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Sears Home Services has local appliance repair technicians in and around San Diego. Call or click to schedule your repair appointment. Ask about same day/next day availability. We come to you! No need to leave your home. Sears Home Services is the leading appliance repair service in the nation. Trusted for generations and proudly serving your neighborhood, our local techs will repair your appliances no matter where you bought them. We repair most major brands, makes, and models of water heaters, washers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, ranges, ovens, cooktops, even riding lawn mowers. We're in your neighborhood, even if a Sears store isn't. Call or visit our website today.
Morena, Western San Diego

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Dorothy S.



SUPERB! Could not be repaired. He phoned to give me case number and phone number in case Sears did not call me soon. HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!

Sue P.



Our tenant said everything went smoothly and the washer now works fine. Technician was on time and performed the necessary repairs.

Cahrles M.



We had a small problem with our Kitchenaid refrigerator, inside lights went out. It took two months and four service calls to fix it. Each repairman that came said it was a different problem and had to order more parts. Then two+ weeks to get another appointment. I will not buy another product from Sears. Easy to see why they are going out of business.

Lionel M.



The tech knew his business and was very efficient. I was surprised at how quickly i was able to schedule Sears repair. Great job, Sears!

Perry D.



Worst company ever !
Incompetent service technicians can't fix washer after 2 1/2 months can't get parts so keep extending and changing service dates and refuse to admit that product is a lemon . They have spent over $1500 in parts and service and it is still not working

John M.
Edited: 01/24/2018

It continues to amaze me that you guys are still in business. For openers the normal lead time is 3.5 to 4.5 weeks to get an appointment. When the Teck arrives he either has the incorrect materials, wrong model number, or is not qualified to do the repairs. And then your Warranty people call and attempt to sell me a extended warranty. I am currently searching for a Webster Dictionary, once ;located I shall look up the word STUPID, if I see my photo I'll
purchase more products & service from Sears..

Cindy C.



I just LOVE Sears. It's an American Institution. And their service agreements and appliances are amazing. I hope they don't go out of business ever.

Candy F.
Edited: 08/05/2017

Well, I had an experience with my wasn't heating up when trying to dry clothes. I called in for a repair appointment and first available was 7/27/17 8a-12p; of course I took it. So that was approximately a week and a half after it stopped working. The tech who came out was apparantly new (0577668). He found an open thermistor and thermal fuse....installed new. Said it's all fixed and left after a bit of confusion. So, I did a load of wash and put it in the dryer; when the done alarm sounded I opened the dryer and found the clothes still wet....still NO HEAT. Called Sears again and told them what had happened. They tried to get the tech and see if he could come back out. In the mean time the rep said if he couldn't get back out to fix, the next available appointment wouldn't be until 8/1/17 8A-12P...I took it . The tech never did come back, so had to wait 'til the 1st almost another full week. The 1st comes and a new tech showed up and replaced a burned out igniter and voila it worked. This time the tech let me feel the heat to make sure it was working. I didn't get a receipt this time so can't give his id to say what a good job he did and in very little time. So for the first tech he gets a no star to a 1 star and the second tech gets a five star review.

Jeff G.



Sears should disband their"Service Department".

They call to give you a repair date and, after a week or better, they show up with no parts and I have to call for another time (at least one additional week since they must order the part). That was my first encounter with Sears Repair.

The second time I needed service was for a leaking washer rubber door gasket. This time I looked it up on the Sears website and found the part number. I called the Sears Service Rep and gave her the information. She put me on hold to verify they had the part. I was all set to go (or at least I thought). The repairman called me to let me know he was on his way. I mentioned that I had given all the info to the Rep but he said he didn't have that info - that that was something they are never given. Since he wasn't going to be able to fix it that day, he didn't come over. I called Sears again to make a new appointment and explain what had just transpired. She did not appear to particularly care and simply set up another time for nine days later. Sears had the part shipped to me The same one I had told them about, so it wasn't that they wanted to check and see if it was the right part. That never came up. It finally was fixed after those 9 additional days. They then had the gall to send me a questionnaire asking how they had done. I told them. On the questionnaire it states my satisfaction is important to them. I wrote them 2 more times and never heard back from them - until a service rep, who wanted to sell me another contract, called. What a fiasco! I declined and will be closing my account, after 24 years without any nonpayments or late charges.

No longer one of the stalwarts of Big Business, Sears continues closing stores. Try googling "Sears service".

Andy S.



Scheduled a repair for my refrigerator's ice maker ( not making ice). Eddie the technician was very professional and thorough, explaining what went wrong as he was doing the repair, leaving me very informed. Best of all, it took less than 30 minutes to repair the problem. Now if Sears can narrow the window (4 hours) for the tech's arrival, it would be superb.

Pat G.



Had scheduled a preventative maintenance check up for my Kenmore clothes washer - the first appointment person was very late and exceedingly quick - the quickest I've ever seen - so much so that I called and asked what exactly constituted a preventative maintenance check up - well it took her longer to read the list than he took to do it - she did try to excuse saying some reps are very quick- but rescheduled and 2nd appointment was very thorough and rep was every knowledgeable, helpful, polite etc etc..Also it took a bit of calling to finally get an operator- Rosalina I think -who knew what I was even talking about with preventative maintenance check up vs repair services.

Don M.



Repair person worked on microwave for approx. 1-hour. Was working when he left, but a couple hours after he left, it wasn't working. Called to get someone to come back, they were supposed to come back the next day. Didn't show up within the 5-hour time window, so I waited around 5-hours for no show. I had to reschedule, then couldn't get them back until after the weekend, so no working microwave for 4-more days. Hoping to get it back working on the next appt. if they show up.

James P.



The last time we needed to change our refrigerator water filter we could not get it in, so bought another one and also could not get it in. The technician came and was able to install it, He also said the other filter would work for the next time. It didn't so we called Sears and asked for another technician and also asked that he bring a filter in case the one we had was not the right one. When he arrived he said we had the wrong filter but had not brought the correct one. The one good thing was that we discovered that we could buy the right filter from Samsung on line for about half the price charged by Sears.

Roxanne D.



Called in for a repair on a handle of my refrigerator and they send out a maintenance person who does not do repairs. Ok, so go ahead and do the maintenance check and repair? Nope, did the maintenance and had to call in for repair. Nice guy and he even gave the part # and referenced all the right things. Next day comes the repair guy who immediately says "I didn't bring any parts and I will have to order a handle". Really? so we have to do another appointment? If I hadn't said that it would have been 2 weeks. I also mentioned I ordered repair the first time and felt that this was a waste of man-power, gas and time to both the customer and the techs. He made a call and had a handled delivered while he went to another call. Handle came, repair came back later in the day and did the repair. They need to hire better staff to cover dispatching. Heck I need a job but too qualified but I bet I would be great.

Blanche K.



My technician was professional, patient, and gave me choices about either fixing my dryer or purchasing a new one. He was respectful of my choice and helped me get the dryer back in working order as soon as possible.

Ray S.



Washing machine repair technician was first class, he did a great job and was very professional and courteous.

Peggy W.



Four visits and over a month to repair my 1-year-new frig. Incorrectly sent maintenance instead of repair (who was very nice, but ended up getting $1500 out of me to renew/extend service plans) throwing out spoiled food, then misdiagnosis, then waiting over a month for a back-ordered part that turned out to not even be needed, then waiting for correct part another week, then having to defrost myself, mopping up water and losing more food, then finally getting it repaired. It's a wonder I didn't shoot myself out of frustration! Found out tried and true Kenmore (really Whirlpool) is using cheap Chinese parts now and that they don't keep parts for newer refrigerators in stock...great. My frig is fixed for now, but I am not happy with the service I got.

Margarita G.



I'm very frustrated with my Kenmre Elite Refrigirator. It has been repaired for at least 5 times since June. This last repair person was a bit sarcastic in that when I was trying to explain the problem, and receiving the attitude that he knew it all, yuk! When I buy another appliance, Never at Sears! I might end up with another LEMON

Cynthia R.



Dishwasher still not washing dishes. Third motor replaced, still not fixed. hopefully tomorrows appointment will do the job

Faye C.



I would not treated no one like they treated me and lm disable just took my money and made more problems


Phone: (858) 905-5249

Address: 960 Sherman St, San Diego, CA 92110


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