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Specialties: Obstetrics & Gynecology


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Bethany H.



I did love the physician that i saw (she has since moved on from the practice.) I had an unexpected surgery about two years ago and loved that she took her time to explain everything in detail. She got me in quickly for my follow up appointment as well. However after that my experience went downhill. Since my follow up was so close after my surgery I was hoping to discuss some concerns that popped up at my yearly which was scheduled for the next month. Unfortunately they cancelled my appointment four times in a row over the course of four months. Recently, I visited an urgent care for a gyn problem and after US and X-Rays they advised to follow up with my gyn. I called to set up an appointment and they told me a nurse would call me back to discuss. I never received a phone call- and a few weeks later I got a letter in the mail stating they were unable to reach me and I can call back if I'm still experiencing the problem. (However, they did have my correct number on file when they cancelled my appointments.) It was disappointing because I really did love the doctor, but the office itself had poor coordination and did not handle my situation in a professional manner. I had to switch offices.

Leida M.



Everybody treated my husband and I very well. I had a stillborn and the way they handled the situation was wonderful up to delivering the baby and after I had the baby. Every doctor that treated me are golden in my eyes and I appreciate it. I would recommend Myrtle Street Ob/Gyn with my eyes closed.



Provided by Citysearch - 
Editorial review from Citysearch

I cannot speak highly enough of Myrtle Street OBGYN. Every single nurse and doctor made me feel so comfortable and they all expressed their excitement for me during my pregnancy. Of course I sometimes had to wait for my appointment but only because so many women trust Myrtle Street to care for them. But the wait is definitely worth it because they are all so kind and helpful. I had my first child with them a little over a year ago and everything went perfectly and my little girl is so healthy and I owe it all to them. I just went in recently as I am due for my second this winter and they were all so sweet and remembered me and even thought to ask about Amy (my first child). However, not only were they super helpful during pregnancy but also when I had a UTI I came in without an appointment towards the end of the day and they were all so understanding and were able to squeeze me in! Not only that, but for me (as I am greatly afraid of needles- childish I know) but the lab technicians are incredibly sweet and when I had to get my blood drawn from them it was the least painful lab experience I have ever had!! A major plus! I will continue to return to Myrtle Street for as long as possible and will definitely recommend any woman to visit them as well!



This place was aweful! I had a...

This place was aweful! I had an ultrasound appointment at 10:30 AM and a doctor's appointment following at 11:15AM. The 12 receptionist that they had informed me mintues before the ultrasound, that my insurance would not cover it. When I got called to the ultrasound, the two women were great. They informed me that my insurance would cover it. They were very professional and nice. After the ultrasound I got called back for my doctor's appointment at 11:15AM. At 12:00 I left the room and went and politely informed the receptionist that the doctor, who had been in the hallway outside talking to his nurse about her upcoming trip to Washington D. C. for the last 15 min, had missed his appointment. Of course he then walkde over and said he could see me then. I told him No thanks. He asked why. I said If i showed up 45minutes late to my appointment would you still see me? He then said he was sorry I thought the wait was unacceptable, but the ultrasounds sometimes run long. The Utlrasound was done at 10:45AM. He could have had the courtesy to inform me he was behind schedule and not gossip with the nurse for 15 minutes. I would never go back.

Megan rochelle


Provided by Citysearch - 
Don't go here,you could possibly save your babies life.

I read all the reviews before i went here,but i figured i would give them a chance and make my own decision. Also they are the only ones who deliver at Saratoga hospital.
I felt like just a name on their schedule,and that i was.Each doctor i had treated me like that,there was no relationship. I was in and i was out,and when i was in they did the bare minimum.
* I went in twice one week complaining my baby wasn't moving at ALL,they had me see a nurse both times and the nusre told me my baby was lazy and checked the heartbeat and sent me on the way.NO vitals,no ultrasound.She assumed because there was a heart beat everything was okay.I was treated like a paranoid mother and thats how the situation was handled.The next week i went in for an exam because of my back and we discovered my baby had died.
The standard of care is the lowest you could get there and i made the mistake of going there,having a stillborn happens alot and they know that more than anyone,they should have done more than they did.How hard is it to walk me in the next room for an ultrasound?How come the nurse didn't get a doctor?How dare her assume my baby is lazy when i told her there was no movement?I did all the tests they had me do with laying on the side and counting kicks and i told her i still felt's Because they don't care and i paid the price with my little girl's life. There are many reviews on different things but please do not choose to be skeptical on this one.



Provided by Citysearch - 
Busy and overworked but good

I'll start with- I'm sure if I were going here for prenatal care I'm sure I'd be a tad crankier with them.
The staff by no means will ever win friendly awards. BUT they are very very busy and I'm guessing most of the patients are less than nice after a long wait. As someone who has worked in service industries I can sympathize with them. If you spend all day slammed. Ish with people being rude to you, even the sweetest person would lose their happy thoughts.
That said- I had a great experience my first time seeing the NP. I had to bring my 2 toddlers with me and they were very understanding as I tried to coralline them and one turned the lights off while I was dealing with the other. She called someone in to help so I could talk with her and answer questions

I do have to add once I followed moms advice and killed them with kindness I have noticed a dramatic improvement in the attitudes of the nurse staff on the phone with me



Provided by Citysearch - 
Find a new will thank me

Today will be the last day I leave Myrtle St obgyn in tears. Since day one they have treated me like an inconvenience. The receptionists are rarely friendly. They will make you stand at the window for 5 minutes without even acknowledging you are there. I switched to this practice when I got pregnant (I live in Saratoga and this is the only practice that will deliver at Saratoga Hospital). My first day there I had to wait for over 2 hours to see the doctor. Whmenus husband and and I returned for the first ultrasound the technician scolded us for calling our baby ""it."". We did not know the gender at 13 weeks-sorry. She seemed completely annoyed at our enthusiasm while looking at our baby on the screen. She basically told us to stop asking questions. Again, sorry we were excited to see our first baby. Every appointment I had until my baby was born I never waited less than an hour to see the doctor. And that was if I even saw the doctor I had booked my appointment with. On more than one occasion they told me after waiting an hour that my doctor was too booked to see me and if I didn't want to come back I could see the nurse. I would purposely book my appointments with specific doctors because there were a select few I did not like. I left that office at least twice swearing up and down that I would find a new doctor and deliver elsewhere. However I stuck through it and then came the unbelievable. I found out my baby was breech and I needed a c section. I was ok with was no ones fault. So after I accepted the fact that I would have to have surgery and overcame my fears and became super excited to go in and finally meet my baby, they set up my surgery on a Friday for the following Friday. However on that Monday they called to tell me that ""oh the operating room is too booked and we need to schedule your surgery for the following week."". I lost it! They wanted me to reschedule for 3 days later. In pregnancy world though, that is forever! We did work a new date out but it was unbelievable that they would do that! Then my 6 week appointment today was just a whole other story. I will be having my next baby in Glens Falls which is sad because the people at Saratoga Hospital were wonderful.



Provided by Citysearch - 
Worst OB Ever.

I have had 5 or 6 appointments with Myrtle St for my High Risk Pregnancy and I have to say this is the worst doctors office I have ever been to. You are treated like a number.. the waits are long and its a miracle if they tell you anything! We are a military family so I had my now 3 year old son back when we were in Oklahoma and my OBGYN was amazing. I don't know if they think because I have a kid I know everything which is why they rush me out and never ask me if I have questions or if they just don't want to deal with me because any time I ask them something I always get the same ""oh.. thats normal for some people"" and no way of how to relieve the pain or fix anything.. I met every doctor and the midwife and none of them seemed friendly or like they wanted to be at work.. I wouldn't want any of them to deliver my daughter! I want someone who cares about their job and patients! They were always rude to my husband when he would come with me and they looked down at my son for being there too.. He sits quietly with his toys and doesn't cause a problem so I don't see why they needed to glare at him all of the time.. Not once did they ever really check me.. they just sit me down, make me wait forever, check the babies heart beat and out I go... The waits are insane.... no matter when your appointment is. One of the ultrasound techs is great.. she explains what she is showing you and is very nice.. the other? Not so much.. she just quickly took a few pictures printed us one that I -think- is my daughters face and out we go... I just switched to an OB in Glenns Falls.. I am excited for better care! Oh! And if you go right now they are renovating.. I waited in the waiting room for 2 hours inhaling the smell of paint which made me feel -sick-. Thats a great thing for a pregnant person to breathe!



Provided by Citysearch - 
7 Weeks, 13 weeks, 17 weeks. So far so good!


Just had my March appointment on the 12th. I have to say I've had fantastic service -every- single time so far. They even let my 5 and 3 year old look into the microscope and see what a 'cold' looks like on the inside of the cheek. They also let my kids come into the back room where they draw blood and watch! When they couldn't find the heart beat of my baby at 13 weeks they sent me in for an ultrasound right away which made me smile. I was happy to see my baby was healthy. They give my kids stickers every time and I just really enjoy my appointments.

But here's the kicker. At my 17 week appointment on the 12th they said I could schedule my anatomy ultrasound now. I asked if I could get in on the 30th because that was Hubby's day off,and the day his parents just happened to be visiting from Washington State. I'm going to give the U/S a HUGE thank you for sneaking me in cause I know they are busy but they cared enough to help with making this a family event :).

Anyway, still haven't a clue why everyone else is so upset : /


They were WONDERFUL! I was sort of dreading the appointment, but everything was great!

I arrived 15 minutes early. They mailed me my paperwork which i had all filled out when I arrived. Probably sat there for maybe ten minutes before I was called back for my Ultrasound. The nurses and doctors smiled and played with my kids. Made them balloon gloves, gave them stickers.

It was a great experience and I can't wait for my next appointment next month!

I seriously have no idea (Other than the Nurse on the phone that was short with me) why anyone wouldn't love this clinic.


My first experience with them so far was just scheduling an appointment and having the nurse call me back.

The Nurse was short with me. I'm generally a very tough cookie, but she actually managed to make me feel so stupid for calling about bleeding, cramping, and pain that I actually got teary eyed and had to call my hubby.

Who knows. Maybe she was right and the bleeding is nothing (Worried about Ectopic here) but I felt like there was a lack of care in her tone and information provided. Although she -did- seem confident that I was just being 'whiny' we'll see.

Needless to say...I will be watching them -very- carefully when I walk into the clinic this week. I'll let you guys know how the appointment goes.



Provided by Citysearch - 
Switching back to my old OB in Glens Falls

The waits at this office are insane. I have had routine appointments there, and have only had one done in a timely manner. I have not been in and out of there in less than an hour and a half. One appointment took 2.5 hours for a two part appointment. Ultrasound/ OB. After waiting in the main waitin room for 45 minutes or more I was made to wait in a room for more than an hour. I got dressed and went out thinking they forgot me. I have pretty extreme morning sickness and this basically feels like torture. I usually have to run to the restroom to vomit several times during each appointment.
Also the waiting room itself gets a 2 out of 10. 1 being worst and ten being best. There is no privacy and it is way over crowded! After my 3rd extremely long drawn out appointment I seriously started thinking about switching back to the OBGYN I used during my last pregnancy in Glens Falls. Much better waiting room with privacy, much more informative, and seemingly more aware of thier patient load. Oh, and much cleaner.
Today I have an appointment and I am pretty sure it will be my last.
Oh and one last complaint, NO PARKING! For petes sake I end up driving circles around the lots in this place only to end up parking on grass somewhere i'm not supposed to. I'm not the only one who has to do this, so I dont feel bad.



Provided by Citysearch - 

only been there once and i didnt really like being there, i mean the people werent rude or anything its just the fact they didnt really tell me much and im still sitting here waiting for a call to hear what is going on with my child and or miscarriage noone is being strait with me and its starting to really aggravate me.



Provided by Citysearch - 
Thinking about switching OB's...

I don't really have much good to say about Myrtle Street OBGYN... I have been a patient for over 5 years now, and i'm expecting my 3rd child. I don't think I have ever once been greeted with a smile at the reception desk, nor by one of the doctors. They are not personable at all and treat you like your just another patient and try to get you out as soon as physically possible. I will most likely switch to another practice after this pregnancy.



Most uncaring staff ever!

I will never go back to this place if it is the last place on earth! Not only are the people there rude and insensitive. When I tryed to walk out they held the door shut, just so they could get thier last heartless words out. I would never reccomend this place to anyone. I reported thier office to the Medical Board for thier unjust behaviors..



Provided by Citysearch - 
have nothing but wonderful things to say

I changed to this office several years ago and had them be nothing but professional and caring. When I have had problems they got me in right away and worked until everything was solved. They always take their time with me and I never feel rushed or just like another copay as I have felt in other medical situations. I have never had any of the experiences with the office staff like the ones described by the two posters below (interestingly posted on the same day... hmmm ) ;) Highly recommended!!



Provided by Citysearch - 
Receptionist is terrible

Where are the HIPPA laws when it comes to verifying patient information. This gal is so loud the entire waiting room heard my information. I mean really how rude is that. Then she was acting snippy in addition. Do Doctors not pay any attention to the staff they have? This person really should be replaced she's terrible.



Provided by Citysearch - 
Worst Clerical Staff

It is obvious that this practice is in it for the money only as they simply do not care what their staff is like. The clerks ""most of them"" are snotty and rude and show no compassion for the patients. The Lab Tech for draws, acts like a know it all and leaves you with three poke marks mega bruising and no draw sample drawn, she desparately needs to go back to school. The NP was great, personable and informative, the Ultrasound Tech was also polite and made the experience more of a pleasure. Truly this office needs an over haul with it's clerical approach. They've dropped the ball in a major way twice now with me personally wonder with who else.