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Provided by Citysearch - 
My home, in Sunnyvale

Great place to live. I have great neighbors, nice park. I am close to work and it is very affordable for me.
Lots of great floor plans. When I was looking at homes, the minute I walked into my home, I new I was home. The place is under new management and they are doing alot of things to upgrade the place.
I know they will be improving the rec-center soon, I hope they will be putting on solar panels when they re-do the roof to assist in the heating of the pool. The pool next to the recreation center is heated year round and is the reason I moved in to this park.

More later. :)



Provided by Citysearch - 
a nice place to be

yes, I live in a trailer park but its one of the better parks you can find. Its well located so I dont have to deal with the horrible traffic that many of my freinds go through. It has nice amenitys like pools, hot tubs, steam rooms, and club houses. It would be nice to have a workout room and maby with the new and much improved management it could be coming, I live cheek by jowel with my neighbors but they are all good folks. Realizing that you cant have everything this isnt a bad spot at all in fact its a nice place to be.

Molon Labe


Provided by Citysearch - 
If you need fast internet don't live here.

They don't allow Comcast into the park, the best DSL you can get is about 3Mbps download and only 512Kbps upload. So if you work from home a lot (or after hours like me) and you do a lot of RDP and the like it will be very frustrating.

Wish they would let Comcast run their lines in, the place would be perfect then, as far as Mobile Home Parks go that is.



Provided by Citysearch - 
New and Improved Management

I would like to comment on the improvements I have seen with the new management. They are more sincere and have been effective in notifying home owners in advance when park repairs are needed.

I also appriciate that they have been enforcing the park's parking rules. Let's face it, we all got complacent when Ann (past manager) was no longer able (or willing) to monitor the visitors parking lots. I also know how frustrating it was when there was no parking for guests. This is no longer the case, our friends can come visit us and park in the lot near our place.

I have been living in the park for about 5 years, and I too was frustrated with Ann's managment style. However, I have talked to Brian (new manager) and he has a positive attitude and is working toward improving the park for everyone. He gave me the impression that he is here for the residents and not the other way arround.



Provided by Citysearch - 
Good place, few issues

I generally feel the neighborhood is safe, quiet and a wonderful place to live (good value as well!). Recently there has been a bunch of tire slashings at the small parking lot off recreation dr and 2nd street. management is well aware, so we'll see what is going to be done.....



Provided by Citysearch - 
I want my quiet neighborhood back

I wish that the office would do something about the guy who rides his bright blue Harley down L street. He has altered it to purposely make it louder, which is ILLEGAL. He goes by at 7:30 AM every M-F and comes home at various times at night. I have even heard it roaring by after 10:00 PM. I am tired of my home vibrating!!

This has to be bothering other residents! If others would complain maybe something will be done. The park rule used to be that you couldn't even ride one in the park, and now this guy can get away with riding one that is annoyingly loud on purpose?!

The rest of us pay our rent too, and we deserve to have some peace and quiet.



Provided by Citysearch - 
Park issues

I have lived in Casa De Amigos for 2 years now and there a few things about teh managemnt that I cannot understand. First I want to say, I liked Ann. I was sorry to hear of her pasisng.

I cannot understand why management does not put locked gates on the enterance of the park that goes out to Lawrence Expressway. I observe daily the rif raf that comes into this park. I know they do not live here. They are street bums, druggies and punks that come in and roam the park. They trash my yard weekly and just give the park an unsafe feeling. If management was to lock off the enterance with a keyed gate and ask for 25.00 deposit form any resident that wished to exit or enter. This would keep the traffic down to only those that reside here. The surrounding parks have locked gates on all back entrances. It is just not a safe place.

There is one resident that lives on 1st Street by space 290. His driveway is filled with junk, bottles,cans wood etc. It is a site to look at. I have even seen rats crawling out from the pile. The guy who lives there collects cans for recycling. I read that our driveway was to be used for vehicles only in the lease agreement, we cannot wash our cars in it, or use it for storage. Why does mangement allow this resident to do as he pleases? It is just a horrific site to see. If I had noticed that home before I signed on the dotted line, I would not of moved here.

I just believe that management can clean up thsi park , keep out the druggies, drunks etc if they want to. Nothing I have listed here would cost alot of money. Heck, even that security guard is a waste of money. She sits in the clubhouse and does nothing. I have even seen the bums go into the outside restroom and bathe. Just not a safe place for kids or adults to live.

Just my 2 cents and I am so damn frustrated with it all.

Management, please clean it up here and take action on our safety and enforce the rules about our driveways.



Provided by Citysearch - 
Newbie to Casa De Amigos

Hello I have only been at Casa De Amigos for a month. I moved in the night after Ann Olsen passed away. I did not meet her face to face. I worked with Doris and upon the several times I met with her she was always very, very nice to me. I actually use to come to this park when I was a child. My father and his girlfriend lived here. I was surprised when I came her to find out that this was the park I visited my father when I was a child. My experience with my realtor Candy Bruno with Alliance was AWESOME! If you know anyone who is selling or buying please look her up and she will take great care of you. I had a few minor problems when I moved in and I had Chuck the service man come out and guide and fix my issues. He was fantastic and very pleasant. My neighbors that I have met so far have been very, very kind and stated if I needed antyhing do not hesitate to come over and ask. I occasionally hear my neighbor play his drums but I think it is fantastic and wish he would do it more often because music is so very important for our lives. It has been a very quiet neighborhood so far and always wish for it to be that way. There is a family that has 2 kids and I hardly ever seem them and when I do they are so cute and quiet. I want to live here for the rest of my life. I love my house and don't ever want to move. I am looking forward to the smaller community center being opened up for swimming next year and hopefully I can meet some more of my neighbors and make some connections and find some friends. I also look forward to the community get togethers. I am not quite sure what they are at this point in time but as soon as I get my home all completed I am most certianly going to find out what they are. I hope we can keep this park a great place to live and ALWAYS feel safe. That is so important in life. Well that is it for me now. Again thanks to Candy, Doris, Chuck and my neighbors for making me feel so welcome.



Provided by Citysearch - 
They Don't Stop the meth Dealings

Just watch the east gate, to see multiple meth deals goin on within view of the office.

The office knows its happening...
Say hi to Anna Olsen when you're applying for a buy in on a space.

Maybe she is in with the Acorn Crowd?

If not, there is meth deals with in her management relm. And she lets it go on.



Provided by Citysearch - 
Good place to live but there are issues

I have been reading these reviews for the past several months (thanks to park mgmt alerting me to it) and finally got inspired after I read Truthsayseye's review. I would have to say that sums up my feelings as well.

My rent continually goes up every year and the problems with infrastructure just seem to get WORSE. I figure there are 1200 homes here and with an average of 800/month space rent there should be plenty of funds for upgrades. I am paying more, for what ?

I have lived in the park for 9 years , when I first moved in , I would get 'notices' on my car that I was in the guest parking or parked in the street too long. This was to move a car out of of the driveway for no more than several minutes. Things seemed to be even MORE strict. Now, I see ads on Craigslist soliciting rooms for rent here in the park. There is no screening of these people. I feel like Mgmt tries to clamp down on some visible things to give the appearance of being in control but really has no control over others which might be more disconcerting (for me).

Overall, to be fair, I do like living here and my neighbors are great. Nice people. I think contacting the owners of the park directly is a great idea --- they may not be aware of our feelings about the park or management and might yield a bit to us . We pay alot of money to help maintain things here, they should not be patching things together. We rely and pay for electric and water. I don't recall ever getting any prorated rental fees. We lost food in our freezer !



Provided by Citysearch - 
Outage Water Every week!

Today the water outage again since 4pm until now 7.10pm without prior notice. The park's manager always said they have to fix the main pipes, but they fixed it so many times in last two months. Last 2 weeks, we had to collect water to use for all day while they fixed the broken pipes, today we don't know what reason they turn off the water again. The manager always says she does not know when they done and they are repairing the pipes again!!!! We are really getting tired of the water suddenly turn off around 3-4 hours every week without prior notice, even the water has been turned off while I had a shower.



Provided by Citysearch - 
Clean, nice park... with issues

Having lived in the park for years, I can safely say that we have been generally happy. The park is clean, quiet and for the most part, the residents are decent folk.

Unfortunately, I have to say that the descriptions of Ann's attitude and behavior are 100% accurate. She really does hang up on people, refuse to take letters, and has even closed the office altogether. Just about everyone I have talked to agrees that she is extremely difficult to deal with.

As far as issues in the park, there are 2 that demand immediate attention :

PROBLEM 1. Infrastructure: We have lived here for over 4 years, and have, unfortunately, been plagued by multiple water and power outages. One power outage was over 3 days long! It seems they would rather patch the little breaks than admit the park's infrastructure is in need of an upgrade. Larger and larger homes are being brought into the park and as such, the park's infrastructure can't keep up. I am really hoping that when July and August roll around, we aren't stuck without power again :(

Additionally, the telecommunications infrastructure needs upgrading. Park residents cannot get full digital cable or true broadband access. Low speed DSL is the only option. We are in the heart of silicon valley, and I can only get 1.5Mb DSL. Let Comcast in here already!

PROBLEM 2. Communication from management: The above regarding the infrastructure might be totally untrue, but I will never know because Ann refuses to tell us what is really going on. To be honest, I would probably be somewhat ok with the power and water outages if she would just tell us what the cause is, and what is being done to correct it.

Why don't they start a website for the park? Why not start an email list? There are so many quick and easy ways of letting park residents know what is going on. I am sure there are many folks in the park who would be glad to set these kinds of things up. Honestly, it's not that costly or difficult.

At this point, I don't really know what can be done to improve things. Ann is in a position of power and she knows it. There is no homeowners association in the park. Even if there was, we wouldn't have any real power. The only avenue I see is to start communicating directly with the owners of the park. They need to know that most, if not all of the residents are very unhappy with the way Ann is handling things. The above issues really need to be addressed. Sooner rather than later.



Provided by Citysearch - 
Damage Control

A little PR/damage control advice:

This is a site that is intended to review services of businesses. Like it or not, opinions will be posted that not everyone agrees with.

This site is viewed by prospective buyers to our mobile home park. We'd all like to get the most money for our properties when it comes time to sell. What are they going to think when they read these things? They don't know park management, and they have to read through a lot of emotional garbage to get at the truth. The truth being that there are some very satisfied residents, some very unsatisfied residents, and a whole mess of them in between.

My advice to Park Management is this:

#1: Stop posting comments and rebuttals to anything posted on these business review sites. The tenants aren't the professionals here. You are. You should have the business sense to distance yourself from the rantings of dissatisfied customers. Prospective buyers are going to see your rebuttals as bickering.

#2: Encourage your supporters to stop posting comments and rebuttals to anything posted on these business review sites. They mean well, but they're too emotionally involved and instead of appearing to be bearers of common sense and all that's right with the world, they come off as crazy fanatics, and they're going to scare off would-be buyers.

#3: Stop distributing park notices that get too personal. People who aren't in support of your business practices are posting your notices for prospective buyers to view. Your intention of these letters is to encourage your residents to have more compassion for your position, but an outsider will see them as rantings from a crazy woman. You're hurting your own business and the selling price of your supporters' homes.



Provided by Citysearch - 
Park Manager is very very rude and discriminate

Ann Olsen is a very rude woman that I've ever seen. We'll move out as soon as we can. Everything is good in this park, clean, safety.... but the only thing we need to move out soon is the park manager's behavior to the tenants.



Provided by Citysearch - 
Happy and pleased resident at Casa de Amigos

We moved into the park in 2007 and the reason we bought a home here is because of the way it looked and of the way we were treated by the management at the club.

This park is clean, orderly, with wonderful neighbors and people who care for each other. I have lived in other communities and found out just how important order and good management is. Perhaps the disgruntled who have written such terrible comments should take a drive to other parks and then decide where it is that they would like to live. Why did they come here in the first place?.

There are over 900 homes here and the usual is for the happy to be happy and not worry about the few who seem to never find happiness.

It is usually those who have never lent a hand to others, who have never volunteered when their time was stringent, who never went out of their way to help someone in need because they were afraid it could backfire on them, these are the ones who complain the most and are unjust in their complaints. Selfish people abound but so do those who are selfless. It all depends on your perspective.

Our manager was physically attacked by someone more then half her age and 3 times her size, when asked if she wanted to press charges she declined because it would be hard on that person and she realized that he was an angry young man and to charge him would only make matters worse. How would Purli have reacted?
There are problems everywhere and as far as I and my family can see the problems in this park are handled to the best of the abilities of the staff. The park is beautiful, for the most part peaceful, and has many wonderful, kind and happy residents. Hopefully the ones who wish to move elsewhere will have the good fortune of selling their home quickly to someone who is a good neighbor and who realizes that in a neighborhood as big as ours the crimes are less frequent and cause less harm then in some smaller communities where there is no one who cares what goes on.
To be a good neighbor you have to be one too. My hat goes off to the staff of Casa de Amigos some of the issues of the park should possibly be directed at the owners who receive our monthly rent and who decide what improvements are needed here. Anne does not own the club she works here and does a fantastic job along with the women in her office, the volunteers of all the clubs in the this park, the gardeners and maintenance crew and all of us who are good neighbors which in turn makes us good citizens of Sunnyvale and of this country.



Provided by Citysearch - 
Proof in the Putting

I've been living in this park for a few years now. I've paid my rent on time, I've kept my yard neat, and, up until now, I've not gotten involved in the petty rants from park management.

I wish I could attach scanned copies of letters distributed to each of the almost 1000 homes in this park whenever park management feels defensive and emotional about a complaint made by a resident.

This last letter, dated 4/25/09, claims that these internet reviews are responsible for ruining the park business of buying and selling homes. The park defends their ""elite"" level of service despite the reviews presented on this site, Yahoo Local, Yelp! and the federally run organization aimed at logging complaints against businesses.

I say that customer satisfaction is what is responsible for the success of any business. I don't believe that this park is run like a successful business.



Provided by Citysearch - 

I can tell by reading all these reviews that these are friends of the management cause its all lies. The staff here has no compassion for no one. No courtesy, no manners (FOR SURE!!) and are all a bunch of hypocrites. Whats good for one in this park is definetely not good for all. I am at this moment looking for somewhere else to move cause I've had it with these incompetent people. If you are looking to move here GOOD LUCK! I suggest you go to another park.



Provided by Citysearch - 
Who stole our flags?

I'ved lived here at Casa De Amigos for 8 years. Over all, I think it's a nice park. I don't agree with the attitude of management all the time, but it could be worse.
Anyway...Someone stole the US flag outside my home last night and from the looks of it, a number of other flags were stolen down 1st street.
It cost me over $60 to replace the flag (embroidered stars) and pole (tangle free). I'm (a word this site won't let me use), let's just say very upset, and am interested if anyone has any idea who did it and what can be done to prevent it in the future.



Provided by Citysearch - 
Yes there are always two sides to every story BUT not only the side your on Counts!

Dear Doris and CDA Staff, have you ever considered that fact that even though you may not be the one actually perpetrating the inappropriate behaviors that your leader Ann continuously subject the residents or I guess I should say (some of the residents)to that you are just as guilty as she is If you see someone doing wrong and you allow it by supporting these acts in any way then no matter how much you try to be the nice guy you are just as guilty.



Provided by Citysearch - 
To Customer Service Manager

I have lived in Casa de Amigos for several years and have raised my 3 children here. Ann Olsen has ALWAYS been very nice and professional with me and my children. And more importantly she has always been fair. You really need to review the rules you were given before you decided to purchase a home here. You agreed before signing on the dotted line that you understood there is not a playground for children here, although there are very nice parks in the area for those willing to take their children down the street or around the corner. Sounds to me that you probably just want to get your way about something that is not appropriate for any of the tenants here and because you are not allowed special treatment you have resorted to being very messy. If you have truly been in the customer service field for many years then you understand this is not the way to handle an issue. If a contract is signed and you agree to the terms,going back later behind someone's back and whining that you have been wronged is ridiculous. I have a suggestion for you and your self-esteem, JUST MOVE. Since you are under the impression no one likes you and treats you so badly even though the truth is the rules apply to all of us and the squeaky wheel does not always get the oil. Also just a hint that going behind the manager's back and signing petitions, etc. is not what most of us would call working together as you put it. And good luck with the court issue since you have signed an agreement stating you agree to the terms of the park.

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