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Sue W.


Went for the first time today and could not have been more pleasantly surprised, I had read a few reviews and was not expecting anything great. This place was very clean, the staff was wonderful and the nurse practitioner I saw was extremely knowledgeable. I will return there for care in the future and have already told my children of my experience there and recommended that they use these services for their families.

Erica C.


I have 2 stars because the staff are nice and it seems like a clean place. I've seen Arlyn Mason twice and she is one of the rudest people I have ever met. Her bedside manor is horrible and she seems very judgmental. She did not ask me any questions nor could I get in a word of my medical history. She was in and out of the room within two minutes.

David S.


terrible company. The Dr said she was "guessing" what was wrong with me and then gave me incorrect antibiotics that wiped out my immune system and made me more sick. She took a variety of tests, which i had to pay for and when they came back negative she decided that she was done with my case even though I was still having these symptoms. DO NOT GO HERE EVER!!

Milta M.


I took may daughter in for a sports physical and all the Doctor did was look in her ears, check her breathing & have her lift her knees up and down while holding her out in front of her and he was done. I waited 2 hours for an exam I could of done myself at home. By far the worst place to ever go to for any medical help what so ever!!!

do not go
Renee H.


Arlyn mason no bedside manor rude. Told me to go to er if I wanted to much for her to look at turns out stomach flu and ulcer she yelled at me In fronto of staff that were nice and you could tell felt bad. What a joke I cried serioulsy she should loose her license. What a b...

Michael T.


My experience with these people was very bad. They failed to follow basic procedures you would find in a real medical practice. You will note that all the reviews after 2011 are bad - one star. I wouldn't even give them that. Nurse McGinness spent 2 minutes with me in the exam room, failed to discuss the results of tests administered by the medical assistant, then prescribed antibiotics (that I don’t need or want) without even taking my temperature. And, after failing to read the medical assistant's notations on my chart, he sent the wrong renewal prescription to the pharmacy. I've asked them to correct their error and send the correct renewal. I’ve been waiting for over 2 days and they still have not done that. Now I am stuck with $40 worth of pharmaceuticals that I can't use and the pharmacy can't take back because of state law. Do not recommend this office to anyone.

Gema A.


Worst place on patient care! I took my son today and Dr. Arlyn Mason has not sympathy for patients. Saw my son for 2seconds and send a nurse in the room to give us our diagnosis did not even take that time to come and explain what was wrong with my son. I left that place with question never answer . I hope the owner of this place takes some action, this is not the first time I see her and I always leave unhappy. Oh and to get refills for medications it's a nightmare! I am a self pay patients they charge $100 for 2 min consult what is wrong with this Dr? When I go it's only for urgent visits will never have my Dr.Now as a primary Dr. The worst in the valley!!!!!!

Paul H.


Stay away from this place. Dr Emil Slovack was THE worst Dr I have ever seen. Went to get established there. Brought my USB drive with all my Medical history and the front desk person did not even know what to do with it. He actually said I needed to hurry because he had other patients waiting!!!! They only want the $100.00. Rude-disrespectful condescending!!

Valerie W.


Safe Haven Valerie W 06/22/2014

Since we moved here in 2008, my son and I have received great care. I like the staff, quality of care, and their follow ups! Good job My Doc Now!!

Barbara W.


The worse you cannot even take your dog here. After three days and many phone calls still waiting for these people to call in my medicine



Billing is nightmare at this place! They consistently code and bill things incorrectly in order to make more money! And when you call the "billing office" it takes months and many phone calls to get things straightened out, what a nightmare. They seem like they are more convenient because they are open much more than a regular doctor office, but by the time you figure in months of phone calls and arguing with them to get your bill correct any convenience is totally gone by that point! I have had several billing problems with them over the last few years but most recently I went in with my 3 kids to get our "100% covered preventive flu shots" but what surprise a few weeks later I get a $66 bill in the mail from their incompetent billing staff. I call the billing office and they say its because a tech took our vitals before giving the flu shot! What!? I didn't want our vitals taken and I even questioned them at the time as to why and they said don't worry its just how we operate you are still just getting a free flu shot. Would anybody out there want to pay MyDrNow $66 for taking you blood pressure when all you want is a flu shot?! They always try to add on non necessary procedures at every visit so they can bill people more. No thanks, in the future I will avoid the extra headaches that come with MyDrNow. Advice to you all is save yourself the pain and agony of dealing with this place and just go to a real doctor office Mon-Fri like will be happy you did.

They're lucky to get one star!
YPMobile User


I have never had an experience like that. Wish I could get a refund of my copay. I had 2 VISIBLE cracked teeth and one crown that came off. Plus have been experiencing severe back pain, this so called doctor prescribed me useless tramadol when I specifically told her it has done nothing for me in the past. She refused to give me anything strong enough to relieve my pain. This idiot doctor thought I wanted narcotics for the fun if it. I have only been in 2 times in the last two years, I think drug attics would be in a little more frequently than that. I strongly advise you to avoid this place at all costs. I'd rather drive 2, 3 hours before ever giving them another dime of my money.



I am really bad with names, but the nurse practitioners there are horrible! Lets start the dissection.. 1) Both of them did not listen to the issues at hand. I went in with specific requests and ended up getting directed to do things that were not necessary. 2) Would rather shop for purses, or camping gear on line rather then go over my blood results with me. I ended up calling another doctor to get help with my number break downs. 3) I wouldn't call it bedside manners, more like existing at the side of a bed..... 4) Billing department has a hard time keeping records straight. 5) Not to happy about my medical records being left open on the main counter in the hallway for everyone to stop by and look at my medical history.... 6) I have to fill out paper work every time I go in, even if I was just there the week before. Then they will not treat you if you will not make them your primary care provider. (really?!?!) The only reason there is a start there is because the current doctor on the "Urgent Care" side is really good. The guy listens, helps, and will make time to listen to the needs of the patient. However, if you take a few more minutes out of your day, you will get better care from some guy in a white van at Frys... I am glad there is a new facility from Banner at Ritten and Ells. I wouldn't go back ever...even if I was bleeding to death, and crawling, and they were ten feet in front of me.



Apparently it doesn't matter if you have an appointment or not. We waited for an hour with an appointment. First they said the computers were acting up then when the Dr. came in with no apology, she said they had a bunch of "emergencies". How odd, since all the walk- ins went in before us and none of them were "emergencies". Looking for a new place to take my family!!!



Louise J.


My perception is that My Dr Now is much more interested in making money than providing medical care. I'm a snowbird and used the urgent care option because I suspected I had shingles. After filling out paperwork for an hour and signing numerous forms regarding financial arrangements (I have insurance and only owed a $20 copay!) I finally saw the "doctor" for less than 2 minutes! "Yes, you have shingles, I'm giving you a prescription for acyclovir." I didn't realize until I got to the drugstore that I wasn't given any discharge paperwork--not even the doctor's name or the clinic phone number! They had failed to call in the prescription, so I had to return to the office. There I learned that I had seen a nurse practitioner--not a doctor! When I picked up the prescription, the pharmacist said the typical course of treatment is 3 weeks--my prescription was for 1 week. When I called the office--she said they forgot to tell me to come back in 1 week. In their dreams would I return to this urgent care center -- I think their being open is a menace to people's health.

Louise J.


Front office and staff were gr...


Front office and staff were great . . . but, the "policies" of the practice are designed to maximize profit. The Doctor wouldn't prescribe my prescriptions for a year, but only three months. Then I would have to come in every three months . . . more co-pays, and more billing to the insurance company. I challenged this as unreasonable . . . they didn't want me back, but I had already decided to find another provider. I don't think they understand that I'm the employer and they are just providing a service that I pay for.



I just moved into town and went in for a walk in visit. I didn't realize and they also failed to tell me that for walk in visit they will only prescribe one months worth of meds. They woul not refill unless you make another appt. Two appt in 30 days just for a refill. That's pretty pricey. Even after telling them I would be without medicine for a few days the staff just shrugged it off like no big deal. Withdrawl should be fun, hopefully no seizures. Thanks for the

empathy my doc now! I'll be taking my buisness elsewhere. That goes for my entire family....

This place is amazing!! It is ...


This place is amazing!! It is cheaper (self pay) than Walgreen or CVS when it came to sports physicals and they got me an appointment fast! The staff are extremely friendly I'm defiantly going here from now on!

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