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Provided by Citysearch
Thank you Desoto!

After a wild and crazy night in San Francisco, my drunk boyfriend and I needed a cab at 4am and upon hailing, Desoto came to our rescue.

Today I got a letter in the mail from Desoto with my Driver's license in it. I didn't even know it was missing! But I'm so grateful Desoto mailed it to me, what a nice gesture!



Provided by Citysearch
Excellent service, every time

Just got back from my trip, and I have to say I was very impressed with both the drivers and vehicles of Desoto. The drivers were always friendly, professional, and fast. Comfy and clean cabs. I was reminded how nice they were the moment I go back to my home town and took a cab from the airport here. Big difference, sad to say. Keep up the good work!



Provided by Citysearch
No more business from me...

When I 1st started using DeSoto - I had GREAT service. I was given a ""VIP"" # to call to bypass their main line, and was told that if I didn't have a cab within 10 minutes to call and they'd rectify it. For a while - that was true (like clockwork). I spent literally HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of dollars cabbing with them.

Then about 2 months ago, the service got shoddier and shoddier - cabs no longer take 10 - 15 minutes - they now take an average of 20 - 40 minutes to arrive, IF THEY EVEN ARRIVE.

Today I ordered a cab to my office, and after 20 minutes - never arrived, so I called and asked what was going on. They said ""The cabs are all waiting at Caltrain and don't want to take phone orders"". Oh really now? Cherry picking your fares when a well respected customer who has done major business with you called for a cab?

Guess more business from me DeSoto - you're awful, your customer service is atrocious, and your policies are garbage.



Provided by Citysearch
TERRIBLE - Exceptionally BAD service

Cabbie didn't help me put my luggage in the trunk. For some reason, I felt like being nice and gave him a good tip, thought maybe he was having a bad day. He didn't help me take my luggage out of the trunk! I hadn't taken down the cab number because I was engaged in conversation with a friend. Then I called DeSoto central to say something about it, acknowledging I should have taken down the cab number but didn't. I told him I just wanted to advise him that it was customary for the cab drivers to assist passengers with their luggage, and hoped the driver was an exception to the rule. The representative said the cabs driver don't even have to get out of the cab, because they are independent contractors. Basically - bad service is okay.

I have never experienced that ever, and now that DeSoto officially stated that BAD SERVICE is ACCEPTABLE, I will NEVER use them again!!!

Mikeroy G


Provided by Citysearch
After 4yrs

Called for the cab and asked for the Van as I have done in the past. Waited over an hr. and called. Told by a new dispatcher that the driver was working on it. Waited. Saw a Desoto van drive by-#362. Waited. Saw the same cab again, but this time pointed to the driveway I was standing in. He was looking elsewhere. 3rd time he passes and I throw both hands in the air as a"" what are you doing?"" gesture. He sees me. Makes a ""U"". I go to stand next to my stuff. Wait. Could be a bad left hand turn. Wait. Call. The new dispatcher tells me drivers can refuse service. Silence. I ask what? and say how unprofessionally I felt I'd been treated. Silence.
It would have taken so little. A Sorry. We'll send you another. The fact that the driver missed the stop and then saw an upset older guy was enough to leave me hanging after over 1&1/2 hr wait. I've been a waiter much of my life and that kind of service would have gotten me fired. Very disappointed.



Provided by Citysearch

They really need to change the cars,most of the cabs they don't have A/C ,window doesn't work ,and bad smell ,....
But the driver are friendly that's why i use those cab but.......
most of the car are very old specially the dodge sedans ...
trust me i use them daily !



Provided by Citysearch
DeSoto loses court case

Last fall a DeSoto cab ran into my car while I was parking. I had minor damage not enough even to file a claim. A month later they tried to collect $8,100 from my insurance company. When that failed they filed asmall claims action for $5,000.

The judge dismissed the case and ruled that the plaintiff caused the accident. He than cleared the court to reprimand DeSoto Cab.

Be aware that this company will file claims for all damages regardless of fault. Always get a police report if you have an accident with this cab company,



Provided by Citysearch
Very Good Cab Airport Service

I haven't had a need for a taxi ride to the airport in a number of years but always used to use Desoto as I had found their service to be very good. I was a little concerned when I read some of the negative reviews but decided to give em a shot anyway as most of the companies in the city have a considerable amount of negative reviews. Their service to me was as good as it always was. The Dispacher politely confirmed a reservation with me from my information that was still in their computer. The driver arrived on right on time in a clean comfortable newer model Suv type of vehicle. The driver was quiet but friendly. He made a couple of slightly jerky turns, but as taxi drivers go, over all very satisfactory. I would recommend them for airport service.



Provided by Citysearch
unprofessional cab driver - alert

I was driving in my car this morning (10/10/08) and the driver of DeSoto cab # 2101 did all he could to run me off the road (4th Ave. Inner Sunset) in order to cut in front of me at a merging intersection. This idiot tried to speed in front of me & was 1"" from the broad side of my car, racing as fast as his minivan could go!
If this behavior is indicative of the ""quality"" of ""professional"" driver they employ, believe me, you are risking your life if you step inside one of their vehicles.



Provided by Citysearch
Desoto Cab Passagers Beware

If you have lost items while in a Desoto Cab or the taxi simply drives away with some of your belongings, you are encouraged to report this incident to the police and file a report. YOU MAY NOT BE THE ONLY ONE.




Provided by Citysearch
De Soto cab co.

I was very much in a hurry when i flag this cab down.
Was a young drivrer ,from Brazil i guess, he was polite and simpatetic,
I told him where i has going and that i was late, try to tell him
where to go , how to go and he sad.
- Please sir, i only need to know your destination, how to get there
you can live up to me.
Ok , he sound confident , we'll see.
We talk about a lot of stuff, he was to inteligent to be driving a cab a figure.
I can't believe, is like the cab was part of him, he knew every inch of that cab,
He was owesome, i got no red light what so ever, he took short cuts on alleys ,
he was always at the fastest moving lane, talking with me at the same time and
out of no where he got on that radio and got a pick up 2 block from my drop off.
How can he do all that at the same time?
That was THE ride, i hope to get on his cab again.
De Soto, That is what i call a profecionalism.



Provided by Citysearch
Best Cab company in the City - especially for going to the airport

I am born and raised in San Francisco. I've taken many cabs. i tried pretty much every cab co. The only reason i am writing this is because of the negative reviews i have read, which is not fair. I want people to know that Desoto is a great cab co. and the reviews that people have written are complaints, which they probably had one bad experience and want to put the company down. If you become a regular. you will see better service and like i said about the airport. Call the day before tell them that you need a cab the next day for the airport, sfo, oak, sjc, and tell them the time that which you want the driver to arrive. Not only will they be there on time, they have the nicest cabs in the city. If you take cabs regularly and have not tried Desoto, give them a chance and see for your self. What do you have to lose? Just give them a try to see for yourselves.



Provided by Citysearch

Saturday, March 29.

Called Desoto at 8:20pm and after a few minutes they said that they would send a cab around right away.

9:10 pm, no call no cab. Phone justs rings and rings. I just gave up. Was supposed to be going round to a friends house to comfort him after his partner had died.

Thanks Desoto.



Provided by Citysearch
poor service

We called several hours in advance to arrange for a pick up downtown to take us to LAX. The cab didn't show and the operator was rude when we called to ask where he was. When a Desoto cab finally turned the corner, some twenty minutes late, the driver waved us off and didn't stop. We won't be using Desoto again.



Provided by Citysearch
Offensive Service

I used to love using De Soto cab because their drivers were so friendly and courteous. But recently, I've had two really negative experiences with them, so much so that I now keep a mental list of which cabs not to get into. I also don't call De Soto for pick ups any more. With the first problem, it was serious enough that I called the manager about it but my call was never returned. My most recent experience involved a driver who complained about an 11% tip (for bad service) and then called me a liar and threw a racial slur in for fun. Yikes!



Provided by Citysearch
mostly friendly drivers, reliable pickup

We use them weekly and always call the night before to order a taxi for the next morning (going from Noe Valley to SFO) and they're always on time. We usually have friendly drivers, most (but not all) of them help with luggage and are patient if we are sometimes not ready yet. In our experience, they are much more reliable than Yellow Cab, who sometimes just don't show up at all.



Provided by Citysearch
Never Use Again!

Called for the cab @ 9:30A to arrive @ my home @ 10:30A. Apparently they don't service residential areas because the cab arrived @ 11:00A making me late for an 11:00A appointment. All they could offer was ""sorry."" Well, ""sorry"" but I won't be using DeSota again!



Provided by Citysearch
Unbelievably ridiculous and downright crappy company

As a working professional, you just don't hang up on customers. Granted the city is a crazy place, theres no reason to hold your buisness in a sad-attitude regard. I called desoto and rudely the operator said i'm sorry but its hard to get a cab on a saturday night--then hung up.. trust when someone randomnly says don't use this cab company. you'll get through your life better knowing you're not supporting a seriously left of center buisness. good luck!



Provided by Citysearch
slow, unreliable, bad service

I called DeSoto to pick me up at 5 PM, still no cab at 5:40. There was no apology from the dispatcher(s) - plural, because I called four times to check on the cab that was supposed to arrive. She only said, ""I can't do anything about it."" After waiting for one full hour on my designated street corner, I gave up and walked down the street, immediately running into an empty cab. Don't call them, it's not worth it.



Provided by Citysearch
Desoto so fast & helpful

I'm so happy that I used this service today. Man they were so quick I called and I just wait for 5 min and the cab was just there outside my door. Not only that the driver went above & beyond with the service. He help carry out a 150lb box from my house to the cab and later to the shipping company. I strongly recommend to use their service for everything even for moving :) Thank you DeSoto


Phone: (415) 970-1300

Address: San Francisco, CA 94124