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Mission Statement: To Value Our Patients by Providing Them with Compassionate, Quality, Veterinary Care To Value Our Clients by Serving Them in a Courteous, Caring and Professional Manner To Value both Our Patients and Clients by Providing Them with Affordable Veterinary Care, Thereby Helping To Ensure That All Animals in Need Receive Proper Medical and Surgical Treatment Our Vision: Value Pet Clinic, Inc. was developed by four dedicated veterinarians who had the common vision to provide affordable, high quality, outpatient veterinary care for pets and their owners. We are able to keep prices more affordable for the average pet owner by limiting our scope of practice to treating the more common, everyday ailments and performing surgeries on an outpatient basis. In general veterinary practice, the vast majority of pets are presented for basic services. Our practices focus on common procedures, such as vaccines, spays, neuters and teeth cleanings. We also treat the more common ailments, such as problems with the skin, ears, and eyes, as well as the intestinal, respiratory and urinary tracts. Common surgeries that we perform are those involving lacerations, bite wounds, abscesses and tumors or growths, just to name a few. These basic services can all be performed on an outpatient basis. Severe cases that involve intensive medical work-ups, intensive care, or specialized medicine or surgery are referred to specialty practices.
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Everyday Low Cost Medical And Surgical Services Include: * Vaccinations * Spays/Neuters * Teeth Cleaning * Microchipping * Health Certificates * Well Pet Exams * Radiology (Renton Clinic Only) Exams for Outpatient Medical & Surgical Cases Including: * Abscesses * Bite Wounds * Ear & Eye Problems * Flea Control * Growth Removal * Intestinal Upsets * Lacerations * Lameness * Respiratory Problems * Skin Disorders * Urinary Problems
Payment method
debit, cash, all major credit cards, insurance
Locations in Bellevue, Renton, Kent, Tacoma, Puyallup & Seattle
South Tacoma
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Amanda B.



My daughter and I had an excellent experience with our cat Guster. We waited less than 30 min, the front desk staff were quick and friendly. All the pricing was explained to us and we were given options for services.The doctor was very kind and professional, even complimented my cats temperament and gave advice on how to keep Guster safe at nighttime as he will be an indoor/outdoor pet. We will definitely go back for future needs.

Jen P.



If you care about your pet, don't take them here. The cheap price may be appealing but they treated my cat like trash. They even sent her home covered in her own feces because she was a "bad cat" and they had trouble getting her out of the cage. They literally handed me her carrier and said "she popped, I can smell it." I'm sorry, but what do you expect from a cat who's been locked up for the last 10 1/2 hours in an unfamiliar place?! She just had surgery and they hadn't even put a cone on her. Then they refused and said I would have to it it on later. Lastly, they didn't even provide me with any information on how to care for her after her procedure. I even after if there was anything I should know and they said no (after they had already told me someone would be briefing me on her procedure and how to care for her in the upcoming days). I will NOT be returning.

Debra S.



Be careful. I brought in my very sick cat with sneezing, wheezing, not eating and difficulty breathing. Doctor said it was because his teeth had severe gingivitis and that 4 teeth needed to be pulled but not until he was better. Said I should get an Xray to see if he has any pneumonia. Was told the xray would be ready the next morning around 10am. No phone call received the next day, so I called them at 4pm. They said they would get right back to me, but no call was received.. The next day was Christmas, no phone call. By now the cat was not drinking or eating and was vomiting, so I took him to an animal hospital, they kept him for overnight, gave him IV fluids, antibiotics and put him on frequent nebulizer treatments. He stayed in one more night and came back in much better shape, though still obviously had congestion. The vet at the hospital said that the gingivitis was probably not the cause of his cold and did not warrant extraction but could use a dental cleaning once his breathing improved.

Value Pet clinic refuses to refund the cost of the Xray even though it was never delivered. I don't mind paying for what I receive but it is very unfair to expect me to pay for a diagnostic tool that isn't even delivered for 3 DAYS after the test is taken!

Steph H.



This place is great! Wait time is usually long, but that is to be expected for a walk-in only clinic. I have seen 2 different veterinarians there and they were both very nice. I was comfortable and taken care of when I had to put my kitty down. The whole staff was really sweet. For my old kitty Una, the other vet was loving and rubbed all over my kitty and loved her. This place is great and will give you alternative food and med recommendations that are lower cost if you want to go that route. I prefer to pay for the convenience of getting everything from the vet. Great place! They truly love animals!




Great staff don''t listen to these impatient selfish people who think that everything should be dropped the minute they walk in. I've taken my cats there and got good help and the doctors never failed to answer my questions to my satisfaction. I had to take my dog to be euthanized and they were polite caring and empathetic . The doctor came in and explained everything and talked to me about what to expect through the whole process. They allowed me to stay and never tried to rush me out even though it was after closing. Even took the time to sign and send a very nice card to me.



Cluel and no talent vet

Worst place ever. We had our dog nudered and his dew claws removed. After that he got a respitory infection. Another bill and more antibiotics. He has never been sick before. X-rays too, had to sure it wasn't anything worse. Wasn't ever going back,..........then the kitty got hit by a car. Kitty had a badly broken leg and crushed toes along with cuts, scrapes and all over boo boos. Took him in, it was an emergency, kitty needed help! He was too dehydrated and weak to have surgery, the leg needed to be amputated. This was Thursday, took kitty home, gave antibiotics, IV fluid and wet food and pain meds. Kitty was strong enough to have surgery 6 days later. Sent home with no leg and nudered and Toradol. Like giving a super anti inflammatory. Really? Vet swore it was strong enough. This was $1,000.00 Bill. Well when the pain meds they gave wore off, kitty was in so much pain he was clawing at his cage and tore off his toenails. Took him to the Emergency Vet on 56th and Durango. They immediately gave him morphine. Kitty was is terrible pain. They kept kitty for 2 days and night to keep him comfortable on real meds. Kitty came home today. They sent him home with good meds to give him relief. Thank God they were there. I paid another $500. Well worth every penny. They treated him like a special patient who had MAJOR surgery and he wasn't suffering. Lesson learned, at Kitty's.expense. DONT TAKE ANY PET YOU LOVE TO THE SATANIC PEOPLE WHO WORK THERE! THE VET IS CRUEL TO THE ANIMALS. SHE HAS NO COMPATION. THEY SHOULD BE CLOSED. They made the dog sick and tourchered the kitty with untreated sever pain. Please. Stay away. Take the loved ones some place that will treat you and your pet with respect!



Worst experience ever! I have ...

Worst experience ever! I have never done this before but after several weeks and still being so incredibly angry about my experience with this business, I thought that the public deserved to know the kind of vet they were taking their pets to. I waited with two small dogs in the vet for 30 mins after they told me that they could probably see me in 20 but would let me know if it would be longer. I was waiting with two small dogs that can be difficult to calm in that type of busy environment. When I asked how much longer after an unpleasant half hour of waiting with my dogs, I was told an hour. I told them that the other receptionist, now on lunch or something, had said they would let me know if it would be longer than 20 minutes, but really nothing could be done at that point. I left with my dogs and returned 10-15 minutes before my appointment and proceeded to wait about 20-25 minutes before I got a room, going through the whole process of calming my animals. Meanwhile, other dogs are getting rooms, one I know for sure checked in after me because they had just bought the dog 15 minutes before coming to the vet, they told me. When I finally saw the doc, after another wait, she spent mere seconds determining that my dogs recent perpetual scratching issue was due to fleas and recommended medications. Now, I know fleas due to my history with both these dogs and others and I tried to explain that I didn't think it was fleas because the extent of their skin trauma from perpetual scratching was drastically more severe than it was in the past with no evidence of fleas. And I was thoroughly checking them at home, including while bathing them. And, its pretty easy to see fleas through my white and light blond dogs hair especially when bathing. The vets response was, 'you can do whatever you want but Ive seen 4 or 5 other dogs just today for the exact same reason. It is fleas.' So, I gave in, even while I was frustrated that my history with my dogs meant nothing to the vet, wasn't even worth discussion. They gave them meds, mostly shots, one that went in the nose . I didn't ask them to identify what was what. I went to the reception, paid and, admittedly, gruffly, asked if I was done yet. She said she had to print the receipt and I would be ready to go. That was done and I asked again if I was done. She said yes and I very happily left. Until I was called 20 minutes after returning home and was informed that I had forgotten the flea medication and I would have to come pick it up. I had thought that they had given them the medication, so I wasn't aware I would be taking it home. When I asked why I wasn’t given the meds before I left, I was told that the medicine (which looked prepackaged, when I got it) was being "prepared". This all was nearly a five hour process and not once did anyone there have any understanding that I wasn't upset about the wait, I just didn't want to do it with two small dogs in a vets office with people and pets going in and out constantly when I could have been somewhere else, like all the rest of their clients seemed to be doing. And, I would have liked to have gotten a room before the people who came in well after me that had just bought the puppy. And, I would have liked them to say that they forgot to give me the medication and sent me home before they were done with me and not that I had forgotten the medication and ultimately resulting in more wasted time and gas. And, I would LOVE if my dogs issue were resolved. My dogs are still itching themselves constantly and are still miserable, the flea med that was supposed to work immediately, didn’t, at least not for their itching, which was why I brought them in, and this has been several weeks back now. I would never go back after this experience. They don't seem to have any concern for my dogs, for me or my time. Avoid the free initial exam coupon, you get less than what you pay for in this place.



My 9 mos old pomeranian was sc...

My 9 mos old pomeranian was scooting and uncomfortable. I used the free exam coupon to have her seen at this clinic. She had half full pooper glands that the vet said needed to be expressed. The clinic was very clean. The exam room could use some posters or some type of decoration. My overall experience was good. I would recommend this clinic to anyone.



In August 2012, I was greeted ...

In August 2012, I was greeted by a friendly and articulate receptionist, Wendy, who guided me to get my newly acquired puppy vaccinated, spayed, and dewormed. I also requested a fecal sample. Unfortunately, the fecal sample was not taken that day, but i was told both by the tech and the receptionist to bring the sample in anytime. The following day, i returned to the clinic with the sample whereupon I was told that the sample cannot be accepted without an exam --- my pup was examined by another vet 2-3 weeks prior. No apologies were offered by the manager, just a nasty and uncompromising attitude. I contacted Wendy the next day and complained/explained the unpleasant encounter with the manager. Apparently, the manager was told/asked to contact me. During the conversation, she stated that she did not know about my having been told to come back by the clinic staff --- this is a brazen lie and i can give details to prove her dishonesty. I cannot believe that anyone can be so audacious and callous towards customers/anyone and then justify her actions with a lie.