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Rm S.



I live in Pasco County (vicinity of Tampa Bay) in the state of Florida, and have been a customer of BB&T bank for several years. Customer service was almost excellent until they recently merged with Suntrust bank. Here's the thing, each time I try to pay a bill on line, the horror story starts "PUT-IN YOUR NEW USER NAME, THEN PUT-IN YOUR NEW PASSWORD" then your new email address, your new telephone number, and your new cell phone number etc., etc., etc. The CEO of BB&T should immediately look into this crap that is going-on in her bank, and fix-it immediately. HOW MANY MORE TIMES DO I HAVE TO CHANGE MY PASSWORD & MY USERS NAME? This is disgusting! Due to the corona-virus no one is allowed to go into the BB&T lobby to have this matter rectified, so I did the next best thing by calling Monica of the NPR., Fl 34653 branch. Guess what? to say it politely, I did not get the help that I was looking for. "Shame on BB&T".

W D.



Had a real dilemma with an old mortgage loan. woman named sandra real zoomed in on the problem and fix it in no time flat. great bank and experienced staff, thanks a million

Daisy D.



I hadn't withdrawn money from my savings account in over a year so, without my knowledge, my account went "dormant". They never told me when I deposited $40,000 a month ago that I would be unable to make a withdrawal through the ATM or transfer to my checking account online. I found out today. I'm home sick and went online to transfer money from savings to checking to cover checks and was unable to. I sent an email through the website and got a msg that they would respond in 2 or 3 days. I called the number for customer service on the website and heard that there was a minimum 17 min wait. I called my local branch and was informed that my savings account was dormant and I would need to come in person and sign a withdrawal form in order to get it out of dormancy. I questioned why the deposit transaction didn't take it out of dormancy. I was told it needs to be a withdrawal and I need to withdraw at least $1 a year to keep it from going dormant. It would have been nice to have been told all this when I made the deposit. So here I am, home sick dealing with all soon as I'm able, I will pull out all my money and close my account. No more BB&T.

Mary B.



No one at bank told me I had a negative amt in account they just took money out of my other account did not give me an option to try to re pay any amt to get balance out of negative, they said they can do this, but what I don't understand is that they don't care about you just the bank I felt like a piece of meat.

Cornelia B.



On 10/31/15 I made a deposit at the Fort Washington MD and no receipt came out.I talked to the manager and the teller at that bank also a centralized fraud claim was done twice. They said they have no record of me making a deposit on that day.They are lying someone in that bank stole my money.I went to the Prince Georges Police to make a report but they said I need a receipt to prove anything.This bank need to be under investigation.

Ricardo R.



HORRIBlE customer service!! I will never bank with them again. I had a overdraft fee because of bill that I didn't approve, put money in my account the next day when I found out and they still charged me. When I called customer service they told me " at the end of the day I got a Boucher and I knew about the fees." What kind of customer service is this?!? Then when I spoke to a supervisor all they said was that they will review what she said and she had an additude as well. Then said they will not review the fee even though it was an honest mistake.

Monica W.



This is the absolute WORST bank I have ever been with. They charged us a $108 overdraft fee when we had the funds in the bank to cover those transactions. After the transactions and the $108 overdraft fee we still had $168 in the bank. So even with the overdraft fee and we still have funds in the bank why in the world did we get an overdraft fee when we were still in the positive? They refuse to put it back and I have spoken to multiple people about this. They hang up on you and tell you its a legitimate fee and not a bank error. If I'm not mistaken an overdraft fee is when the bank has been overdrawn NOT when you have the funds in there. WORST BANK EVER!!!! They will constantly find a way to steal your money!!!!

Lady D.



This is one of the worst banks you can use. They lie about hidden fees and do nothing to correct the error. I initially was told I would not have a service fee and after 1 year a service fee started showing up on my acct. Their excuse is they sent me a notice via mail a year later and cannot give me a definitive answer as to why the fees are now on my acct. I closed the acct and will Never bank with them ever again..

Emily S.



This bank is awful. I'm out!! After being a customer for I don't even know how many years, I can't stand this bank any longer. They are not on my team at all.

Brandon H.



We have the displeasure of being forced into being with this bank after Citibank sold off its Texas branches. So far:

- They have locked my account. Twice.

-Treated every online purchase that I have made as suspect, and demanded to know WHY I purchased things online.

- Takes weeks, sometimes even months for a paper check to go through

- Blocked my water bill for the CITY. OF. ROCHESTER. TEXAS. because they didn't know the bank that they used.

- Hung up on my father twice in the past five minutes.

- Refuse to offer any help.

Debbie J.



WE have be loyal consumers for BB&T for 19 years, ever since you bought our Commerce Bank located on the corner of Coliseum Drive and Cunningham Drive in Hampton VA.

We found out the morning of December 15, 2014 that our computer was hacked on December 11, 2014 and everything that I did on it they had access to. I paid my bills Sunday night December 14 on line.

I called my local branch in Franklin. VA and said it was an emergency and I needed to talk to someone about my account because I was hacked. Her reply was "I'm sorry, no one is available, you need to call the phone 24 number."

I call phone 24 and they were nice, they told me I had a "Chase an WaWa" pending. I told her they were ours and to pay them. She said OK and nothing else would show up until I could go to the local branch. I asked her if it was possible to wait until Tuesday as there was so many businesses I needed to contact. She said nothing else would be pending for Monday and Tuesday was fine.

I went to the Franklin, VA Branch and we went over what bills I paid Sunday night so you could pay them.

On December 19, 2014 at 8:13am, I received a nasty phone call from Chase because we did not make our payment!

I waited until the local branch was opened and called, after they were open for 45 minutes of calling and them not taking the closed message off, I was frantic! I called the 24 hour number and they couldn't help me, they said there was no way for them to contact the branch. I said you mean to tell me you can not call the manager on his cell phone or text him, see said "NO"! I asked to speak with the Corporate Office, but do not get anywhere!

I finally spoke to the Branch Manager on December 19th @ 11:26am, I told him, I would be there in about 30 minutes, I had to put on my shoes and tell my volunteers to hold down the fort and I would be right back. It is about a 20 minutes drive. I arrived only to find he was not there! I waited 2 hours for his return. When he saw me walk through the door, I could see him trying to gather some paperwork before I reached his office. He said he told me "there was no reason to come in" which is a lie, I told him I was coming! He said he withdrawn the payment and would Fed X it overnight, along with the late fee, that I refuse to pay.

It is now December 23, 20I4 and I spoke with Chase last night and no payment has been received! So where is my money and way isn't it paid?

J p W.



"Yes, sir, that's right. Because you made your payment too early, that caused the late fee." Needless to say, since the mortgage was close to being paid off, I wrote a check for the balance due and delivered it to the local branch. Each month this year, I have had to call (and hold for extremely long times) to explain that a payment clearly marked as "principal only" should have all been credited to principal. Staff fixes the error and it recurs. On two occasions, my account has been assessed a late fee, even though I make the regular payment before the due date and the principal only payment thereafter. This summer, my credit score dropped 157 points due solely to BBT action. While they did remove the late fees and reported correct information to the credit bureaus, there are far too many banks with intelligent payment processing for me to ever contend with this institution's poor information technology applications.



they lie to a portntioal custo...

they lie to a portntioal customer when you open an account, there are a lot of thing they neglect to tell you such as they set you user id and don't let you know, forget to tell you that you need a pass code when calling, there 24/7 csr line is a real pain because it is almost impossible to get a person to talk to and you have to jump through all kinds of hoops to get someone when my other banks all i have to do is press 0 at any time and i get a csr agent to speal with, I don't have to enter ssn, account #,d/c # etc just to ask a general question that the acc info is not needed for. There system is not compatiable with internet explorer 9 so if you have it you can not do online banking with them because there site wount work correctly and you can not send any messgaes to them. I aggre don't use BB&T I am sorry that I chose them to switch to and the reviews that they are customer frendily and a decent bank to bank with are wrong.


Phone: (336) 733-2000

Address: 200 W 2nd St, Winston Salem, NC 27101

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