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Sculpting the New You, Together

General Info
NuMi Fitness provides fun and exciting body transformation through a fusion of Martial Arts movements and traditional exercise. Don't settle for the same old, boring routines.  Uncover the New You through this innovative approach to fitness and health.     You will lose fat, build calorie burning muscle, and increase your endurance all while challenging your body in ways you wouldn't normally experience at a gym.      NuMi Fitness LLC also offers traditional weight training, interval, cardio, flexibility, core and stability training.
  • A highly effective fusion of Martial Arts movements and traditional exercise
  • In-your-home body transformation for individuals and small groups from a Certified Personal Trainer
  • Training for beginners to advanced exercisers
  • Customized programs to meet your specific needs
  • Non-competitive training
  • Exclusive, integrated Martial Arts Conditioning
Payment method
cash, check
Sculpting Simsbury, Avon, Canton, Granby, and parts of the surrounding area
  • First and foremost: Results
  • Fitness assessment (recurring monthly)
  • Programs designed around your abilities and needs
  • Access to many modalities of training
  • Martial Arts conditioning
  • Effective training rooted in science
  • General nutritional guidance
  • Motivation from a friendly, supportive trainer
-National Academy of Sports Medicine (CPT)  -3rd Dan Black Belt (Shaolin Kempo)
Personal Fitness Trainers


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Quyen P.



Over the past month, in the midst of the ongoing pandemic and social distancing measures, my sister and I have been doing virtual training with NuMi Fitness (Mike). Exercise and its proven benefits for the both the body and mind have always been important for me. And it’s been a goal of mine to maintain fitness (physically and mentally) during these difficult times, call it “self-care”. That said, I wasn’t quite sure how the virtual training would work out.

My sister and I have trained with Mike in person before and knew how great of a trainer he is. He identifies your strengths and weaknesses and tailors each workout to your specific needs. He designs routines that are fun and fresh, making the 45 minute session pass by in no time. But beyond that, Mike is engaging, encouraging, and exemplifies that “gentle toughness” that makes him such a great trainer.

So how has all this translated through virtual training? We haven’t lost a beat! Mike has an uncanny ability to get even more creative in designing routines that maximize the use of minimal equipment we have available at home and the use of our own body weight. He guides and encourages, but it is us that must put in the effort. And after 4 weeks of virtual training, we are seeing increased strength and muscle tone. The 2 sessions per week have given us something to look forward to, a small semblance of routine and normalcy, and a break away from the feeling that every day is the same in the midst of the current crisis. Most importantly, working with NuMi Fitness has empowered us to regain control when we’ve lost control of so much else around us. Thank you Mike!

Quyen (and Beth)

Annmarie E.



Working with Mike at Numi Fitness has been one of the best personal training experiences I have ever had. I have been working out on and off for several years and have participated in various large or small group training sessions but I did not see any real results until I started working with Mike. I have seen and felt more muscle tone, definition, and strength. His gentle encouragement and variety of exercises is exactly what I needed to get me on my way.

Mike accesses your current fitness level and your goals and tailors a workout plan just for you. For the past year, I have been working out consistently, even on the days I am not training with him. He trains you but also gives you the tools you need to work out on your own when you have to. He has helped me to become intentional with my workouts, the days that I work out, and my diet.

The in-home workouts are key for me. Not having to leave my home or worry about childcare really makes a difference. He is always on time and ready to go. I now have zero excuses to not workout. Even when I am not in the mood, knowing he is going to show up and ask me what workouts I have been doing on our off days or what I am planning on having for dinner, keeps me in check. I am a very happy customer. He is more than a personal trainer and he really cares about his clients.

Pam R.



I have been working out with Numi Fitness for the past 15 months. Working with Mike has radically changed my life. Prior to finding Mike, exercise and fitness was not a regular part of my day-to-day life. In fact, it had been years since I had been to a gym or worked out regularly. I would start and stop; go from one fad or craze to another; and eventually lose interest.

Time, access, and commitment to a program were all excuses I had used to get to this point in my life. Out of desperation and frustration I was on a mission to find a true personal trainer that offered flexibility and would help hold me accountable to myself and the program.

I also wanted and needed personalized 1-on-1 coaching and a focus on my development. I had been a member of a gym and taken part in that version of personal training or “small” group fitness sessions. Anyone who has done the same knows the fitness centers are anything but personal. Typically it was standard regimes and formulas or lowest common denominator group training. Numi Fitness was the solution for me.

Mike offers true personal training focused on me and me alone. Mike tailors my work outs based on my ability and progress and continues to push my limits which increases my abilities and strength. In the past 15 months my body has changed, I have more energy, I am stronger, and in fact when I don’t exercise I miss it.

One of the best parts of working with Mike is Mike himself. . He is always positive in my progress and encourages me to push through to the end even when I really just want to give up. But, never pushing too far and always with just the right mix of humor, encouragement, firmness and a healthy dose of witty banter. Days that start with Mike always start right - before I start my work day I have accomplished something for myself.

Numi fitness and Mike has become a part of my day to day life and will continue to be a part of my future.

Kevin R.



What a difference Mike has made for me. When I started with Mike I had let myself go for several years – badly. As a former college athlete I know what it feels like to be fit and trim and strong. I had returned to school and was on the 4 or 5 meal a day cycle, senseless eating from stress and doing no physical exercise.

I can start tomorrow was a constant refrain. I often bargained with myself – “You have a lot going on. Something has to give”. “It is winter weight. Come the summer and once you get outside you will be fine.” “It looks more relaxed anyway if I don’t button the suit jacket” My most frequent and most self-defeating though was – “Everyone has a certain body type. Mine happens to be pear shaped. Not much I can do about that anyway right now.”

My wife started with Mike and I intended to just do a few sessions to jumpstart myself. Almost a year and a half later I am still working with Mike. While I have a pretty good amount of self-discipline it is hard to drag out of bed a 5-dark-cold – o’clock in the winter and trudge to the gym, trudge back and then dress and start my daily commute. Working with Mike means there is no self-bargaining or deal making with the pillow. Mike is going to be at my house. Mike is going to be prompt. Mike is going to be ready to go. And, Mike has never had a bad day – even at 6-still dark-cold-o’clock in the morning. And that was the key for me – I had accountability through and until I had the momentum back.

But along the way something changed. Mike never became a disciplinarian. He never became a chore. He became a true coach. He accessed my abilities, pushed them along. Soon I was well on the path and had momentum and could have dropped working with Mike. I was on a roll. But I realized I was learning a lot. I was learning a whole lot.

Between sets of crunches, curls or stepping stool kicks, Mike and I talked about nutrition and healthy eating. The science of diet I thought I knew from twenty years earlier, Mike updated. We discussed how I was performing that day and how strong I felt and related it back to what I ate the day before. I also learned a few cool martial arts movements that really challenged my agility, coordination and sense of balance.

The real challenge that I put to Mike and myself was to prepare me to resume mountaineering. Mike and I focused on designing a program that across the course of six months prepared me for a 19,000+ vertical foot climb. After 5 and 1/2 days of trekking and packing I summited that peak feeling strong and capable of more.

Now we are preparing for the ski racing season and next spring we will turn our attention toward a preparing for a possible 22,000+ vertical foot climb.

Mary-beth S.



Working with Mike from Numi Fitness has changed the way I think about exercise, diet, and overall health. Numi’s motto “sculpting the new you, together” truly encapsulates both the philosophy behind the fitness training, and the physical results of that training. I have worked with Mike for 5 months, and have lost 15 lbs. and a full dress size. I can both see and feel improvement in my muscle tone and strength. I have never been bored with the workouts, which he tailors to my needs and strengths. The flexible at-home schedule is ideal, as I balance work and 3 kids (and hate going to the gym). This is not a quick-fix program; it is, however, a program that produces measurable results and improves both physical and emotional well-being for the long-term. Mike truly cares about his clients and provides support and encouragement not only during workouts but also with improving diet and overall exercise habits. This has given me the confidence I need to create a healthier future.

A S.



I’ve had a blast and have seen solid results after working with Mike and NuMi Fitness. I have been practicing martial arts myself for 13 years since I was in my early teens. For the past five years, a weekly workout consisted of 100 sit ups, 50 pushups, 40 leg raises, 60 squats, and then a half hour of high intensity bag work or sparring drills four to five times a week, punctuated by a six mile run with uphill sprints every Sunday. That might leave you thinking I was in great shape, but in reality I had fallen victim to over training, and the results over the years resulted in a number of imbalances that manifested in hip and knee problems. My entire left arm and shoulder girdle were also suffering from a serious muscle imbalance due to a broken forearm caused by a sparring mishap that resulted in nearly a year of recovery time.

Over the past three months, I’ve only been doing one to two workouts a week, and the results are noticeable. I've lost unwanted weight (my waist size has shrunk several sizes) and gained some more muscle. I suddenly have tricep cuts and nice veiny forearms. I can actually see the outline of my abs, and I’m starting to get a nice taper going on from my shoulders down to my waist. I actually feel awake when I get out of bed in the morning. As far as those muscle imbalances go, my left arm has begun to catch up with the right in terms of strength and stability, my balance has improved, and my hip and knee pain have decreased noticeably (problems I wasn’t expecting to have as an active 27 year old).

As far as the workouts go, I never know what to expect. Mike always keeps it fresh by bringing in new (and often times unorthodox) exercises both from his knowledge as a trainer as well as from his experience in martial arts. He’ll push you to your limit with constant encouragement – if you’re looking for a drill instructor, he’s not your guy. If you’re looking for somebody who will teach you how to love working out and how to work out on your own schedule, you’ve found your trainer.