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"We Love Dirty Carpets" & "Keep Calm And Steam On"

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Beyer Carpet Cleaning takes carpet cleaning to a whole new level. With a dedication to customer service and a passion for spotless homes, San Antonio has never seen this kind of clean! Beyer Carpet Cleaning has the most dedicated carpet cleaning San Antonio has ever seen! As San Antonio carpet cleaners, we care about the quality of workmanship and always keeping our customer’s priorities at the forefront of our business. Whether its carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, or our personal favorite, tile and grout cleaning San Antonio, we lead the industry in finding the most efficient and cost-effective products and equipment. We never sacrifice quality for affordability. We give you a local carpet cleaners price, yet we can assure you that you get a premium clean. You are paying a much lower price with us because we don’t have the outrageous overhead cost that large franchises do. With Beyer Carpet Cleaning you are doing business with a local family owned and operated business instead of a multi-million dollar company who doesn’t have your concerns at heart. Our whole house carpet cleaning specials includes pre spray, stain removal, deodorizer and a deep steam clean. If you have dirty carpets this is for you! 3 rooms for only $109 and the whole house for just $179! You can't beat this deal for a safe effective cleaning of your home carpeting. Call us today! Our San Antonio Carpet Cleaning experts are ready to find a solution that fits your needs. At Beyer Carpet Cleaning we love dirty carpets and seeing them get so clean that you can't believe your eyes. Do you need us for Pet Stain Carpet Cleaning or Pet urine odor removal ? We also have the ability to perform Flood Restoration with your Carpets if you are in need of an Emergency Water Removal and Emergency Water Extraction Buying a house means starting an investment that will last for the rest of your life. At Beyer Carpet Cleaning, we will protect this investment by stopping dirt in its tracks, preventing stains from becoming permanent residents, and providing you with quality service and an unrivaled expertise. When homeowners need the best that Tile and Grout Cleaning has to offer, they come to Beyer Carpet Cleaning for all their tile and grout cleaning needs. Do you have light colored grout lines that have become nasty and dark, or even black? Let us WOW you with our one of a kind grout cleaning methods that nearly no one in San Antonio can achieve other than yours truly. Don't forget to read our reviews! On the 5 star link at top of page! Think about how often you come in contact with your furniture. You eat there, you sit there, you lay there, all of your visitors touch your upholstery--can you imagine how dirty it must be? Even if it isn't noticeable, dirt, grime and grease wear on your sofas day after day. By only using eco-friendly solutions to remove dirt, our upholstery cleaning is not only effective, but it's healthy for you your family, your pets, and your environment. Our technology for removing stains on your furniture, sofa, loves eats, or recliner. Is unmatched in comparison to our competitors when is comes to upholstery cleaning San Antonio.
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Tile and Grout Cleaning San Antonio Beyer Carpet Cleaning is dedicated to providing you with all your tile and grout cleaning needs with excellence and affordability. Cleaning your grout yourself can be time consuming at best and a disaster at worst. We strive to take the worry out of tile and grout cleaning by using a professional process defined by scrubbing and extracting the dirt with steam, cleaning solutions, and powerful vacuums. Tile and grout cleaning San Antonio companies are very few and far between to come by that can do the job correctly. We use alkaline scrubs and / or safe acid scrub washing depending on the tile and grouts condition as a pre – treatment for our tile grout cleaning in san antonio. We also use up to 1000 psi of 210 degree plus TILE AND GROUT SPECIFIC CLEANING MACHINE with hot water to blast and extract out the soil, stains and grease. Tile and Grout Cleaners in San Antonio that try to use a portable machine CAN NOT achieve this level of grout restoration or cleanliness with out the proper chemicals and equipment, so don’t be fooled. Do your homework and ask what process is used if you decide to shop around. If a company that does tile grout cleaning in San Antonio, claims they can achieve a 100% turn around, or promising those type of results…It’s Not true. Realistically if your grout has not been cleaned in the past 2-5 years you can expect about a 90% improvement (unless the tile and grout was sealed when the home was bought, in brand new condition.) In that case you could see a 100% improvement. If you are between 6-10 years without getting a professional scrub and clean, you are more likely to see a 80%- 85% improvement. Many People ask us about sealing grout. There are 2 small areas in almost every home that could have some benefit for the use of grout sealant: in front of the stove (protect against grease) and in front of the fridge (common spill or drip area.) On the other hand We also do not recommend, as an ideal practice, to seal all of your tile and grout after a cleaning UNLESS, you have achieved a 95% improvement or better (essentially flawless.) The biggest reason is, that sealing in imperfections definitely means they are going to stay right where they are. Remember, NEVER Seal dirty grout, you are only sealing filth in if you do, and attempting to clean out dirt, and grime that has been sealed in, will be nearly impossible. We Recommend, if you get your grout professionally cleaned every once every 18 months, and stay on top of it, Sealing will be a quite unnecessary, and would be beneficial only to the next pro that comes to clean. It’s important to realize that just because your grout has been sealed, does not mean it will not get dirty again. You will Still need to have it cleaned regularly regardless. Yes those nice pretty cleaned grout lines will Most definitely get filthy again even when sealed. We tell our customers the things our competitors won’t. Getting our customers to spend extra money on “upsells” is not our style. Neither is charging the rates our competition does, We want you to be able to get a great cleaning without breaking the bank to get there. So, Since you’re here already, might as well choose Beyer Carpet Cleaning who is fully equipped to take on any tile or grout cleaning task. Especially since on average we cost 30% less than almost all legitimate competitors., Beyer Carpet Cleaning Offers Pet Treatment For : pet stain removal san antonio – Pet Odor Removal – pet urine odor removal San Antonio. We love our pets. We don’t love their mistakes. Often, if you’re quick and clean up a situation you can save a stain from appearing. However, the dirt and bacteria can seep down beyond the visible fibers of your carpet, and unknowing to you, can become powerful and permanent odors down the line. With urine, feces, or even a pet that sheds, keeping your carpets and upholstery clean will soon become a hassle. At Beyer’s, pet stain carpet cleaning San Antonio , we have safe and effective products that penetrate deep into the fibers and padding of the carpet to lift the odor and stain at its source, bringing you home that true clean feel, smell, and look. Since every company in the San Antonio Charges separately for pet related issues, and is usually costly, we decided to develop 2 options that can fit anyones budget. This depends on the severity of the pet odor and stain removal needs. We have 2 Main methods for pet urine stain and odor removal for Beyer Carpet Cleaning San Antonio. This is also very beneficial for other pet related accidents such as hairballs, feces, and that musty dog smell. The Most Common pet odor and urine removal treatment is a very strong topical concentrated enzyme and stain oxidizer mix, which typically yields an 85-90% improvement, which to the naked eye looks nearly invisible, with almost complete removal of smell, under the condition that the pet stains are not extremely Large and that they ARE spread out (not all in one place where an animal has returned to urinate multiple times.) When dealing with Pet urine odor removal or even pet stain removal , many times it’s a case by case situation. For example, in a situation where there are heavily saturated areas of pet urine or odor, you may want to opt in for our bio treatment instead of our most commonly used topical. It is slightly more expensive, yet affordable, and designed for Severe pet issues. Regardless of which route you choose, you will never face high pressure sales. We simply present you with options and you customize your needs and your budget the way you want. If you are searching for San Antonio Carpet Cleaning companies that provide high quality, yet affordable service for your Pet Carpet Cleaning needs look no further., The Best Carpet Cleaning in San Antonio 1. Pre-Inspection The pre-inspection is the first step that we will perform in your home for the actual carpet cleaning process. By evaluating your carpets and home as a whole, we can note areas with damages such as burns, melting, exposed seems, high traffic areas, fraying, and permanent stains. A written contract will then be presented so we can get to work! 2. Furniture Moving We can move your furniture (call for more details)! Chairs, sofas, tables, and other items up to 100 lbs can be moved by our cleaning technicians for $20/room. However, because we want to care for your home, we don’t move delicate items such as antique furniture, china cabinets, entertainment centers, electronic items, etc. 3. Pre-Conditioning and Spot Treatment The entire carpet is treated with eco-friendly, soil-dissolving solutions, targeting high traffic areas. In this phase, we also give spot treatment to stained areas. 4. Pre-Groom, Agitate Pre-grooming and power scrubbing are performed for high-traffic areas and stubborn stains in order to loosen additional dirt in problem areas. 5. Rinse & Extract Steam is introduced to the carpet, reaching deep down and penetrating through fibers to lift dirt and activate the pre-conditioning solution’s deep cleaning effects. This process flushes and extracts the rest of the dirt from your carpet, using a neutralizing agent to rinse through, and leaving you with a cleaner, safer, softer, and healthier carpet! 6. Post-Inspection We encourage you to walk through your home while we are still there to ensure that everything was done correctly and to your satisfaction. We will only finalize the charges when you assure us that you are completely satisfied with our work. 48 hour warranty on all work. Contact us today and get your home cleaner than it’s ever been!, Emergency Water Removal & Extraction We also provide: Emergency flood water extraction, Water removal and Restoration by Beyer Carpet Cleaning in San Antonio. Contact Beyer Carpet Cleaning today if you come across a water leak or flood in your home. We will take the immediate needed steps to fix and help prevent any further water damage. Emergency water removal does not have to be the most stressful experience of your life if you let us help guide you through the steps. In most cases if you catch a leak, and act quickly, things will be much less costly. In cases such as leaks, overflows, or any need for emergency water removal San Antonio , look no further for when it comes to all your water mitigation needs. We service everything from removing all moisture, drying, and dehumidification, anti-fungal applications, and carpet cleaning. Let Our restoration department assist you in finding the most comprehensive and affordable Water Damage Restoration San Antonio. What a saved headache! Need emergency service? Call us right away! Typically, we can begin fixing your problem Same Day. Beyer Carpet Cleaning works on your side to make any loss fully whole again and up to par with satisfaction. Our Restoration Manager will regularly be in contact with you walking you through the steps we take. When homeowners need the best price and service in Emergency water removal in San Antonio, flood restoration, water damage, water restoration, or carpet cleaning, in San Antonio , they come to Beyer Carpet Cleaning. Our Restoration Manager will record and document all possessions, and areas of home effected by the water. Our emergency water extraction and restoration San Antonio services include a free inspection. Once we reach your home, we assess all the affected area and with moisture meters. Then, We try to find out the possible source of the water damage, if it has not already been determined. (If we were the first call you made and you need help finding a plumber, to stop the source of a leak we may be able to assist you) We completely dry the carpet & padding, deodorize, And take precautions to help prevent mildew growth and sanitize all the affected contaminated areas. After this process, Beyer Carpet Cleaning Restoration Team will use water damage mitigation equipment such as dehumidifiers, air movers, water extraction truck-mounted units, and hard surface drying equipment. Minimal equipment will be left at your home to ensure complete dryness and removal of any remaining moisture. Once all the water has been extracted, and treated, we will schedule a check up or 2 to watch progress and make adjustments if needed. If any of the area is still found damp, Our team will then revisit the site to determine if there is any further need for drying. Call Beyer at 210-723-4392 for Emergency water removal San Antonio., Beyer Carpet Cleaning San Antonio Upholstery Cleaning Services Think about how often you come in contact with your furniture. You eat there, you sit there, you lay there, all of your visitors touch your upholstery–can you imagine how dirty it must be? Even if it isn’t noticeable, dirt, grim and grease wear on your sofas day after day. By only using eco-friendly solutions to remove dirt, our cleaning is not only effective, but it’s healthy for you your family, your pets, and your environment. Arm chairs Dining chairs Love Seats Recliners Sofas Sectionals 1. Pre-Inspection The pre-inspection is the first step that we will perform in your home. By evaluating your furniture and home as a whole, we can note the wear, fabric stability, fiber type, and soiling areas. A written contract will then be presented so we can get to work! 2. Pre-Vacuuming You don’t need to worry about vacuuming before we come; we take care of that for you! Vacuuming the upholstery before we begin cleaning gives you a better, deeper clean, and helps our machines run easier by removing solid and dry dirt. 3. Spot Treatment This step is designed to treat areas with high dirt, grease, or food remnants. 4. Agitate Power scrubbing is performed to loosen matted fibers in the furniture and release contaminants not treated by the spot treatment. 5. Extract Steam is introduced to the furniture, reaching deep down and penetrating through fibers to lift dirt and activate the spot treatment solution’s deep cleaning effects. With delicate upholstery, we take the greatest care and clean with a dry cleaning solution and a hand bonnet. This process leaves you with cleaner, safer, softer, and healthier upholstery! 6. Rinse Removing all residue and any remaining stains or soiling, this leaves your furniture sparkling! 7. Deodorize We can do this upon request in order to keep your upholstery fresh., Sapphire, 3M.
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- Mobile Service,- Online Booking,- Referral Program,- Detailed Invoicing,- Truck-mount Service,You expect perfection. We will provide nothing less. Beyer Carpet Cleaning San Antonio takes cleaning to a whole new level. With a dedication to customer service and a passion for spotless homes, San Antonio has never seen this kind of clean! Always keeping our customer’s priorities at the forefront of our business, we lead the industry in finding the most efficient and cost-effective products and equipment. We never sacrifice quality for affordability so we can assure you that you’ll receive a premium carpet cleaning, tile cleaning or upholstery cleaning for the best price when you choose Beyer Carpet Cleaning. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced in their fields, have a constant focus on being professional and producing a result that will exceed your expectations. Guaranteed! We always treat your home like it is our own by creating an environment that will look and feel better. Every clean is a deep clean for us, meaning that we not only eliminate the dirt, dust, and odors that are in plain sight, but our products and equipment reach deep down to eliminate hidden dirt and odors at their source. You will never doubt if we did our job correctly. It’s the difference you can feel! Offering top of the line services in professional truck mounted carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, stain removal, and pet treatments, we are as versatile as we are experienced, and we perform every task with equal excellence. Contact us today for a free estimate to see why our clients love us. They’ve made the switch to a cleaner life—will you?

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Joshua B.



BCC shows up On time, has a hardworking team, and genuinely Cares about the customer experience. Call Beyer if you want your Carpet Cleaning Done correctly and affordably.

Ismael G.



I have been with your company since i bought my home and everytime i ask for my carpets cleaned, you are fast reliable and friendly. Everyone from customer service to the servicemen, really great service. Great work at a good price. Thanks guys. Keep up the good work

Lance B.



Great great work they do, and super nice people, HIGHLY recommend. Got the job done in a timely manner and prices are wonderful.

D G.



All was great during the process of scheduling. They showed up and did a first walk. Our carpet was not that dirty so were reasured it would come out great. At the end of service the tech was leaving without walking our home. We were told their was a final inspection at the end. Once i walk thought my home i can see why the tech was in such a hurry. In some areas the carpet look worse the before. It apperred. Thr areas were not vacuum prior to wash. The worst part of it all is calling the office and having the owner call you a lier that what you are describing is impossible.

Doyle W.



Was very concerned about their rating/comments and expressed it to reception, but made an apmt since they're close to our home. Eli arrived on time and we did walk thru and explained service desired and he gave price and approx. time to do the cleaning. He was very professional and courteous and outstanding job and definitely earned 5 star. Doyles

Jerryl L.



Just had my carpets cleaned in my house by Beyer Carpet Cleaning. I would like to say that they are a great company here in the San Antonio area. The first person I spoke to regarding service was Josh and he was very helpful and spent time with me on the phone explaining the process to me. He also answered all of my questions without making me feel like I was being bothersome to him. I did read several reviews before calling Beyer and I have to agree that they do excellent work. The technician Eli came to my home and walked the entire home with me and explained the process. He also provided me with the total cost of the service before starting the job. He never tried to upsell or pressure me into other services. I did ask about protecting my carpets and he suggested a scotch guard coat for the high traffic areas and gave me a discount. I would like to say thank you to Josh and Eli for superior customer service and anyone who needs their carpets cleaned should look no further than Beyer Carpet Cleaning.

Brady M.



Eli the service carpet cleaner was very professional, polite, and did a fabulous job cleaning my carpet. I have two small children and clean carpets are a necessity for my family. My carpet looks brand new!!! I recommend Beyer to everyone that needs a clean carpet at a fair price with great service. Thank you Eli and thank you Beyer!!!

C B.



pleasantly surprised about the knowledge, and professionalism of this company. it seems to be they are a family owned business instead of some big franchise, so thats why I went with them, thinking I would get better customer service and a reasonable price. Boy was i more than right! The punctuality, communication, and obvious work ethic was real refreshing My carpets and couches look great now, and smell new again! it was about half the price of most places quoting me, and probably much better quality of a job. Thanks Josh And Adam

Chris B.


Carpet cleaned

Excellent service, everybody was really nice and the carpet came out great!!

Alex S.



Beyer Carpet Cleaning cleaned the carpets in my entire house and they look brand new! The carpets were in terrible condition due to my dogs but now all of the stains & smells are completely gone. The quality of service & attention to detail was impressive especially in comparison other carpet cleaning companies I have used in the past. I highly recommend Beyer Carpet Cleaning!!

Ray P.



Beyer Carpet Cleaning in San Antonio Cleaned my Apt carpets, area rugs, and car interior, and the results were far better than i even expected..and to top it off they gave a very affordable price. It seems like that really cater to the middle class and arent greedy which is hard to find these days. Great experience to the detail!

Martin M.



Great Service! they cleaned our church service area, sunday school, and all our chairs and they look better than ever. Beyer Carpet Cleaning knows where its at! very impressed with the differences!

Ben E.



I've used these guys twice, and I got to Meet the owner Josh once! great Guy! family owned business. His Brother Elisha Has been our technician, who conducts himself very professionally, and very knowledgeable. Both times they serviced our home our carpets looked 1000 times better than before, and I've never seen a stain come back once they removed it. If you are looking for a reliable company that can do a great job and charge a fair price. We will definitely be sticking with this company to clean our carpets every few months

J. S.



Beyer Carpet Cleaning Kicks tail!!! they knocked out my whole house in less than 2 hours, were very thorough, i had stains all over my carpets, i probably hadnt cleaned my carpets in a whole year because i had bad experiences with other companies over charging, and trying to sell me all kinds of stuff i didnt need, and only did ok, But Elisha From Beyer did a great Job, got straight to work, and really impressed us. Call these guys if you want to deal with honest folks that get the job done right!



great job!

Loved the prices! Did such a great job, and they were on time...highly recommend! Used them 3 times this year already!!




Beyer Carpet Cleaning is my hero! I have 3 small children and as you can imagine I had stains galore! Beyer Carpet Cleaning came in, on time might I add, and not only got all the stains out, but the carpets look brand new! I cant thank them enough! Call them at 210-723-4392 or go to




If you want your carpets to look brand new then call Beyer Carpet Cleaning. They did a great job on my carpets and their prices are unbeatable! I will use them again!


Phone: (210) 723-4392

Address: 5810 Avalon Terrace, San Antonio, TX 78239

Website: Primary

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