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Josh F.
Edited: 01/17/2017

Just wanted to share my family's experience with getting our dog Riley, a Pug, from All About Puppies. My wife and I were looking for the best pet for us and our 3 children. We went to the store to ask some questions but had no intention of buying from the store (we were going to go to some breeders that next week). When we spoke with the staff they were not only knowledgeable and professional, they really wanted to make sure we found the right dog for us.
When we went there they had the cutest little Pug puppy that just kept looking at my wife and wanted to just give kisses and play. After trying for awhile to resist it's cute face my wife picked him up and we were instantly in love. We took him home about 6 months ago and he has been the absolute perfect addition to our family.
We keep the store updated on Mr Riley and still visit regularly. All About Puppies get 5 stars from me and my family!!

Jennifer C.



DONT BUY FROM A PUPPY STORE...These poor animals are usually sick, traumatized or will end up having a lot of health issues down the line.
i bought my pug here for over 1000, i love him to death but bc of the conditions of puppy mills etc he's been traumatized and has a "tick" where he constantly spins in circles non stopp. i Have spent so much money trying to figure out what is wrong with him .... this unfortunately will be just something he has too live with for the rest of his life...all we can do is comfort him..... PLEASE ADOPT.

Edited: 08/21/2016

My daughter bought a puppy from here with the last 700.00 to her name because she wanted to save it.
PLEASE DO NOT BUY A PUPPY FROM A PET STORE. The places that produce these puppies are mostly out of state. The conditions these pets are born and raised in are usually horrible. Our puppy had serious fear issues which, fortunately, we have been able to help him.
Join a movement to pass a law to outlaw the sale of dogs in pet stores. BUY YOUR PUPPY FROM THE POUND OR A SHELTER OR A PRIVATE INDIVIDUAL.
I Have just read about a couple who purchased a sick puppy who supposedly saw a vet just 2 days before purchase. The pet store owners don't care if your happy, they were not counting on you to be a repeat customer! So they don't give a damn. Save a stray or buy from a local breeder and do the dogs a favor.

Wendy S.



we rescued a little guy, bought here at 8 weeks old.....has so many health issues the pawchaser dumped him at almost 6 years old at hcas....he had 50 minutes left to live! $2000. in one vet bill later he is comfortable but the result of puppy mill breeding! spine- heart and lungs all an issue.........adopt don't shop (or don't pretend you are part of the solution). pet stores=$$=greed health problems may take awhile to surface but they will!!

Elizabeth J.


We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the newes...

We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the newest addition to our family!! We purchased a Miniature Australian Shepherd from All About Puppies in January and he has been the perfect addition to our family! We cannot thank the staff enough for all of their information and time helping us find the perfect addition to our family. After a week of phone calls and visiting Milo at the store we finally made the decision to bring him home. He has trained so quickly and my daughters just love him so much!




I bought Barkley, a Pekingese, from this store back in December for my granddaughter. He sleeps with my granddaughter every night and is the perfect addition to their family! Barkley has been perfectly healthy since I purchased him and we get asked all the time where we got him. Just wanted to let everyone know what a wonderful experience we had with this store.



My wife purchased a puppy from...

My wife purchased a puppy from All About Puppies on N Dale Mabry on 11/9/12. We brought the puppy home on 11/10/12 and within 24 hours the puppy began coughing not eating or drinking and had large amounts of watery diarrhea. We took the puppy to the required vet for treatment. He had pertussis (canine whooping cough) and giardia a a parasite in canine intestinal tract. The vet advises me if the puppy was not better in 24 hours he would have to be hospitalized. As I said we had the puppy for less than 24 hours. The Document from All About Puppies showed a Vet health check 2 days prior to our purchase. ELISA fecal tests can also be used to detect Giardia infection, as it comes from pets being exposed to other pets with the parasite. I wanted my puppy kept at the Vet until he was no longer contagious I have 3 other pets. I had to speak to the owner, her name was Regina Galloway, regarding payment for the boarding. She refused to pay any boarding fees. I explained that keeping a 8 week old puppy with an intestinal parasite, in complete isolation from other dogs is logistically impossible. She said,” you have a copy of the warranty in your pocket, read it”, She did not care, and would only recite the FL law as well as her store warranty. She has a very pampas attitude about her, and she gives you the impression that customer service and repeat business are un important to her. She became rude making snide comments. She hung up on me when I told her our conversation was recorded and it will be posted on YOUTUBE.I will never buy a pet from these types of stores EVER again. Please read all documentation before you buy. Also if you have any type of medical problems you will be covered up to the amount you pay for your pet. A minor surgery can cost hundreds or thoiusands.



I paid over 4 grand for a pupp...

I paid over 4 grand for a puppy, in the first 3 weeks, I have spent over $1200.00 in Vet bills and still in the hospital. They only reimburse for meds my dog takes not anything else.



My family and I love our new p...

My family and I love our new puppy Misty! She is dong great and was housebroken in 3 days. Thank you for all your help and assistance in finding us the perfect dog for our family.

My family and I love this stor...

My family and I love this store! We and several of our friends and neighbors have bought dogs from the Dale Mabry All About Puppies and as far as I know they are all great dogs. We got our American Eskimo "Miko" from there 5 years ago and he is the best dog ever.



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Editorial review from Citysearch

My family and I love our English Bulldog we purchased from All About Puppies 6 months ago. Tank is a great dog and we will recommend this store to any of our friends who are looking for a dog.



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Great Experience!!

I am happy to say that my Yorkshire Terrier ""Stella"" is a happy, healthy 2 year old dog that I purchased from All About Puppies on Dale Mabry. I am very satisfied with my purchase and have recommended the store to several of my friends who are looking for a dog. Thank you All About Puppies for the wonderful addition to our family!!

Julia Fridrich


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Cute Puppies - VERY BAD QUALITY!

I got a puppy 2 years ago from the Tampa location. A cute little male Chihuahua. He was sick with an upper respiratory infection so I took him to their prescribed vet and no problem. However, he has brain damage. I had him checked out by my own trusted vet and spent the money on x-rays of his skull since I suspected something was wrong. He wasn't acting like a normal puppy. The owner refused to assist with payment at the prescribed vet. My vet informed me that he was hit so hard in the head that he was concussed. He has fractures on his tiny skull all over. He's such a dear boy, but he will never be the same. He is 2 now and never learned to be toilet trained. He wears a diaper always. I must also mention that he cost $1,090. I fear that the owner did something to this dog. BE WARNED!



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do not buy from a pet store.

Do not buy a dog from a petstore. These puppies come from puppy mills. The employees here may say that these dogs are high quality and come from small, certified breeders but in reality, they come from these horrific breeding facilities. The mothers of these dogs spend their lives in cages being bred over and over again which means their offspring are more prone to sickness and disease. Maybe thats why they put a one year warrenty on the puppies they sell? Anyone who cares about their animals would NEVER put a warrenty on a real, living animal. They are not replaceable.
The insane prices for these dogs is rediculous too. Adopt from a shelter or humane society. If you buy a puppy from here you obvously have not done your research. Go to the ASPCA and look up pet stores and they will bring you directly to a puppy mill information page. Regardless of what the owner or employees say, they get their puppies from puppy mills. Adopt your next dog because those are the ones who need a loving home.



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My family and I purchase a new addition to our home. We got the cutest american bulldog. His name is Bolt. We got him on a Saturday, took him to the vet; like we were told to do at time of purchase; this keeps our warrenty in tack and only if you use the vets they list. We went to Sana Cruz (great clinic) on The following Wed or Thurs. and the vet said he had an upper respiratory infection and it's covered under your warrent with All About Puppies. The vet gave us the medicine and we made another appt. to see the vet for his 2nd set of shots the following week. The vet then told us he was worse and need more medicine. We have been giving him his medicine like the vet said and tonight the dog threw up all over and could barely breath. So we called the clinic and they told us to bring him in. Once we got there, they said if we didn't he would be dead by the morning. They new we purchased him form the pet store and gave us the number to call to tell them we were there and find out how much they would cover because the puppy is still under warrenty. The owner REGINA GALLOWAY ( a real piece of you know what) told my husband at first ""they would pay up to the purchased price of the dog."" Then told my wife ""I'm not paying for anything, you should've brought him in during normal business hours."" My wife told her the dog would've died if we waited. She said ""You need to take him during normal business hours. My wife screamed and cursed her out. Now we are calling an attorney and contacting the local news channels to expose them. DON'T BUY A PUPPY FROM THESE PEOPLE!



I was looking for a puppy for ...

I was looking for a puppy for my family and we walked into All About Puppies and right away I smelt the store and didn't smell good at all but I still came in to look and I wanted info on a Lhasa Apso and the lady was very helpful but of course that was probably her sales pitch that she does to everyone. We fell in love with the puppy but didnt want to pay nearly $1000 for her but we went ahead and took her home knowing that she comes with health warranties and she was registered and had all the breeders information. We took her to the vet for her follow up to make sure everything was ok with her and come to find out she had giardia and an upper respitory infection and she wasn't vacinated fully to what is required. I had to call the customer service to let them know what was going on and the lady I spoke to was rude and told me that I had to take the puppy to one of her vets or she wasn't paying for the bill or I can return the puppy but then that would mean my children would be upset and I don't want to put them through that. When you get a pet for the family and it is sick you don't turn your back on it because it is now a part of your family. Then to top it all off we still haven't recieved her registeration papers so I can register her if I want to breed her 1 time. I also have tried to contact the breeder and she won't return my message so that explains alot. I think the owner is vindictive and doesn't really care how the puppies are sold as long as she gets her money, 3x more than what I would have paid at a regular breeder. Go to a shelter. There are puppies and older dogs waiting for new good homes!



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All About Puppies!

Great Place!! Cutest puppies in town!! All breeders info included, knowlegable staff!! I got my puppy there and he is fantastic!!


Phone: (813) 968-2670

Address: 13705 N Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL 33618


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