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MedExpress Urgent Care
4903 S Emerson Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46203
(317) 786-7950


As a neighborhood medical center, MedExpress offers a broad scope of urgent care, employer health and basic wellness and prevention services and coordinates care with other area health care providers.
Very fast service, staff was very friendly!! I will definitely be going here again.
I went to this Cetner on 7-9 but the girl in the office advised I had a $200 Copayment and that I would have to pay for services rendered. I told her there is no co-pay on our policy . I have met my decutible this year. Please recheck. She turned her monitor around for me to see. I told her I a...
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Med Check Urgent Care Ctr
8177 Clearvista Pkwy, Indianapolis, IN 46256
(317) 621-7800
Yes, the wait times can sometimes be long depending on their queue. However, I have used Medcheck many times for myself and my family and my opinion is that we have always recevied excellent medical there. We will continue to go there.
I walked right in and less than 1minute I was attended to; had a paper to read forms to fill out Whew! this is going to take all day! Next........in 3 minutes after filling out the forms I was called up. Went into the office my B pressure 118/70 Beats per minute 83 Of course it's elevated, I'm her...
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Franciscan Alliance Thompson Rd
5210 E Thompson Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46237
(317) 899-5546


Rushes, not sympathetic when it comes to painful illnesses and injuries, definitely under-prescribes narcotics and pain medicines, if he prescribes any at all. He is somewhat friendly but when you're injured he doesn?t prescribe pain medicine or if you have a bad cough you're lucky to get Robitussin AC. If you run out of pain meds or cough syrup he would rather you suffer and be miserable than give a refill, obviously more worried about DEA scrutiny than his patient?s well being. I am in no way a recreational substance user or abuser, however Ifirmly believe that doctors must treat patients...
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