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Emma M.
Edited: 01/17/2017

Before signing a contract with Holden Roofing, please be sure to read the back of your contract. My salesperson eagerly showed us all the good things about his company but failed miserably to go over the back of the contract where all the things that Holden Roofing is not responsible for is spelled out. I learned this the hard way when the roofers punctured my Freon line at the cost of $1500.00.
The contract states among other things that they are not responsible for damage to your landscaping and I am assuming that also means your pool and pool equipment. They are not responsible for damaging the siding to your home. They are not responsible for damage to water, gas, electric, air conditioner lines or any resulting damage caused by such. My favorite is they are not responsible for mold caused by leaks or faulty instillation even if it is their fault!
If your roof is damaged during instillation by wind, hail or “other hazards”; which could be a sudden thunderstorm as far as the ambiguous terminology is understood; well, they are not liable for that either.
Customer service was less than helpful. I was basically told it was not their problem. My house was built to code and passed inspection. Would an ordinary homeowner know to go into the attic and ensure all lines were the correct distance from the roof deck? Would you?
Or was my salesperson so interested in closing the sale that he couldn’t spare a few minutes to tell me to check my attic? Sure I can understand it was hot he didn’t want to look in the attic to help me out a little. After all he is a “salesman”! Nice shirt and all that stuff. I would have gone up there to look around if anyone had bothered to point that out.
The General Manager was less help than my salesman. He pointed out all the good things they do for the community. He refused any culpability, made useless analogy’s and pointed out how much community service they do. Guess they have to considering their company’s bad reputation.
Please note the state of Texas filed and won a lawsuit against Holden Roofing for deceptive trade practices.

Carmen Z.



3.) Quality Workmanship

I had my roof replaced in July 2014 and could not be happier! The entire process from the quote to the roof installation was very easy and stress free. There were never any surprises or hidden fees. Also when any issues with my roof came up It was addressed upfront and thus at the completion of my project I knew exactly what the roof cost was to be. The way my property was cared for and the cleanup was exceptional.

Thank You Holden

Maya M.



To Our Roofing Surprise!

Our family would like to thank Holden Roofing for our beautiful new roof. The color selection we chose is unique and makes our house stand out in our neighborhood. We had no idea how easy the process would be to replace our old roof. Holden came out around 7:00am and was done by noon. My daughter and I went out around 12:30 because we no longer heard any hammering. We went to check to see if the roofers were on lunch break, we couldn't believe our eyes; the roof was finished and absolutely stunning!

This is our second house and our second roof for our family, this project was by far the best experience with any construction, roof repair, replacement, or any renovation at that we have ever experienced. Holden brought forth a level of precision, professionalism, and time management we had never seen. Also the clean-up was great! We have not yet found any leftover materials or nails around the house! Holden Roofing we are proud to say that we will use your company in the future and suggest to our friends, family, or anyone wanting a top-notch roofing job done on their home!

5 Star Roofing Company!

Laurie Prest


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Holden Roofing is my Hero!

During the early morning hours, when Hurricane Ike roared through Tomball, TX, two very, very large and old trees fell through my roof. Rain poured thorough the holes in the roof. I started calling roofing companies, leaving messages as to the severity of the damage. I even called a roofing company that had previously done work for me. I made dozens of calls but there were not any callbacks. Then Holden Roofing called. I explained my situation. ?We will be out later today,? they told me. It was getting dark, I doubted they were coming and then, there they were. They covered the holes with tarps, working by the light of flashlights. They assured me they would get the job done and they did. From that point on Rudy worked closely with me, picking out the roofing, color, etc. and scheduling the installation (at my convenience). When conflicts arose with my claims adjuster it was Holden Roofing who went to the bat for me. Rudy spoke directly to my claims adjuster, sent pictures of the roof, and explaining discrepancies. I also had structural damage in the support beams. Holden Roofing handled this for me too. When the crew came to put the new roof on they did a great job and their clean up was terrific too. Everything about my experience with Holden Roofing was positive and professional.I have a beautiful, quality roof now and Holden roofing is my roofer!



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Pleasure Doing Business!

Our Holden representative went above and beyond the call of duty when it came to customer service including but not limited to being extremely knowledgeable about the product, explaining how the whole insurance claims process will work (this was our first roof replacement,) and exercising punctuality and great communication.

Originally, my adjuster declined our claim so I sent an e-mail to our insurance company on a Thursday afternoon stating our dissatisfaction. On Friday evening around 6ish the adjuster called me back to say he wanted to stop back by and take another look first thing Saturday morning. My friend suggested I contact her Holden Roofing representative. I immediately called him and explained the situation. I inquired whether there was any possibility he would be willing and able to meet with my adjuster first thing the next morning. He told me he would have to rearrange a couple of previously-scheduled appointments but he would be here. Not only did he say he

don kloesel


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A great roofing company

Holden Roofing inspected our roof as a result of possible hail damage. They found damage and met with the insurance adjuster to prepare and finalize a claim. They did any excellent job and without difficulty.

Their work was professional and the area was left without debris when they finished.

We can recommend them without reservatin



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Holden being sued by TX Attorney General

Below is a link to an article referencing the suit filed by the Texas Attorney General against Holden Roofing and it's owner for deceptive trade pracices. If this doesn't sway you I'm not sure what would convince you to look at another company.

coastal bend resident


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Holden Roofing Aransas Pass, TX

DO NOT BELIEVE a single word they say. They are not a local company, as they try to imply. They follow storms and leave a trail for dissatisfied customers. We found out too late. HOPE this review saves you some headaches. If I were doing it over, I'd open the phone book and find a company in the Corpus Christi area that was HERE before the storm. Don't trust anything to some stranger who knocks on your door.



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Service and Results

After being denied by my insurance company, I read the reviews and checked with the BBB. Many roofing companies that I looked researched had only been in business for a short period of time (less than 3 years). Surprised that Holden has been in business for nearly 50 years, I gave them a call. Their staff was very courteous and a salesman called me back promptly to make an appointment. After informing him of our situation, we called my insurance company and scheduled another inspection (this time with Holden). Long story short, this time the insurance company agreed that I had damage and agreed to replace my roof. Removing and installing the roof only took ONE DAY! Do yourself a favor and call Holden.



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Houston's best Roofing Contractor

I must say, when it comes to roofers, I am very leery. That said, I have and will continue to refer Holden Roofing to friends, neighbors and family. They were very professional, prompt and careful with our home during the construction of our roof. Keep up the great work guys!

Vic 269


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Thanks for putting a roof over my head!

After the recent hail storm, I found myself in need of a new roof. I contacted my insurance company and one of their adjusters came out, looked at my roof and said he did not see any damage. I knew this could not be right because all of my neighbors were having roofs put on! I got the number to Holden Roofing from a sign in my neighbor’s yard and gave them a call. Chad from Holden came out that evening to look at my roof. He met another insurance representative at my home and got my claim approved. Thanks a million Chad and Holden Roofing!



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Suprisingly impressed

I came across this review while trying to decide on a roofing company to use for my hurricane ike damage and was imeadiately against using Holden Roof.
There salesman came by that day and suggested I contact the Betr Biz Bur to check there record. When I did a search with the Houston Betr Biz Bur I was suprised find out that there record with the Betr Biz Bur was positive. They helped me get a my whole roof approved to be replaced by my insurance company and am extremely happy with the outcome of my experience.
A. Cooper
New Territory - Sugar Land, TX.



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The 8 month roof

Do Not use these people. They are salesman and con men. They are a lot of things but they are not roofers. See my complete review on the other City Search site. It has been recommeded that these people be turned into the Attny. General's office. I signed a contract with them for $28,000.00 and now they want $61,000.00 and act as though they do not have to honor our orginal contract. In fact they act as though it does not exsist except the part where they will put a lein on my house.

My roof has failed the Texas Windstorm Inspection 5 times. I started with these crooks in Oct. it is now May 19, 09 and my roof still does not pass Inspect. Jonathan Sledge with Holden ( that's our salesman) says It is not their problem if it does not pass Tx Windstorm Inspection.
They are terrible. They have done extensive damage to my property in additional to the damage done by IKE. And they do not even say ""I'm sorry"" let alone repair the damage they have done. They did not know how to put a metal roof on my home as they said they did. Sledge said they had metel roofing crews. That was a lie.

They try to theaten and indimidate. I was stupid to sign with these people but you don't know that when your roof is torn off and they are lying to you about being local and in business since 1961. That is not the Holden of today. The old man who started the company is now dead and his son has it now. They are nothing more than local storm chasers totally without ethics.



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They just don't care our customer service or quality workmanship

We signed a contract with Holden Roofing to replace our damaged roof after Hurricane Ike. In the contract it is stated that we would purchase Laminate Shingles, that 90 lb felt would be used on all valleys in the roof, that deteriorated decking would be replaced at $30/a sheet, 30 lb felt would be used on top of the decking, six nails would be used in every shingle, and the drip edge would be replaced around the entire house and garage.
Upon completion of their work...we discovered that they had used cheaper three tab shingles that they cut to look like laminate shingles in certain areas of the roof. They did not replace all of the drip edge around the house, they used only three nails per shingle and failed to replace several areas of deteriorated decking.
We called them back out and they attempted to fix all the areas that we complained about. However upon further investigation, we discovered soft spots on the roof. We called them out again and they stated that they were not responsible for replacing soft wood - because that is not considered deteriorated. They cannot guarantee that they used felt under every shingle.
And the worst part - is they didn't even so much as apologize for all the errors in their crew's workmanships or how they tried to cheat us out of what we were paying for. In addition, the roof is still not up to code and Holden Roofing is only willing to do the comestic repairs that are needed.

If you need a new roof - DON'T uses this company!! I guess they stopped caring about their work ethics since they are rolling in the money now!! Before the storm they were a wonderful company. It's really TOO bad!! I should have used Friendswood Roofing - I've heard they still give a damn about their customers!!!



Bad Compay Practice

This company could not follow the simplest instructions; I asked them please to contact me before they went out to this property. This is a rental house and I wanted to let my tenants know when they would be there and I wanted to be on site when the work was done. The Vice President had been the one who gave me the estimate and when I called and told him I was not happy about this, he was extremely rude and let me know that his team probably had tried to contact me, but that since I was neglect in returning calls, (they had tried to contact me yesterday, but I didn't have time to call them back, they wanted to get my address to send the bill), so anyway it was my fault. Funny thing though, they had both of my phone numbers and my fax, surely I would have gotten the message on one of these voice mails if they had tried to call me, I certainly got the message yesterday. From what I have gathered, they did the job sometime last month. When did it begin that the customer wasn't always right and that consumers have no say over how their money is spent? When you contact a company to get an estimate and ask them to do the job, wouldn't you expect that they would do it to your specifications? All I had asked was to be informed so that I could inform my tenants and be on site when the job was done. I didn't think this was too much to ask, nor did I appreciate the VP being so discourteous. If something had come up during the job, where they needed to get an answer, would they have just done what ever they wanted and not called to get my approval? I have not seen the bill yet, but expect it to be what was agreed on. I would not recommend this company.



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OK service. Very bad on work warranty

Failed to remove the Dish from the roof of the garage so it started leaking shortly after the job was complete. 4 month to fix many phone calls.
Broke Basket ball hoop that was on the garage will replacing the roof. Promised a replacement but never got it.
Used patio deck during loading and installing shingles. I had to patch the leak until they sent somebody to inspect 4 month later and claimed that they did not cause the damage.
I do not recommend them unless you are desperate for a roof.


Phone: (713) 771-1487

Address: 1001 Texas St Ste 1400, Houston, TX 77002

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