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Kelli H.



I bought a Groupon for the Zerona Laser. The receptionist was snotty and rude. The first two times I called she told me to look at their website and that I had to comply with their recommendations before making an appointment. When I was able to devote 3 days a week to the treatments I called back and she said they didn't have MWF available for the Groupon. I only work T/Th and there is no way I would be able to take off work to do the treatments. She wouldn't budge and said that the Groupon would expire before she had MWF appointments available and reminded me of the 180 days to redeem. I asked for her supervisor and she said SHE was the supervisor. I asked to talk to the owner and she said the owner was not available. I asked for the owner's contact information, and she said she couldn't give me that. I asked for the owner's email and she gave me the business email (which she reads). Thankfully Groupon gave me my money back. I DO NOT recommend.

Anna S.



Do not purchase groupons from this company! It is a complete fraud. They are extremely unprofessional and do not even care about a client's experience while charging an insane amount of money for a mediocre service.

Coco C.



I have to start by saying that I have been receiving Botox like injections between my eye brows for about 13 years now. I have never felt like a piece of MEAT until today! I like so many others had a groupon (never again for a medical procedure!) and was ask for my groupon number over the phone before I was even allowed to make an appt. In fact the scheduler didn’t even ask if I had a groupon or another type of coupon, she just assumed I did! Yes I did get in, in just a few days, but that was the only positive experience. I sat in the waiting room until there were three of us, (who all had the same appointment time, I could tell by the sign in sheet) then we were all three herded back to another waiting room, nix that, hall way. Where only THEN was I given information to read and of course the medical release. After I had filled it out, I was again with a second client herded back to what I wouldn't even call a room. It was a room with thrown together walls dividing the room into three very small triangular areas. Two of these were very small, think shuffling sideways just to get up on the exam chair! I did notice that the middle "room" was probably at least twice the size, and of course a previous client, was directed to that room. (I could tell from the LOUD conversation going on between Kathleen and her client, very unprofessional. Kathleen was at her “filling station”, yelling into the client!) When Kathleen came back with syringe in hand asking where will I be injecting this today, (she had never even confirmed which product I wanted, Xeomin or Dysort, so I have no clue which she used!) I pointed between my eyebrows and she said, OK, lay back. She injected me, handed me a small ice pack, and left the "room". She didn't say please sit here for a few minutes and I will come back and check on you or anything! I figured I was to be up and out of there asap! She even wanted her disposable ice pack back! It had advertising on it for Pete sake! I am sure she gets them for free!!!

I have no idea if whatever product she used will work or not. I just had the procedure a few days ago. Clearly she runs her business on quantity of customers not the quality of service she provides. No wonder she can run half price coupons on every social coupon website known to man! And by the way ladies, she only receives half the value of the groupon, etc. Which means she is only receiving $75 per injection, how can she even be purchasing the product for that amount??

On the aftercare form, statement number 4 states BOTOX WILL WORK IN 1-4 DAYS. PEAK ACTION IN 2-4 WEEKS (what you see is what you get.) YES IT actually states that!! Then goes on to say DO NOT CALL THE OFFICE FOR 2 WEEKS FOR A “TOUCH UP” UNLESS YOU HAVE A “RAISED” EYEBROW THAT NEEDS TO BE RELEASED!!!! Are you kidding me here? Even in writing she is a gruff non-caring person!! You would think given the time to type something up, she would see how she is coming across and at least “soften” her aftercare form.

Whomever this Craig Schuman MD is, that allows her to put his name on her practice, (otherwise as only a nurse she would not be able to put injectables in your face) must be a terrible Dr, or a friend, because no self-respecting Doctor that isn’t a money grubber would be associated with Kathleen’s business!

I guess I wasted my $149 ladies, please don’t follow in my footsteps! If you have to, save up and get the REAL THING and be treated like a human being, not like a piece of meat at this establishment to receive ½ price botox.

No doubt Kathleen will make her snarky follow up comments to my post! I see she generally does, anytime she receives negative feedback. I should have known when I read her follow up responses to dissatisfied clients that this was not the place for me! So ladies be forwarded, she will make excuses for why I was unhappy with her service!




All the people there are genuinely caring and concerned for your well-being. Virginia is exceptional--always goes out of her way to be thorough and do the best job she can. Also making sure that you have the best experience possible. I have gone other places because they are much closer to me but keep coming back to you. It is worth driving a distance.




I'm impressed with the knowledge of the staff members and the amount of research they do on every aspect of each service provided to ensure the best customer experience.




My daughter and I come in for the laser treatments. We have been clients for a long time. It would be nice if people like us would get discount on the services. At this point it's a touch up only. Maybe $99 for 6 visits. Come in ones and get the touch ups done on 2-3 areas, count it as a 2-3 visits. It may be great for us as well as for you. Saving time and money for both.




Kathleen is very easy to work with and has given me the best results when using Dysport. I have visited other spas to receive such services and the results pale in comparison to what I receive from Midwest Medical Aesthetics.

Jennie R.



Very nice, very friendly, good service. I was sitting comfortably leaving all the stress behind my doors.



What an unprofessional place! ...

What an unprofessional place! I purchased one of their free service certifications from a charity event and tried contacting them to make an appointment which was finally made and by the way , they like to hang up on people while your're still talking! To my surprise the consultation was done in the lobby fron of other people with no consideration to my privacy. I am glad I know based on just couple of interactions with Midwest medical Aesthetics NOT TO EVER let them do any procedures. Throw a way the certificate as well.

claimed iconBusiness Response02/14/2012

I have no idea what this person is talking about but would welcome a call from him/her regarding this situation. What was the procedure for, who did the consult, was anyone else present in the lobby? All questions that should be answered before an online accusation and defamation of my business is done? I don't understand a simple email to me vs. this? Kathleen

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I'll make sure to update this ...

I'll make sure to update this when I'm finished with my treatment, but thus far I am IMPRESSED!

So, I purchased a Groupon for MMA for Botox/Dysport (which I haven't used yet), and I decided to check out their website. They were running a special for 6 Alexandrite Laser treatments (for hair removal) on a small area for $200. First off, this is an amazing deal! I have PCOS which effects hormone levels and produces unwanted facial hair around the *goatee* area. I contacted MMA to see if there was any way that they would treat that area as a small area. To my surprise Kathleen Stegman (the owner of MMA) emailed me back almost immediately saying "Yes!". I was thrilled. Laser hair removal is something I'd wanted for a long time, but didn't think that I could afford, so I was extremely pleased. They booked me on the date I wanted to come in, and though there was a tiny snafu regarding my scheduled time, everything worked out.

I want in for my appointment and was greeted by Virginia, who is the aesthetician that does laser treatments. I was SUPER nervous, but Virginia quickly calmed my nerves. She told me exactly what to expect, put glasses over my eyes, and did a fast zap to make sure I wasn't in pain (I wasn't). It was over before I knew it! She gave me an aftercare sheet and told me to call/email if I needed anything.

Well, after doing a bit more research I found out that the settings she had the laser on seemed a little low, so I emailed, and got a response from Kathleen the very same day. She told me that they always start a little lower, just to check and see how well the procedure is tolerated, and that she would be happy to have Virginia crank the laser up a bit the next time I came in.

I mean really, what more can you ask for?!

This place is really the bee's knees.



Dont take the risk! I had Res...

Dont take the risk! I had Restylane injected in my upper cheeks. I left with two black eyes! Although this is a known potential risk,this was over the top!! I also sustained a pocket of the Restylane under my eye (which looked like i had bags under that eye). This did not go away. About a year later I went somewhere else and they corrected the problem.

When I contacted Kathleen's office and informed them of the problem I was dismissed and no concern was taken to further look into the problem. At that point I refused to ever go back.

claimed iconBusiness Response02/14/2012

Every patient is told of the risks of injection. As far as not going away, first...I was NEVER informed of this, 2) I can easily correct this and 3) I have no idea why someone would write such a review when it was a known risk and the person never came back to me. I see EVERY patient who has any concerns what-so-ever. I am appalled by this accusation. After 14 years as an injector...this type of ridicule is amazing. The person should have just come in...period! I always go beyond what is reasonable to help any patient! Kathleen

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After researching extensively online, I thought for sure Kathleen would be the right candidate for my permanent makeup on my brows. I was sadly mistaken. My consultation went well and I was confident she would do a good job. She said that my first appointment would include reshaping my brows with a pencil to ensure we had the right shape. WRONG! Her assistant put the numbing cream on over my own pencil, which in turn smeared the pencil (I didn't realize this). I questioned Kathleen if we would use a pencil to construct them TOGETHER and she said no, they looked great. I couldn't tell, there was too much cream. I took her word for it. I cried after the first treatment! They weren't even close to even; she said it was due to bone structure and that it would look better after it was done. WRONG AGAIN. I am very, very particular about eveness of my brows which is why I wanted to have them done--so that I wouldn't have to worry that I got them uneven in the morning.

Although her treatment reduced my time to get them done, I still use a pencil and had the treatment done in Feb '10. I will NOT return to her for the touchup next year, which I can tell already needs done.

After all said and done, one brow that she did is higher than my hair, so it looks ridiculous and I have to manuever the hair to cover up where she messed up!

UGH! I will go to a DOCTOR next time and not someone that shows no care for their work. She was nonchalant about the entire process and I felt she blew me off.

claimed iconBusiness Response08/30/2011

Apparently this woman did not return for her second visit which is MANDATORY with any permanent makeup procedure. When doing the first treatment, the coloring used will heal in the skin and the second visit is the "fix everything perfectly visit". For this woman to declare that her brows were not "perfect" after one treatment is what the case ALWAYS is. Perfecting and evening out everything is done on the second treatment. She states she will go to a DOCTOR next time? Hmmm....I have 20 years experience in this and know no DOCTOR in this area with this as well as being a make up artist. I wish she would have come back for the 2nd visit (which is included in the price) so that this type of review would not be written. After thousands of satisfied patients over many years, this review is totally unfair and not a representation of what my patients experience at Midwest. EVERY patient is treated with the utmost respect and to say that "I was nonchalant and blew her off" is highly untrue.....she is the one who didn't follow up as she is told to do for her second visit. I cannot perfect someones permanent makeup that will not come in to have it done. Of course this person NEVER called nor talked to me BEFORE posting this highly defamatory statement!

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Unprofessional, unqualified, uncaring

Pd $1200 for a treatment at Midwest Medical Aesthetics and received no results whatsoever. Kathleen Stegman's response was to tell me I needed to make "lifestyle changes" although before the procedure, my "lifestyle" made me an "ideal candidate". Later discovered from the manufacturer that MMA was not operating the equipment properly! Don't waste your money.

claimed iconBusiness Response08/30/2011

This statement was made by someone who didn't have permanent makeup and had another procedure done...Zerona. The patient did not follow instructions. Midwest has offered the Zerona treatments since July 2009 and has hundreds of satisfied patients. Midwest can only tell patients what they must do to make the treatments successful. We cannot go home with the patient and force them to eat right, exercise and do the required work that is necessary to make these treatments successful. Incidently, the woman who posted this came back to our repeatedly for other procedures and help. We are highly trained in this application and certainly know what patients need to do to be 100% satisfied. I am always appalled by such defamation of character of these types of people INSTEAD of facing the reality that they can't follow simple directions. If you are looking to do Zerona, please call us....YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL AS LONG AS YOU FOLLOW DIRECTIONS.

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Phone: (913) 491-2950

Address: 11213 Nall Ave Ste 140, Leawood, KS 66211


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