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Fine artwork. Paintings and drawings.
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My name is Melanie, they call me Melangelo. I am a local artist in the Greater St. Louis area. My mission is to draw or paint portraits and fabulous pieces of art for those who value original, authentic and unique artistry. My passion is to bring you a masterpiece that you will enjoy and pass down to your children’s children. I believe that “My expressions and interpretations are all about the subject.” and, “To become static, motionless, or to stop evolving, is to the death of an artist.” My works range from Pencil/Charcoal portraits to Abstract Figures and Kitschy Animals. You will find a broad range of styles, as I continue ever evolving my own personal techniques. Commission work is what I do best. For, if requested, there is little I can not do with a great subject in a priceless photo. You will find my creations appropriate for the home, office or marketplace. As a studied Oil Portraiture, you can be assured a great return on a
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St Peters Square
St. Peters Village, Saint Peters, St. Peters Square
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Phone: (636) 279-1375

Address: 7127 Mexico Rd, Saint Peters, MO 63376