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Jason W.
Edited: 12/21/2021
The place looked very nice ins...

The place looked very nice inside, but overall the staff was rude and my dog literally got butchered.
A few things I didn't like:

1. They didn't do what I asked. I have a boston terrier/pug mix and they just completely shaved him, I didn't want this!

2. On top of shaving him the groomer left many cuts all over his body. There was dried blood where his white fur is. I'd be petting him and next thing you know he'd make a slight whimper and I could feel where there was a cut. If you pet him against his fur you can still feel the scar tissue from this.

3. Overall fairly rude and degrading. My girlfriend who dropped the dog off is 21 and I'm 26, but the staff acted like they couldn't careless if we were there or not. No other customer was in there, but we still got the silent treatment. I am a high school teacher in the area, homeowner, and do very well for myself. Maybe I'm not "Heathrow rich" but I can definitely put up $50 for a dog haircut.

4. She criticized my dog. I've taken him to 3 different groomers in our area and every place compliments how well behaved he is. I wash him two times a week and never have any problems. Don't tell me my dog was bad and that if I want him to be a good dog I need to bring him in once every two weeks to see you.

Needless to say I will not be visiting this place again.



Are 0 stars possible? Do NOT buy a puppy from her!

This place is horrible, I bought a puppy from here however she will be a year on Monday come to find out a few weeks after I purchased a AKC Tibetan terrier she was having issue sleeping a lot and not wanting to get up and do what puppies do. I took her to the vet that this store uses with all their puppies and he told me it was a SLIGHT murmur and that she would grow out of it. I then noticed her short of breath a few weeks later and decided to take her to another vet for a second look, the vet was very nice and took very good care of my puppy that was just barely 6 months old and he recommend we go see a specialist in maitland that there was more work to be looked at because this was not a normal Murmur, after $700 and 2 weeks later I was told my poor 6 month old puppy had a hole in the middle of her heart. So now on top of the $800 spent on my puppy going to all the vet visits that was NOT covered by the owner of this store I now have to pay $6000 for open heart surgery for my puppy and she's not even a year yet please please do not buy a puppy from this horrible owner. When she has no room for her puppies on the show floor they are in wire crates in the back, sharing every diesease. Please please do not buy a puppy from this person. Google breeders and go from there they ACTUALLY have a warranty, unlike her lying doctored warranty that covers nothing just looks good so you will feel comfortable. BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE



Do not believe a word the owne...

Do not believe a word the owner says! No puppies from a puppy mill ? I just purchased a puppy from there, I did a little research on the breeder.... Puppy Mill in MO, with lots of bad inspections. Over 120 dogs, too many in one cage, not enough room for dogs to move. Cute puppy but from a puppy mill



Got my puppy jacob from here a...

Got my puppy jacob from here about a month ago after my neighbor told me about them and what a greta place. the owner is so nice and I love their grooming too.After having such a bad experience 10 years ago from a different store we are very happy we found them. Thanks vanessa!



Cool place! Love their Groomin...

Cool place! Love their Grooming, puppies r cute too! Little pricey for me though, but i guess the quality is much better than others. Kepp it going petcuts!



very nice and clean, i was ama...

very nice and clean, i was amazed at how nice these pups look. we came to get our dogs groomed, best job ever! so worth the 25 min drive the owner was so nice and gave our dogs some free treats



The owner of this store is ver...

The owner of this store is very nice and honest. The puppies I have seen are the cutest and they are treated very good. The shop itself is extremely clean and the groomer does a great job on my dog. The prices at this store are very good, it doesn't matter if you're buying a puppy, healthy dog food or having you're dog groomed they are the best around. You owe it to yourself to check them out.



offered free grooming and did ...

offered free grooming and did a great job

puppies are a little bit high price but look nice

grooming was very nice



Excellent Grooming! their pri...

Excellent Grooming!

their prices ar SO cheap! and the service and quality of the cut is much b etter than petco or petsmart. they also have a price match guarantee and I got me shih tzu's done and it was only 35 for a full groom!!! recommend 100%



I have been a breeder for many...

I have been a breeder for many years and i recently purchased a dog from this store. i contacted the AKC before purchasing the dog and was able to verify that the breeder is akc certified and that the breeder has been inspected by them no i understand we can't see anything but one visit to this store and you can see clearly these puppies are NOT mill pups. just compare them to many other puppy stores in the area and you'll see the pups are happy and playful and healthy. not afraid and anti social like most toher places. everyone seems to have an opinion on this but please do understand as a business owner myself that reviews are only supposed to be about good or bad things you experince in the store. not about personal opinions since everyone always has a different one. as far as my puppy everything is great and he is happy and healthy.



nice store, clean and nice pup...

nice store, clean and nice puppies but didn't give it 5 stars because we have been going for the past few weekends and everytime they are low on puppies. Only 4 or 5. and we need a little bit more variety than that to compare to.



Nice clean place.took my princ...

Nice clean place.took my princess to get groomed and they were very noce and she looked great. all the puppies there were nicely groomed and very clean and happy. they also have many all natural treats that my princess loved!



I agree with the post before t...

I agree with the post before this one. the place is nice and clean and offer all details of breeders to you.they also carry good holistic food for dogs and cats. I also know of good reputable breeders that cross their dogs sometimes. it's not like its mixed breed sotre. i think i only saw one mix breed when i went there a few weeks ago. and the grooming is good, i saw a little white dog (looked like amaltese) and it was very nicely done.





Got my dog groomed here last week and they did a great job. As for the people leaving bad comments about this store please do your research before. I am also a small business owner and I know how people always have something to say even if they are not educated. My good friend is a reputable breeder. He breeds show dogs, and is endorsed by the AKC for his breeding program. and still he crosses his blue ribbon poodle mae with other breeds once in a while. People like it, and it also gives people with allergies a chance to have a reduced allergen aor reduced shedding dog of a different breed like a labradoodle, etc. I am sure the people that are educated and smart, will look at those "haters" and understand they are probably ither the competition or have no idea what they are talking about. The store is great, clean and all the pups are vry happy and healthy!



I would not buy a puppy from t...

I would not buy a puppy from this store. I agree with what the others are saying about selling/breeding mixed breeds (people only do this for the money! not for the benefit of the breed). as you see in a comment below they didnt carry mixed breeds at first but now do because customers want them. how about stand your ground and tell them that a reputable breeder would never mix two breeds. but instead this store got in mixed breeds to make more money. If you want a mixed breed please go to a shelter where there are plenty of mixed breed dogs who need loving homes. And if you are in the market for a purebred puppy then go to a reputable store/breeder.

claimed iconBusiness Response02/15/2012

Please visit our website and read about why we sell puppies, I can always provide any information about the breeder, pictures, phone numbers, address, etc. I was personally a victim of a puppy mill puppy and would NEVER put anyone through that

This listing has been claimed by a business representative.


My brother bought their AKC yo...

My brother bought their AKC yorkie from there and actually got info about the breeder which he visited and thought was amazing, so as far as reputable breeders not selling to petstore that MIGHT be true, but not all! I decide to go there and buy my puggle, and of course it's not an AKC puppies, but i did get info about the parents, and a pedigree, which the parents were both AKC registered. I recommend this place to anyone, and all u haters should do ur research



I went here last week and boug...

I went here last week and bought my puppy there. The place is EXCELLENT! it's so clean and the puppies are very healthy. As for reviewers saying about mixed and everything, the lady there was explaining that they do only carry AKC purebreds but people have been asking a lot about mixed breeds so they decided so bring in 1 or 2. they do offer pedrigrees on those. i recommend it 100%



All AKC puppies?

I have been in this store and it is nice but don't believe your own hype. How can they all be AKC puppies? - as they sell mixed breeds - which obviously are not AKC dogs. Also reputable breeders do not sell or breed mixed breeds.



Cool Place

Just bought my maltese from here. they were able to find me a beautiful maltese akc and super tiny just like my GF wanted. also were able to provide all info from breeder with usda and akc numbers and we were able to research them and for sure not mill! theyre prices are alittle higher than other stores but you get what u pay for. my dog is top notch! and all their pups are totally worth the price plus they come from good breeders



Nice stor

We went to this store last weekend and it is such a pretty and clean store! the puppies are all happy and clean and the store is just perfect. the only thing is I wished they had more puppies when we went cause they were almost sold out but the lady did tell me they get puppies every week. I WILL be going back and getting my puppy from them. I also liked that they only carry AKC puppies. no "mystery" registry. I absolutely recommend it 100%


Phone: (407) 416-4357

Address: 4311 S Orlando Dr, Sanford, FL 32773

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