This icon signifies the review was contributed by a participant in the former YP for Schools program.

YP for Schools was a limited-time partnership between YP and school/parent organizations, in which YP made donations to schools and other participating organizations whose members shared ratings and reviews (positive or negative), photos, and other helpful business information on

The YP for Schools designation remains on reviews posted by past participants in the program, because at the time these reviews were posted, some of the reviewed businesses may have been YP advertisers or may have provided goods/services of minimal value to participants or paid YP to be promoted as a Sponsor of the YP for Schools program. However, to encourage honest and forthright reviews, whether favorable or unfavorable, donations to participating organizations were made by YP without regard to the content or sentiment of the individual reviews contributed by participants or to the status of the rated businesses as Advertisers or Sponsors.

To ensure that the information submitted by participants was helpful and accurate, the YP for Schools program was designed with several important controls, which included limiting the program to closed communities of invitation-only participants who could monitor the contributions of their peers for quality and accuracy, as well as having a team of professional YP monitors who spot-checked the content contributed by participants only to ensure it complied with our site's publishing standards.

We created YP for Schools because we believe in helping communities and their local businesses grow, and because we've found that school-based communities are insightful, trustworthy and knowledgeable about the local businesses they use. When school community members share local business information, they help their school community and other local residents to make informed decisions about the businesses they choose.

YP for Schools has helped Oakmont High School immensely. It was easy to implement, the school community embraced the program, and loved seeing local recommendations from fellow parents. - Sondra Myles, Assistant Principal, Oakmont High School