter - cold.
Bread barely luke warm.
French onion soup - was beef broth with a few onions and cheese melted over top.
Breadsticks - served in a water glass (really).
Steak - $39 for a rib eye ordered medium rare. It came out black and had a slight taste of burn (not char). I tapped it with my knife and fork and could already tell it was way over cooked for medium rare. The steak was ""eh"". A good rib eye is marbled with fat and can be cut into like butter. Not here!

The only bright spot to the experience was the atmosphere and wait staff - the unfortunate part is that the reason we came was for the food.



Old mob place!

If u want glamour go to some other place.. My experience in Milwaukee was there was no Manny's,Morton's,or Peter Luger's!!!! I've been to many good steakhouses across the country and the 1950's ambiance is great in my opinion!The steak is charred to perfection, a good size for any appetite! My favorite steak house ANYWHERE!! Have to go to Minneapolis for my second favorite! Everyone is friendly and staff has seen it all! On my trips to Milwaukee I won't miss this place. No-it's not fancy.



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Awful Management - Good Steaks

I would give it one star, but the steaks really are very good. I just can't bring myself to go back because of all of the other factors.

The service is marginal. They are working hard for sure, but not very friendly. And I think it all stems from the management.

Don't support people that do business this way. There are plenty of great places to get steak in Milwaukee. This one should be avoided.



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Classics Never Get Old

It has been quite a while since I have been able to visit this steakhouse. I am never disappointed when I come here. The consistancy is what makes the experience even better. I, nor any one I have brought to this steakhouse has ever left disappointed. I am surprised to even see one bad review on here.

The steaks are succulent, the staff is extremely helpful, and even the sweet woman Georgia who has alwways been there to greet me when I walk in adds to the memorable experience of dining at Five O'Clock. I will be returning as often as I am in Milwaukee!



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If I wanted your opinion I would give it to you!

Blessed Mother of 4...You dont get out much do you? The 5 OClock Club is not meant for a romantic experience. It is meant to replicate the days of old when old when bartenders would ask you to stay and have a cocktail and the waitresses had been around since the time of Jesus. Its meant to be a place that you can kick back relax and enjoy yourself (and yes wait for your food god forbid)

I have been to the Mo's, Sabor, Flemings and think those places rot. I havent had a great steak at any one of them and have been treated very poorly. Listen, I am a country club brat and the 5 OClock Club has some of the best steak I have ever had outside of the Argentinian Steakhouse in Cancun.

If you go in with realistic expectations that yes, the decor is old, its smaller and you wait for a good steak then you are all set. If you go in thinking you are better than everyone around you then you are certainly in the wrong place and they will treat you poorly.

Good luck finding a place that you are happy with. You sound like an evil wench!



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Don't bother- very forgettable

We went there because we heard it was a good place. Did not like the decor at all- very dark, cheesy and old. We could have had a better steak at a local chain. Don't waste your time or money on this place. Very overpriced. Service was slow. If you want a great steak in Milwaukee go to Mo's. You will pay about the same price and the food will be much better. I would not recommend 5 o'clock to anyone for any reason.



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Slow service ok food

finally got a chance to try 5o'clock club that I've been hearing about for years. Both my wife and my opinion was that we were underwhelmed. The steaks were just ok and given the price we would have expected more. The real problem was the service. While friendly it was painfully slow. You sit down to salad already on the table which was not bad, but we didn't expect to wait 50 min after finishing the salad before the steaks (that you preorder before sitting at your table) showed up. We also had to wait to get our bill and then pay (another half hour). Disappointing was no mention that this was anything other than normal, which perhaps is the case. So many great places in town to get a great steak, won't be back!

Mom of One


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Gotta love the haters

Obviously, I have to defend an old gem of a place. Those of us who know a great steak know that this is the only place to be. Not only is it inviting, but there is something about this old school atmosphere that makes you want to order a double olf fashioned and daydream about what it must have been like to be a part of the great rat pack era. This place has history and lots of it. It's not supposed to be elegant or romantic!!! If that is what you are looking for then you need to go elsewhere but if you are looking for a phenomenal steak, intriguing ambiance and just down right good people then try it out for yourself. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but it sounds like the last reviewer thought she was ""too good"" to be there. She should have walked out the door, which I am sure was easy to get to and saved us from having to here her ranting and raving.



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Worst dining experience ever

**Otherwise known as 5 o'clock steakhouse**

I don't understand how anyone could give this restaurant a good rating unless this is the best they've ever had (meaning they never had anything actually good to compare it to)!

This was supposed to be for our anniversary because my husband loves steaks - I actually cried at the end of dinner!

To start off, I went to their website, which is completely false advertising - the pictures on their site make the restaurant look inviting, elegant, romantic, and dare I even say high quality for what you're expecting & paying for!!! (The pictures from city voter aren't even correct, except for the one of the outside street view.)

Upon entering the restaurant I wanted to make sure I was at the correct place because it looked nothing like what was being advertised (and it had two different names). I was greeted by a bartender who was literally glowing from the black lights behind the bar. Almost choked up my words because I was in such shock. (Also because the place was literally a dive!) After telling him I wanted to verify our reservations were for the correct place I got some cheesy salesman line of ""well even if they're not just stay here & eat"". Walking through the bar to the ""hostess"" (not much of a welcoming greeting, didn't even acknowledge me) I had to ask about our reservation which they had at the wrong time. I told them it was our anniversary & would appreciate a nice table (hoping there was something better looking than what I had already seen).

They have you sit at the bar to order & then bring you to your table. When we were seated we were in a room with 50's style decor & mirrors surrounding the room to make it ""look bigger"". The nice seating I had kindly requested was at the front corner of the room by the emergency exit door.

For approximately $40/pp (you only get salad & bread with your meal) you have to pay extra for sides (which are over priced) and bad drinks, I can honestly say I had the worst meal ever! I wish I had gone somewhere nicer like Mo's or Sabors - at least you get what you pay for there! I ordered a filet which we were told were charred along the edges & I wish I would have taken a picture of what we received!!!! My steak was literally coated in char - I had to gag down the first bite. When the waitress came back to check on us I politely told her that it was awful & she gave me a funny smile & said ""well, that's the first complaint I've ever heard"" when I asked her if they could remake it she told me that ""that's how we make our steaks"" and wouldn't even attempt to try to make it how I wanted or to offer an alternative (say seafood instead).

Needless to say, we weren't given a discount & no one even came to apologize or anything! At the end of the meal I cried because I spent so much time researching restaurants & felt like an idiot for picking this place out!

Please, if you have any desire for a classy or fine dining experience (or good food for that matter), save yourself the disappointment & go somewhere else. (Especially if it's for a special event!)



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Contructions finally over! :)

We have been wanting to come to this places for dinner for a couple of months already. We finally made it to 5 oclock after the state street contruction was finally completed. I have nothing but good words for this restaurant. The service, food, and the ambiance were priceless. Def looking forward to coming back for another juicy steak and a shrimp scampi........ :-)



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Great Steaks

I've been here 3 times in a year and enjoyed every trip. Have a steak - nothing else.



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Good food, bad service

My wife had an entire plate of food spilled on her head, and all over her new shirt and pants. The server was apologetic, but nothing was offered for the inconvenience. Not even a free drink, dessert....anything. And after we paid our bill (over $600 for the table), I calmly expressed our disappointment with not being offered anything to the manager. She seemed pissed that I even said anything. I asked that we at least be able to send the cleaning bill if we couldn't get it clean ourselves. She reluctantly agreed, so that is at least something.

I guess they are so busy printing money there that they don't feel like they have to treat their customers very well.

Plenty of other steak places in town that I will be happy to give my money to from now on.



Steak Lover

Everything was excellent with the exception of being charged gratuity for a party of only two. I generally tip at least 20% or more however due to the unexpected charge by the waitress, I simply allowed them to have the 15% only.

Mad Dog


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Best Steaks!

When you walk in, it feels and looks like Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin would of loved this place. The bartenders greet sit at the bar, order your food and then you are seated at your table. The staff is wonderful. I had the ladies cut filet and my husband had the bone in ribeye w/ peppercorn on the top. I truly enjoyed my steak ,but both of us agree that the ribeye was the best we've ever had. We cannot wait to come back!



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Always a consistent experience!

After reading the posting dated 1/18/2009, I felt as if I needed to write a review in order to defend a good friend. Coerpers, now just 5 O'Clock Club, is an old friend. She is right, the atmosphere feels like the 1950's; she is right, it is smokey; she is right, you order at the bar .... but, what she has missed is that we LIKE it that way! It is like stepping back in time to a supper club your grandparents would have taken you to for HS graduation. You order at the bar because... I dunno, it is just how it is done! The menu has just what is needed on it-no frills here! They will gladly refill the relish tray as often as you like; the salad is bottomless; and ste steaks that melt in your mouth are reasonably priced compared to any other steak joint in this city-and they don't nickle and dime you for everything like some places around town (read ""Moes""-which is way more expensive and practically charges you for the water and the napkin). Enjoy the experience- don't nitpick! These are likely the best steaks you will ever have!



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Not worth the trip

After hearing a friend talk about how great this place we for years, we thought we would give it a try. I was expecting something similar to the Jackson Grill, so I as terribly disappointed with this dining experience. Although the steak I had tasted good, it wasn't worth the money I had paid for it. I found the menu extremely limited, the prices were too high and the portions skimpy for the price paid. The restaurant was smoky, the decor reminded me of a rundown 1950's basement bar. The restaurant had a huge sign on the door stating reservations only, I don't understand why as the place was half-empty on a Saturday evening. We had to order our meals at the bar, I did not see the reason as there was no crowd requiring a quick turnover of tables. Also, for the price we were paying, it made the meal feel rushed, which I did not enjoy at all. The waitress played the one trick I detest in restaurants - ""Do you want a potato or rice with that?"" - not indicating that these were included with the meal. Soup was not available, the only fish entrees were shellfish. The relish tray (for six people) consisted of two stalks of celery, two carrot sticks, two hot peppers and two olives, everyone was to polite to partake. We were served an insufficient amount of salad family style, and the waitress rolled her eyes when we asked for more. My steak was good, but was not ""smothered with mushrooms"", rather three tiny button mushrooms dotted my plate. Well, I came, I saw, I ate. Never again. There are too many other good steak places in Milwaukee to waste my money here.



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Wonderful Steak

The Steak is wonderful each and every time I have been there. I have been going there for years. The wait staff has always been great. It's nice to see somethings have not changed during the change of ownership.
There are somethings that make our dining experience different than all the years we have been going there. We use to come for the atmosphere, and having a cozy dinner with my wife. Now we go only for the food. Now we have a few drinks before we leave the house. That's the only thing that will take our minds off hitting the elbows to the people sitting next to us. Now we have to squeeze threw to get to your table for the money we pay for dinner is unreasonable. We use to go every week. Now it is once every 2 months. it will turn into once a year, if that***** if the table stay this way



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Let me some this up - FIRST CLASS and NOT SNOBBY

This is a real mans steakhouse - a place where blue collar, white collar don't matter. You are there to socialize and enjoy the best steaks ever. Whoever wrote the last review MUST have been a disgrunteld employee. Who the hell else would know so much about the operation and the name of the Chef and wife's name of the old owners etc. WHATEVER - I am a regular patron and I can tell you that objectively speaking this is one of the best steakhouses in the COUNTRY. I travel all over for business and trust me, I read Zagat and AAA and wine spectator as I entertain a lot. This place is SOOOO not snobby, it's totally like a family place with just awesome service and food and huge drinks and a throw back decor that fees kind og like Goodfellas movie. I saw Christmas lights inside the place in JUNE! I don't think it was laziness either, I think it's hysterical and has a lot of character to it. The employees are mostly the same over the years too. This place rocks and you should know the truth from a BIG eater and someone who spends over 60K a year on Meal and Entertainment for my personal client list. I like the cozy environment, easy parking, attentive service, the ladies there all treat you like your their family member. The bartenders have this old world tux look with a old world sense of SERVICE. I would make reservations or you wait a while but the style of ordering at the bar is BRILLIANT. How is this NOT the norm. So efficient and relaxed. I can focus on my guests at dinner without a million inturruptions from the server. Thank GOD. I am sick of rude service from overpriced restaurants with a new manager every 6 months. Its obviously family run, it shows. I applaud the new owners of this legendary steakhouse. They have done a GREAT job with maintaining all that's good in the place. And if they kicked some people out, MAYBE THEY DESERVED IT? Trust me change is good my friends. At least in this case. Cheers! -----oh, and great wine selections. Kind of surprising!


Phone: (414) 342-3553

Address: 2416 W State St, Milwaukee, WI 53233


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Five O' Clock Steakhouse, formerly Coerper's Five O'Clock Club, has been a family-owned and independently operated Milwaukee supper club since 1948. Five O'Clock specializes in serving the finest steaks and seafood paired with a notable wine list, classic cocktails, as well as outstanding, personalized service. The Alley Cat Lounge at Five O'Clock Steakhouse features Milwaukee's best free live music, classic cocktails and a 1940's retro-lounge ambiance.Five O' Clock Steakhouse, formerly Coerper's Five O'Clock Club, has been a family-owned and independently operated Milwaukee supper club since 1948. Five O'Clock specializes in serving the finest steaks and seafood paired with a notable wine list, classic cocktails, as well as outstanding, personalized service. The Alley Cat Lounge at Five O'Clock Steakhouse features Milwaukee's best free live music, classic cocktails and a 1940's retro-lounge ambiance.
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