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If you like a contentious and rude dining atmosphere, this is the place for you! The view is awesome, and the food struggles to be average. But the service is less than poor. ADVICE: Do not note your dissatisfaction with management. It is your duty, as customer, to comply with rules you don't get to see in advance. For instance - if the server brings you somebody else's selection, DO NOT complain. You will be out of bounds.

Summary: YUK!

Ash T.


Make a reservation on a clear evening, and watch the sunset while sampling their beers!

This is another must-visit San Francisco establishment that I have been frequenting ever since it opened in the 90s. I noticed that some folks have used the phrase, "tourist trap." While I agree that tourists do frequent this spot, I must point out that this is certainly no "trap." And as someone who loves and is proud of San Francisco, I actually INVITE tourists to visit Beach Chalet, so that I can share with them one of my favorite spots in the City.

Beach Chalet is also a microbrewery restaurant that offers top notch craft beers. Beach Chalet upstairs; Park Chalet downstairs - can't go wrong with either - both offer excellent libations, and also live entertainment on most nights.

Oh, and if you have never been, set aside 5-10 minutes to browse the murals and museum-artifacts and the scale model of Golden Gate Park.

Casi C


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Two words: Beer Sampler!

Two words: Beer Sampler! Actually let me add two more words: Hot Wings! If the risk of heart failure and obesity wasn't prevalent in this meal I would eat at the Park Chalet everyday. The hot wings are hot and flavorful and the beer sampler is an awesome representation of the Beach Chalet's home brewed beers.

It's a casual (yet not a dive) spot to come watch a sports game. You won't find any $2 PBR's, but you will find a good spot to drink good beer and eat tasty bar food with a bit of sophistication (a bit).



Tourist Trap

The Beach Chalet, which was pretty good when it opened ten some years ago, has slowly but inexorably degenerated into a tourist trap. The service is slow and incompetent. The waiter presented me with a different bottle of wine than I asked for, and one that was more than twice the price of the one I ordered. Nice try!

My prime rib special was crammed onto one plate, with no salad as the menu had stated. The baked potato was cold, the creamed spinach a soupy mess that got everything on the plate wet. And they tried to charge me for a larger cut than I ordered and had.

This is a shame, because the location is great and the Chalet is the jewel of the west end of Golden Gate Park. A poorly run operation like this gives San Francisco restaurants a bad name.

At least I can say the deep fried calamari is pretty good.



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Bad management, over priced

I read reviews prior to going to this place. From the reviews, many people rated it low especially in the service, pricing and how they where rushed out, to make space for new customers. Well, i had a different experience. It was valentines day. All other places where fully booked, including its next door ""beach chalet"". I guess this place wasnt that desired afterall. I had no choice, and was my first time there so i didnt mind. at least i had a place to go to. I made a reservation mid afternoon. Only got a 8:15 table. Had a nice and kind lady answer the phone.
I got seated promptly, seeing that there was 5-7 tables open. Service was ok, maybe just lucky to get nice waitress. The food came in about 25 mins, more time for me to chat with my date. The food was definitely average and overpriced. Only go here on special occasions if you really have no where else to go. It was valentines day, so i didnt mind the price. Definitely wouldnt go back here again for a normal dinner or lunch. I sat there till about 10:30, wasnt rushed out, but thats because no one was coming anyways. So i didnt really experience any bad service at all. BUT..... the one thing that realllllly lacks in this place is MANAGEMENT. There was a live band playing... cool... but the volume was so loud, i could barely hear myself talk. The night was practically ruined because the band played so loud, i couldnt even have a decent conversation with my date. Management should of done something about it. Unless he/she was deaf and didnt notice it. Over all, avg food, high price, bad management. Vibe is good for sunny afternoons tho.



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Terrible service, food ok, pricey

This past weekend had great weather for San Francisco standards. So for the 'after beach excursion', we thought we would end the day on a high note and make the trip across the street from the beach to Park Chalet.
The restaurant was busy, however there were a few tables open. We put out name down and although there were open tables we were told that it'd be a 30 minute wait. So here we are, my wife, 3 year old daughter and I trying to pass the time by hanging out in the front of the building (where the murals and artifacts are). 30 minutes went by and sure enough the pager buzzer went off.
We went back to the restaurant and low and behold, we were seated at one of the tables that was available 30 minutes ago!! Logic behind that? None that I can think of.
We put in our order and although we ordered 4 appetizers, the food didn't arrive until 45 minutes later...WITH OUR MAIN COURSE. Um so now what are appetizers for??? Oh I forgot to mention that they don't have bread service. Its a good thing my daughter had some snacks in her lunch bag. My wife also ordered a teapot of hot water (she had a sore throat) and I guess that since it was only water, it wasn't a priority for them to actually bring it. In other words, if they aren't making $$ off of you then you don't rate high on their 'service scale'. Food wise, its ok but a bit pricey for what you get considering the restaurant isn't a fancy place.
The upside of the restaurant? If I needed to name some they would include the location to the beach or Golden Gate park. Its great if you spent the day there and didn't want to drive to eat. Parking is reasonably good, they have their own lot and you can park in the park nearby. Another plus is the open feel of the restaurant with glass walls on all sides.
I'd hate for tourists to go to Park Chalet and think that this is how all San Francisco restaurants are like.



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Save yourself the waste of time & DO NOT visit. I made my 1st trip to the restaurant after finding their webpage online. When I got there I sat up stairs where the atmosphere was cozy & the service was horrible! I waited for 10-15 minutes for service ordered a beer & was never served again. After sitting there with my empty glass for over 20 minutes I left. I went home & looked them up online again where I discovered there is a link for a give away that doesn't work so emailed the restaurant about the non existent service & deceptive link. I never heard back from anyone more than a month ago. After telling my friend about the situation he said lets try again but we will visit the lower bar. After sitting at the bar for over 20 minutes the bar keep had made only 2 drinks & kept telling us she'd be right with us. We left without ever getting service. As of writing this I just tried their give away a link again & it still doesn't work. There are so many better places to visit!



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No respect for a reservation

This review isn't about the food, it's about the agreement that one makes with a restaurant when one makes a reservation.

Last night we had a 7:30pm reservation for a large party that we made a full week before -- in the staff's infinite wisdom, they decided that we could all sit outside on the patio, even though they had only one working heatlamp.

When we complained about the cold that naturally sunk in once the sun set, they didn't have any tables remaining inside that were big enough for our party, so we had to get split up -- those who hadn't brought their parkas went inside, while the rest of us remained huddled up as close to the one heatlamp as we could get.

Did we get any compensation for what was clearly a royal screwup on the part of the park chalet? Nope -- not even a free olive. Seems like the management couldn't have cared less for screwing up our party.



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Small plates and in-house brewed beer you can't beat!!

Yeah, so I wrote a review for Beach Chalet, in which I included Park Chalet since I didn't think they had different listings. Anyway, Park Chalet is great and Taco Tuesday's are a lot of fun! We have been on Sundays for Brunch and during the week. It's a nice place to visit on the weekends when they have bands at night and during the day sometimes on the Lawn and there isn't any fog!
I recommend you get there early and stake your claim to some lawn space and make friends with a bartender! It gets VERY busy around 2:00 p.m. on Sundays...but what can you expect from the best place on the beach to have a beer and some small plates?
We loved the crab tamale and the pizzas! We've ordered from the bar and sat outside. We've also eaten inside many times.
Of course weeknights are better than weekends as far as service is concerned. Try a Taco Tuesday or a random weeknight for GREAT service and excellent food!



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great beer

My first time to dine at this restaurant was with my son and it was absolutely horrible! We waited over 30 minutes for our drinks and over 1 1/2 hours for our food. I swore never to return for a warm beer and mediocre meal. HOWEVER, one Sunday afternoon my husband and I did go (although with my loud protests) and were pleasantly surprised. The band was very good and the service was attentive. Outside in the area between the restaurant and the park, children were running around while their parents sipped wine. We ordered a selection of the small plates, and the shoe string onions, goat cheese pizza, grilled asparagus and fried brie with fruit were all very good. It was like dining at a completely different restaurant. We have since returned and also had a great experience, sampling more small plates and a variety of the beer ( cold and good). We did have the same waiter the second time, so maybe the service is spotty and our luck is good. Sunday afternoons there is a band playing and it is lots of fun.



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Good Fried Wedge of Brie

My work colleagues come here for farewell or holiday get togethers for a drink & appetizers at the end of the work day. The restaurant is located behind the Beach Chalet and the enormous and abundant windows remind me of a spacious greenhouse. I liked their house brewed rootbeer which was thankfully not as sweet compared to supermarket name brands. We had several appetitizers and my least favorites were the ginger snap peas w/a spicy coating. The peas were crisp but not memorable. The grilled asparagus didn't even taste grilled in addition to being bland. I was disappointed by the garlic french fries, tasted like packaged frozen fries tossed with oil, parsley and a sparse amount of garlic. Don't expect to find the heavily drenched garlicky kind at the ballpark. The onion/spinach thin crust cornmeal pizza was very good but very small, individual size. The best appetizer was the fried wedge of Brie. Unfortunately, it was served with a mere 3 slices of toasted baguette and thin slices of pear & apple. Portions are small. Service was poor, never once was my water glass refilled but they would come back to ask about alcohol refills. Only time we really saw the waiter was to bring out the small plates. Not a place I'd highly recommend for food.



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Poor Service BUT kid-friendly location

I recommend this resto to the families out there that are looking for another place to go out and eat grown up food - while feeling comfortable bringing their kids. The resto is noisy so your kids can yell and the screams would be lost. So don't worry about that. If you love an outdoor setting, this is a great place. You can eat in the resto, where 3 sides of the building are open to the garden or sit on the lawn on large wooden chairs. You and your kids can run out on the lawn or walk on the path. If you have a dog, they can dine with you on the lawn. This is the best part about the resto. Here comes the stuff I hate: The service is poor and awful. We've been there a total of 4 times and it's always been consistenly disorganized and poor. Yesterday, we sat out on the lawn area for 40 minutes with our kids trying to get service and we recieved different stories on how to order on the lawn. The staff was confused too because they were offering a BBQ that day. Anyway, we ended up eating in the resto and it took 10 minutes for a waitress to take our orders. This is the sort of stuff you'll have to put up with. In addition, the waitstaff is not educated on kids. They don't try to help things along by bringing out the kids food faster or anything. The prices are expensive for what you get. It's average but the offering makes you feel like a grown up again. They do have a kid's menu but yesterday, the kid's menus were missing and the waitstaff didn't know what to do. If you have a lot of time and would like to pay $12 for a burger, try this place. I do recommend this resto only if you aware of the problems and would love to check out the cool sceanery.



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Great view!

The food is very San Franciscan. Plates are HUGE, portions are not. The plates actually bear quite a resemblance to face-washing basins. The view is fantastic.. right on the ocean front. I'd imagine the view at sunset would be absolutely breathtaking, unfortunately we ate there on a foggy, rainy day. Gives the impression of actually eating on the beach, but indoors, clean, and comfortable.



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WOW-a resort getaway in the City

Stumbled upon this beautiful establishment while walking through the park to the beach. This place is great, looks like a ski lodge. We sat at the bar and had some homemade beer and shared some small plates of skewers, veg and cupcakes for dessert. Very cool. The bar was awesome, met a group of fun regulars at the bar. The bartender was very intertaining.



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Who said change is bad?

Over the weekend I paid a visit to the beautiful Park Chalet and was surprised to see that they changed their menu. They are now offering many small plates and changed many of their cocktails. I love the small plate concept because it gave me a chance to try so many things. I would highly recommend the Ceviche and the Lobster Tamale. I love coming here on a sunny day to enjoy the food and drinks and I was so pleased with everything. The service on this visit has been the best hands down so far and they were extremely busy. I just want to say Bravo to the Park Chalet for changing it up! I enjoyed myself so much that I called the events office the next day and booked my sister's bridal shower there.



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What a terrible experience!!!!

A group of 9 of us recently went for brunch at the Park Chalet and it was a serious disappointment. The french onion soup is a thick flavorless beef stew, the bread (which you have to pay for) is quite possibly the worst bread I have ever had. Our waiter was disinterested and rude, and, when noticing that we had barely tasted our soup, he did not ask how it was, just offered to take it away for us. When we proceeded to tell him that we were disappointed with the soup, he cut us off to talk with another member of our party about whether or not she enjoyed her meal.
Others in our group were upset at the Eggs Benedict coming over sourdough bread instead of an english muffin. Our entire dining experience lasted 2 hours and left me and other still hungry after paying $20+.



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So frustrating!!

I live in the general area and I so wanted this place to be good. It's not. I've given it several tries in two years and I swear it's getting worse (maybe I've just gotten older and crankier waiting for a blasted beer!). The servers are so confused and inept that it's almost painful to watch the whole operation. The food is REALLY expensive. That could be forgiven if it was good. But, alas, it's Fisherman's Wharf circa 1977 trying to masquerade as haute pub cuisine. (The food upstairs at Beach Chalet is better and the service is marginally better. At least there you've got the Pacific Ocean to make you forget that your server must be hunted like big game.)



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Above and Beyond Expectations

I have gone to The Park Chalet several times in the past and have always had an enjoyable experience. I went back the other night with a couple of friends of mine to enjoy the beer and the food and to my surprise they had completely changed the menu. They changed it to a small plate menu. We decided to try a little bit of almost everything and I have to say I was very impressed. They had quite a variety of items, ranging from a Truffled Chicken and Cheese Macaroni to an Herb Encrusted Halibut. If you have been there in the past you should go back and try the new menu. If you have never been you should swing by and give it a try. The service, food and atmosphere went above and beyond my expectations.



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Manager/Host with Attitude

Food was mediocre and expensive but the host/manager was so rude it was a joke. The servers were nice but the whole experience was uncomfortable. Would not go back.


Phone: (415) 386-8439

Address: 1000 Great Hwy, San Francisco, CA 94121


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THE PARK CHALET STORY The Park Chalet Coastal Beer Garden menu features great delicious coastal seafood specials as well as interactive food from tasty ribs to our crackable Fisherman's Catch seafood boil with crab legs. Park Chalet's full bar offers Chalet's award winning house brewed beers, a great wine list and colorful cocktails. Park Chalet features lunch and dinner service and weekend brunch specials. The Park Chalet's interior is a perfect blend between it’s natural park setting and City environment, creating an unparalleled urban escape with a Coastal Beer Garden feel, no matter the time of day or day of the week. A massive stone fireplace, stained concrete floors, sleek wooden chairs and tables, metal work accents and custom light fixtures, custom interior planters, and a sophisticated geometric bar design merge into an atmosphere of serene peace and celebration. The Park Chalet is an expansion of the Beach Chalet Brewery & Restaurant, which is oriented to the West and feaTHE PARK CHALET STORY The Park Chalet Coastal Beer Garden menu features great delicious coastal seafood specials as well as interactive food from tasty ribs to our crackable Fisherman's Catch seafood boil with crab legs. Park Chalet's full bar offers Chalet's award winning house brewed beers, a great wine list and colorful cocktails. Park Chalet features lunch and dinner service and weekend brunch specials. The Park Chalet's interior is a perfect blend between it’s natural park setting and City environment, creating an unparalleled urban escape with a Coastal Beer Garden feel, no matter the time of day or day of the week. A massive stone fireplace, stained concrete floors, sleek wooden chairs and tables, metal work accents and custom light fixtures, custom interior planters, and a sophisticated geometric bar design merge into an atmosphere of serene peace and celebration. The Park Chalet is an expansion of the Beach Chalet Brewery & Restaurant, which is oriented to the West and fea
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Park Chalet Garden Restaurant

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