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Additional Specialties: Icu, Acute Care, Birthing, Critical Care


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Spring Hill Regional Hospital
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Specialties: Icu, Acute Care, Birthing, Critical Care


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Edited: 10/27/2016
Poorly Ran

My husband was admitted as a patient there for about a week and this is what I observed. The nursing Staff were GREAT! But the administrative staff are in easy simple terms The biggest jerks I have ever seen and heard. I over heard the night supervisor I believe her name was jill talking about patients in a demeaning manner some of her comments I found to be somewhat inappropriate, sexual in nature and then she would berate the staff in a unprofessional manner. no one should have to work with that type of abuse. I see now why there would be a shortage with people like herself at the helm. there was one nurse though that did stick out I thought was vulgar, she kept passing gas all the while I was there. despite the protest of other co-workers she still continued to pass her foul odor.
if it were not for those two I'd say it was satisfactory. I really feel sorry for the nursing staff though. They deserve better treatment than what I have observed.

Karin M.
Edited: 10/27/2016

I was in this hospital on August 25th 2014 for a Hysterectomy. My surgery was scheduled for 12:30pm. Prior to this, I have had other surgeries like a Myomectomy and 2 Laparoscopies. I had my other procedures in Tampa and was treated very well. I didn't have one single problem. Before I went into surgery everyone was very nice and accommodating. When I got out of surgery..........I was ignored. I spent 4 hours in severe pain with nurses leaving me alone for long periods of time and not getting the medication I needed to be comfortable. I have never felt so much pain and to feel it for 4 hours.....OH MY GOSH!!!!! When I finally did get a nurse, Sarah from the surgical center, she had zero bedside manner!!!! When she took me to my hospital room (86W) she kicked the bed down hard to adjust the level of the bed......all I could feel was severe pain on top of severe pain. Finally, another nurse came to ask me if I needed help out of my bed and Sarah answered for me..... saying, "No she can walk." Yes, I can walk, but I just had my uterus taken our of my body.......I needed someone to help me get out of the bed!!! On top of that, I still didn't have the proper medication and was dealing with the pain from surgery with no real medication. When Sarah did bring me to my room. I had to wait in the hallway because my room was not clean or ready. When I finally got to my family came to sit in with me. They noticed a transportable toilet sitting by my bed. They smelled something funny and opened it. There was still feces in it!!!! The head nurse who was the daytime shift, left used needles on my bed.That evening I ended up being nauseous and in severe pain again. It took about 3 hours before I was taken care of and that was with pushing the button and my husband going and asking for a nurse several times. It seemed like there was never a nurse to take care of me. I was somehow consistently forgotten about. I am strong when it comes to pain, so please understand that for me to complain about is severe!!! It seemed as though not one person really cared about what was happening to me! In the a.m. I finally had a nurse that they brought in from ICU who was very kind. However, I was sharing a room with another patient and I had to be able to urinate into a bowl. The nurse left the bowl in there and the other patient kept urinating in it too. Our urine was getting mixed. When I told the nurse......she just dumped the urine in the toilet and left the used urine bowl on the edge of the shower......not cleaned or taken away. It is scary, honestly. What about other patients with more severe issues than myself? I encourage you to read the google reviews. After I wrote mine, I began reading the others. Same thing across the board and very disturbing!!!! This is a TERRIBLE HOSPITAL!!!! It would be very sad to see someone ignore this REALLY BAD management and lack of care for patients and sanitary issues.......which I would imagine being of high priority in a hospital.

Ralph O.
Edited: 10/27/2016

I had the most pleasant experience today. I had my hart shocked back to rhythm as I had a-fib in the outpatient department. Everyone was extremely pleasant and professional. All went perfect and I personally am very happy with this hospital. My wife gave birth to our son here as well 9 years ago.
Nurses here seem very experienced and are very helpful. Even the director of the hospital visited me to make sure I am provided with the best care possible. Amazing!!! This never happened in other hospitals that I have been to with my mother when she was sick. My procedure went all according to plan and was successful. The only small thing I can complaint is the phlebotomist that had to swirl the needle in my arm which kind of hurt and made me uncomfortable. Although I must say my veins are not what you can say easy to draw blood in the first place. Overall I am extremely happy with the care I received here.

Paula N.



They dont even deserve one star!vMy daughter had a baby there a week ago. she was in full blown labor and left in waiting room crying for half an hour, then made to walk all the way to the end of the hall into a filthy room with ants all over the floor and ignored for another hour. They said it wasn't labor, it was a bladder infection, they never checked her or did urinalysis, I had to contact the doctor and nursing supervisor before the charge nurse finally examined her and declared she was in labor and they were scheduling a c section immediately ( she cannot deliver naturally) she should not have been allowed to progress as far as she did, she was in grave danger the entire time she was there. trying to deliver naturally could have killed her and the baby. this is the most horrible hospital and the worst care ever!'

Angela V.



I am like POSITIVE that the only way anyone can get a job at Spring hill Bayfront hospital is to pass their personality test.. I have never met so many happy nurses, doctors, CNA's, cafes staff , and cleaning crew before in my life.

I told Jon they must have one awesome boss. I didn't meet 1 rude person in the 3 days I was there. I'm so happy I came to this hospital.

Erica Z.



We had an awesome experience in Bayfront Hospital, especially at "The Baby Place". Everyone was so friendly, and knowledgeable. Kim one of the ultrasound techs was really great! She was so friendly and nice to us every time we came in for a fetal ultrasound. The 2 RN's that were really awesome were Julie, and Danielle! When my partner had to have a C section she was scared, and Mia was the surgical asst. that calmed her down, and made the experience much more tolerable. She was great too! Thanks To the staff at Bayfront for delivering our beautiful baby boy!

Vanessa C.



Unbelievably Bad!. my son shot him self in the hand with a BB gun. We went to ER , they never washed the wound or offered himy atylonlo for pain , Nothing! after two hours, they X rayed it,said yes there is a Bb in his hand, ( but they don't remove them) Told me to go see his Primary doctor in the Am for a referral to another hospital? basically they just do X rays! nurses just sat on there butts eating doughnuts the whole time. Not if my life depended on it would I go there. Spring Kill Hospital is the official name of this place.

Bonnie F.



I was brought to this hospital by ambulance for bacterial pneumonia in both lungs. My oxygen level was in the 70's. While in the emergency room I had a woman wake me up and tell me that I needed to pay her $150.00. She didn't care what condition I was in just wanted money. I was so sick I didn't know where I was let alone in the condition to think about paying this woman. I laid in the emergency room all night. When they finally bought me to a room it was discovered that I had wet the bed. I have no idea how long I laid there in a wet bed. A nurse helped me out of bed and helped me change into a dry gown. I still had the clothes on that I wore to the hospital. Another nurse in the room stated to me that I needed to take a shower because I smelled. As she was saying this to me she was holding her nose closed. I was shocked by her behavior. They changed the sheets and put me back in bed. While this was happening I was connected to oxygen and very weak. No one came in afterwards to give me or ask me if I would like to have a sponge bath. I had wet the bed and was covered with urine and they put me back in a clean bed. I laid there for 8 days and for 8 days no one changed my sheets or bathed me or offered to help me get in the shower. I never had a CNA come into my room and the nurse only came when it was time for my medicine. On the 6th day I did manage to get up and bush my teeth and wash up in the little sink that was in the room. My hair which is down to the middle of my back was disgusting. It was stuck to my head from not being washed. They did bring me a longer hose for the oxygen and told me that if I needed to go to the bathroom I could now make it with the longer hose. I would get to the bathroom ok but then I would get dizzy and would have to sit there a while before I could return to my bed. One night I needed to have the needle in my IV changed out. The nurse had to call someone else to do it. I was in the bathroom when this male nurse opens the bathroom door and tells me to hurry up, he's waiting. I guess I wasn't fast enough because he then opens the door a second time telling me to hurry up. Very RUDE! When you go to this hospital you are basically on your own. I have surgery scheduled next month but it will NOT be at this hospital. I have been making monthly payments for the last year and all of a sudden this month they turn me into a collection agency. And let's not forget the wonderful food. If I had thrown the piece of baked chicken against the wall, it would have put a hole in it. It was a hockey puck!

Kristine S.



My husband BROKE his elbow a week before Christmas. I initially took him to the walk-in clinic and they referred us to the emergency room due to the nature of the injury. We chose Spring Hill Regional because I received excellent care while delivering both of my babies (except for Dr. Armbruster walking out in the middle of me giving birth). The ER nurse told us the Orthopedic surgeon was on vacation & wouldn't be back until after New Year but she could schedule us with a different "basic" surgeon the following week. This was not good enough for me. I called around & was referred by a friend to see Dr. Jason. He was absolutely wonderful, taking my husband for surgery even though we did not have insurance. We paid his bill separately. Then the hospital bill came....$63,000....for a 2 hour surgery!!! $30,000 for a 2hr Operating room, $4,000 for a 2 hr Recovery Room, $8,000 for Anesthesia, $4,000 for Pharmacy and an additional $600 also for Pharmacy. (All he got was 2 Percocets & a nerve blocker) $11,500 for the new elbow implant, $2,000 for Radiology (2 X-rays), $1,300 for "Supplies", $730 for IV solution, and $350 for labs. THEN.....the recovery room nurse not only made fun of my husband when he was coming off anesthesia, but she didn't get him a drink when he asked for it nor take him to the restroom when he needed to go. I had to do it. I don't mind taking care of my husband, but when he just had surgery & is coming down from anesthesia, you would think the nurse would do her job!! On top of the hospital bill, came a separate nurse bill, a radiology bill, and a bill for the first ER visit. I thought all that was included in the $62,000 hospital bill??!!! I set up a plan to pay $100 per month on each bill. After making 3 payments on time, the hospital sent all of the bills to a collection agency. When I called & asked why they did that when I'm making payments, they said that no such plan was put into place. Their hands are tied & my husband's bills are now at a collection agency. And that's where they will stay.

Twila K.



I was in hospital 3 years ago,,,WORST HOSPITAL BACK THEN TOO!!! Tried giving me another patients, medicine, Hospital pharmacy didn't have mine in stock, My oxygen was 75% and I was ashen but they had on on medical report, "patient not in any respiratory distress! Temp Nurses that didn't know the difference between bed 1 and Bed 2!! The straw that broke the camel's back was when they overdosed my room mate, she was around 70 years old, on Morphine!!! I checked myself out, asked for my medical records. If I needed the to take home with me they were free if I needed them for litigation, the charge was $2.00 per page! Worst Hospital!!




STAY AWAY. Took over an hour to have a nurse(once called) to get to the room. By that time my wife was in so much pain she was in tears. My first and last bad experience with this hospital.




Do yourself a FAVOR and RUN fast as you can away from this hospital!! My father in law was transported there ( by ambulance) they determined he had a heart attack on the way there. The ON CALL DOCTOR ( who is suppose to be at the hospital within 15 MIN) never showed until almost 2 hours later and sad to say, he is no longer with us. :( I hate this hospital!!!.....and had the nerve to send us a BILL which I REFUSE to pay




My mother was a patient at this Hospital recently and it was the worst I have ever witnessed. The patient rooms including bathrooms were filty, not cleaned the whole time (5 days) she was there. The sheets were not changed for 4 days and only when she begged. Another patient threw her sheets on the floor as her repeated requests for clean sheets were ignored. The floors were not even swept, never mind mopped, her entire stay. There were pills on the floor and a used syringe, no exageration! The food was the worst. The nurses pretty much ignored her and she is quite elderly. The one positive thing was a male nurse who tried his best to pick up the slack for everyone else. Oh, and then they sent her a ridiculously high (6 figures) bill for her 5 days. Of course, the insurance company threw that bill in the trash. Tell your doctor you DO NOT want to be a patient in the Spring Hill Regional Hospital. The American Hospital Association needs to make an unannounced inspection of at this place.



WORST BIRTH experience EVER an...

WORST BIRTH experience EVER and I have had all 3 of my kids by c-section! I had my 3rd child here and it was via c-section. My daughter was in the NICU because she was born at 37 weeks but other than that perfectly healthy! None of the nurses were supportive of brea$t feeding! They insisted on bottle feeding my daughter and told me that n!pple confusion doesn't happen this early, what? Yes it does! Because I had a c/s it made it hard for me to travel to the NICU to bf my baby and they didn't care. They could have but wouldn't bring her to me! They allowed her to have diaper rash on the 2nd day of her birth! It was horrible, there were so many other problems that happened during our time there. My IV wasn't placed in the vein, it was just under the skin and mPy whole arm was swelling up with fluid, it took an hour of me pushing the help button and a family member to grab a staff member from the hall to fix it! I was in so much pain by then I could feel my c/s cut as if I'd just been cut open right then. Terrible care, NICU nurses are uneducated and rude. Horrible experience not just for me and my newborn but for our whole family to watch this happen to us! Horrible staff! The fact that my baby was early was all the MORE IMPORTANT that she received brea$t milk! The NICU nurses don't care about the health of the infants in their care! Again, how does a baby in the NICU get diaper rash at day 2 with 'round the clock' care? There is even more horrible things that happened but those were my biggest problems with this place! Morton Plant in Clearwater is where I had my other 2 children, wonderful nurses, VERY PRO brea$t feeding! A thousand times better than spring hill!!!!!!!

I wish I could rate this a zer...

I wish I could rate this a zero or negative 50. Horrible wait times, people sit around talking about how much they hate this hospital instead of helping people who have been waiting. I waited over 3 hours here then I asked when someone will be in they said I dont know. I left and went to oak hill hospital and was seen within 10 min !!!! I was out of there within the hour. Not to mention When I was in the waiting room at spring hill regional there was an old guy with his wife who the wife said he was having bad chest pain and they left him in the waiting room for over an hour. The wife complained then someone came out and ask to help me instead !!! Heart pain is a must see with an old peron whats wrong with these people. I would NEVER recommend them to my worst enemy. You will dye before you are seen or helped properly. DONT GO HERE travel the extra 20 min to oak hill.

Brad K.


this hospital is a total rip-o...

this hospital is a total rip-off. i went to the er that was in my insurance network and paid the hospital my share of the charge. 2 weeks later i received a bill from quality drive emerg physicians for $877.00 more for a doctor i never saw. i later found out this emergency room doctor does not accept any insurance at the net work prices agreed to by the hospital. after calling the hospital i was told they are independent contractors and set there own prices and it is out of the hospitals hands. this hospital and the er doctors will stick you for thousands of dollars for a 30 minute visit. stay away




A few months ago i had an accident on my bicycle and injured my knee. I went to Spring Hill Regional where I was taken almost immediately in and treated quite well by the staff. I spent less than 40 mins there and was seen by a NP, not a Dr. I was satisfied with the treatment I received, which consisted of xrays, crutches, an ace bandage and instructions to see my primary care physician. When I saw the amount my insurance company had paid I requested an itemized bill from the billing dept. This took over 90 days to receive and when it arrived I discovered they had billed the ins co nearly $500 for the crutches and ace bandage. That is 10 times more than the MOST expensive crutches I could find anywhere else. They are obviously overcharging, so scrutinize your bill carefully.