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It's a gym. Every time I went...

It's a gym. Every time I went it was clean, safe, and generally not too crowded. People are doing a lot of crying here about the contract; ignore all that. What business do you know that makes it easy to breach?

I quit because I lost interest. Time to go try again.



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We'll see...hopefully the issue can be resolved

I am giving three stars, and hopefully I can give more soon, but we'll see.  The staff is very nice, and every one I have dealt with personally is very nice.  I signed a 3 year contract on June 15, 2010 because I was told the monthly charge would be $24, significantly less than than the fee for the 1 year contract. I told the girl I signed up with that I would for sure be moving out of state in less than a year.  She said there is a $75 cancellation fee, so when you average that out over 12 months it still makes your monthly dues cheaper than signing a 1 year contract.  Maybe I'm a sucker, but I believed her and went ahead and signed the 3 year contract.  She assured me that they were used to dealing with military and that they deal with cancellations all the time that run smoothly. I paid my first years membership in full, $288 + a $49 sign up fee.  On April 1, 2011 I moved to Alabama and needed to cancel my account.  I was told to go to the ASF website and print off a form, fill it out, and send it in with proof of my new address and the $75 cancellation fee. The website recommended calling in 30 days to confirm cancellation of the account and that I was responsible for dues until I made sure the cancellation had gone through.  Well, around the first of June I called to confirm the cancellation.  A girl from the office in the mall looked up my account and told me the account had successfully been cancelled due to relocation.  I asked if there was anything else I needed to do and I was told no.  Please keep in mind that I submitted a form to have my mail forwarded to my new address and have received my forwarded mail from my old address since April 1, 2011.  Continue...



Mark, just a word of advice. ...

Mark, just a word of advice.

I am currently searching the internet regarding information about 24 Seven Family Fitness and stumbled across this page. As a potential customer, it is very unsettling to read your responses to some of the dissatisfied members. Every business will encounter customers who are not completely satisfied, and some of those will voice their opinion or complaint. However, as a representative, you should still respond to that individual with respect. Your responses come off as if you are irritated or angry when typing your response in addition to putting the blame totally on the patron rather than saying "I'm sorry that happened, I understand your concern, let's work to resolve the issue." I'm not saying how you should run your business, but I am suggesting better customer service. I'm already turned off from your location and it's not because of the reviews; it's because of the way you responded.

claimed iconBusiness Response09/19/2011

Yes I do get a little aggravated. It is hurtful to see untrue statements made about a business that you put your heart and soul into. Do you realize none of these people that have posted on here have ever took me up on my offer to help? I take things to personal. I just need to accept that no matter how hard I work it is not possible to make everyone happy. I have heard the old saying, I just thought I could prove it wrong. We have been in business for 17 years so something must be right. Come meet me and you will see I just want to make everyone happy and healthy.

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So sad!

WORD OF MOUTH! That is indeed the best form of advertising. Not many reviews here. However, the fact that ALL the reviews from actual customers are completely negative and the only reviews that have any positive rating at all were submitted by the club is ABSOLUTELY HORRIFIC! Everybody CAN



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public beware

Run away fast if your thinking of signing a contract with this gym. Read the past reviews, doesn't matter what location all have horrible reviews.

We were a member at the richmond hill location, I am in the military and came down on orders to PCS. I went in and gave them a copy of my orders to cancel membership (per the military clause) and thought all was taken care of. Then i noticed continued monthly gym fee charges on my bank account and called the gym. Of course no one answered, left mulitple messages. Nobody called me back until the 10 message. Their excuse; wait for it...can't find my orders that I brought in to terminate the membership! Now I've already moved and can't physically come in to provide another copy, their fax machine doesn't work, and no email! what? who in this day and age don't have access to email! When a manager does finally call me back, he doesn't mention anything about not having my orders but states that it takes a month after termination for the gym fee to stop being charged. I asked why? He says thats the way the system works? They are sleezy, unprofessional, and habitual liars. Do not give them your bank account number.



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24 seven nightmare

i agree with all the reviews on here this gym is horrible now granted i like being able to work out when ever i like to no matter the time. this place takes money when they want to i had to close my bank account just so they wouldnt take anymore money out my account it was a total rip off its not worth being able to work out when ever. i hope that no one joins this gym cause this place will over draw your account stay away from this gym is my advice.

Deborah Maruca


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Contract terror

I wish there was a way to give a negative rating on the way these contracts are handled.We did what we were required to do at the end of our contract and they are still taking money out .And the people we are forced to talk to are very nasty.I just sent a very long complaint to the BBB. Beware general public, this is a nightmare.



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Hard to Get Out of Contract

In June 2008 I signed up for a two year membership. In early August I found out I was expecting. Due to my pregnancy being high-risk, I was not able to work out. I went to the gym and spoke with the guy I signed up with and explained my situation. Was basically told there was nothing I could do and would still have to pay the monthly premium. So long story short, I had to pay for two years for something I used for a month and a half. Very disappointing. :(



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public announcement

Just joined this gym two months ago. Since then they have charged my account double for both months, stating they will correct it. Have not yet and have not gotten back in touch with me. I joined because of the 24 hour access which is anything but that. I can only get in when the staff is their and I have to ring the doorbell. My key card never works even when the so call fix it. They signed me up for two memberships, one with my last name first and the other with my first name last. Then told me to get a print out of my bank statement so they could see if I was telling the truth about the duplicate payment. So, I go home and come back and they tell me I was right just to waste my time. Majority of the staff is incompetent. I would advise all not to get involved with this gym.



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24 Seven Fitness Richmond Hill

Trying to get some feedback on this location



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Moved away...still wont let me cancel contract

This is my first time ever writing a review...and I am not a big complainer. But I feel that I am being scammed and I want to let as many people know as possible so that others dont have the same experience.

I moved away from Savannah and am willing to pay the $75 early termination fee....but I keep getting excuses from the main office in Colorado. I first sent the termination form and required utility bill via email attachment. They say that their computer does not support pdf scans. So I have a friend fax the information. Two weeks later they call and say that they cannot read the copy well. So I guess I will fax again? How long will this continue? I feel as if I am being scammed. They keep on waiting...then making excuses so that they can continue to collect monthly dues.

BUYER BEWARE! DO NOT JOIN THIS GYM! HALF OF THE MACHINES DONT EVEN WORK!! The card reader often doesnt work. One time I went when it wasnt working and was told to go down the dark alley at night to the back door which was propped up for anyone to enter! I am so disgusted by this experience.



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My experiance was something something that I would rather forget. My digg is not with the employees but with the ownership. Birds of a feather flock together. I am in business, and I know how to play the game. I have met the ownership and have observed the way they conduct business. Very unproffesional. For a owner to post a statement in rebuttal of an in your face complaint online is unfortunate. Im disapointed. Let me school you for a moment. The correct response would have been no reponse or a one liner, with your contact information. I have heard complain after complaint after complaint. Cant get in, overpayments taken out of my account. anniversary month? The complaint is no help when problems arise, phone call after phone call go unanswered. I read a review that talked about a Mike that worked for you guys, he was called sleezy etc. etc. etc. But what I didnt see was a rebuttal from you OWNER! Not one word to defend him even if he is everything he was accused of. You hired the guy for Gods sake! You say you were in the military? Did you forget "" responsible for everything we do or fail to do"" that statement is talking about the team! but you left him out there by himself. You should have defended him! Leadership! Your 20 years in the military, you want to use that to prop yourself up with! How dare you!! I dont know what you did in the military but you obviously missed a few leadership classes.You may have served in this war, I dont know, but so has allot of other people, so when you attempt to prop yourself up with a statement like that, be sure that you are without blemish, or you dishonor my freinds who are maimed or with our father in heaven. I have also observed the ownerships total disrespect for their employees, and so has allot of other people! We members see. Your management style is something out of the dark ages. You browbeat them, play games with their lives and their families lives. I have heard the other owner scare employees with their jobs on a regular basis, I have observed your employees crying because of your treatment of them. So unfortunate. I apologize for getting a little heated here. But I just have a very low tolerance for abuse, neglect! You talk about slander? I would love to take this one to court, I am sure that your employees would have their day in court! What happen to that one guy you had, he was doing the business to business stuff. He approached my company on a cold call, I promised him 5 minutes and 1 hour later we were still talking, now that guy believed in what he was doing, and we instantly liked him. I asked about him some time ago, he represneted your company well. You lost a good one. So take my words to heart if you can, its all constructive and not personal. Reflect!



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To angry Client

Contact me at 912-920-7734 I will see if I can assist you. Mark Eaton

Angry Client


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I was a member of the 24 seven family fitness for two years. I finally had enough of the card reader being broke every other day since I workout at 6 AM every morning. After finished my two years, I cancelled my membership. Well, 24 seven family fitness would not except my termination after several attempts. They keep billing me every month because I removed them from the draft. I have called over ten times. Everytime I call, I get a different lie why they are unable to cancel the membership. I'm woriking on filing a class action lawsuit against the owners of the gym as well as the billing company. I have several people that this has been affect by their illegal business practice.



To optoomistic

Thank you for your input. With out input from concerned members we would not be able to make improvements. Based on the comments you made it is clear that you are not aware of our membership options. We have 1 month all the way to 3-year memberships. If someone is on a three-year agreement, it is because they picked that length of time. Someone like yourself that is unsure of their commitment to health should go with a one-month or 3-month membership. This would give you time to see if you are committed to working out before getting into a longer-term membership. If you have any questions or would like to talk to me, please call me at 912-920-7734 and let me know what I can help you with. This would be the way to handle a business complaint before posting something negative without having all of your facts straight.




great gym

I read the other review and do not believe she is talking about the right gym. There is not anyone named Mike that owns the gym. I have been a member of this gym for 4 years and have not ever had a problem with the door system with the exception of when the power has been out from storms ( may be once or twice in the last 4 years). I go about 3-4 times per week every week. If the door was not working for weeks at a time I would know. It sounds like she has the wrong gym or maybe she failed to make her payments and got locked out. That is most likely why the door didn't work for her. The $29.00 a month payment must have been out of her price range or she might be lazy and did not want to use the gym. So whatever her problem is it is not because of the gym. I have enjoyed my last 4 years there and have no plans to ever change gyms.



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A word to the owners

You and your partners clearly have a lot of time and money invested in your locations, however i would advise you to reconsider your aggressive contractual service agreements. It should be in your best interest to value the connivence in canceling a members account as much as allowing 24 hour access to your equipment. After using your services, it is hard to recommend a new user to a membership that will entrap them into a seemingly noway out contract. The money lost by leaving members, would be easily compensated by the vast number of word of mouth recommendations.



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9 year member

I have been a member of 24/7 Family Fitness since they started in 2000. They started with one club and now have 8 clubs. They are locally owned and contribute to the local economy. They have a very close working relationship with the military and have a great reputation in town. I personally use the downtown club about twice a week (this location has only been open about 4 years) and have never had a problem with the door. The gym appears to be as clean as any other gym I have ever worked out at. I would have to say that for reliability and customer service this company is way above average. I would highly recommend this club to anyone that is looking for a place to workout at.



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To optoomistic

Our contract is a template that is mandated and governed by the Georgia States Attorney General's Office and must be approved and on file in said office before we can sell said contract. It is public record.

Our terms are no different than any other contractual agreement you enter into. It is a contract. You agree to certain terms and so do we. However, ours has provisions for termination as is required by state law. If you meet the criteria for cancellation it is no problem to get out of the membership. It is when someone is less than honest in their attempt to cancel that ASF, our billing company will hold you to the letter of the contract. It is called breach of contract when you lie in an attempt to get out of it.

You can't stop making your car payment just because you don't drive your car, understand that this is no different. You are an adult who signed a contract that you were given a NCR copy of at point of sale. It is an obligation so you must fill it, sell it or meet the cancellation criteria. It is that simple. There is no gray area.

Our card system works just fine as long as your account is current, or there is an unforeseen computer failure, or when members do not take the time to scan their cards properly. For all of these issues an emergency contact number is listed on each entry of each club. If there is an unforeseen problem you can call someone to resolve it.