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I just went in to consign for the first time and one of the ladies working told me to put my stuff down on a table. I waited a minute or two and she told me they don't take things in bags and that the things they take need to be in next to new condition(which I can understand). I then asked her if I took the items home, took them out of the bags, made sure they were wrinkle free, and brought them back on hangers or folded would they be able to accept them



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Old Richmond at its worst

I wish I could give this establishment zero stars. But perhaps it deserves one star just because someone who working toward a Ph.D. in the social sciences might find it worthy of study. It is a glaring example of what is wrong with Richmond....where people who are selling second hand clothing act like they are too good to be the least bit friendly to their customers. If you aren't one of them (if you aren't meeting the sales clerks for lunch at the Country Club of Virginia on their day off from The Hall Tree) be prepared to be put in your place. Or don't bother going to this store at all.



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Rude,arrogant and they sell FADED GLORY,HELLO?!

Wish I could give a negative star but unfortunately I have to give a one star since that is as low as this review will go.You really have to go in The Hall Tree to get a taste of these ladies for yourself.UNBELIEVABLE how arrogant some people can be when they work at a CONSIGNMENT STORE! They do NOT acknowledge you when you enter the store,NO ONE asks if you need any assistance while you are browsing and if you do try to smile at an employee they look at you as if you are scum of the earth! I don't believe in judging people by their appearance but gosh,I drive a new Lexus and wear a Rolex. and they looked at me like I was some nasty,unsavory customer!

Why does the owner allow such attitude from her employees? I cannot believe she has managed to stay in business as long as she has with this kind of attitude!They advertise upscale,name brand but I saw mostly FADED GLORY!Seriously if you are simply wanting to be looked down upon by all means then go to The Hall Tree BUT if you are looking for name brand items at VERY reasonable prices I suggest you go to The Fan Thrift store.They don't have the snobby attitude,people will speak to you there and you can seriously get great deals! Example: Paid $6.98 for a pair of UGG'S that were like new! You can't even find UGG'S at The Hall Tree.



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Arrogance unmatched even in NYC or Palm Beach!!

I took over 75 articles of clothing from my wife, a professional and community leader in our city. Her wardrobe consisted of Lilly Pulitzer, Ann Taylor (not Loft, mind you), J Crew, Michael Stars, Vera Wang, Talbots, etc etc- you get the point. Fully one third of the articles were not even worn- still with original tags. The sales associates -2 women- snickered quietly as they dissected each article ( I am not kidding). I almost laughed aloud as I heard comments like ""this button hole looks stressed"" and ""this lower hem looks tired"".

A bag containing 5 Ann Taylor suits- 3 of which still with original tags circa...gasp...2007, was met with disgust as one employee barely lifted the edge of the bag with her fake nails, saw the lower 2 inches of each suit, and confidently announced that all of the suits were simply too dated.

To the Hall Tree Owner/Staff: GET OVER YOURSELVES!! YOU WORK IN A CONSIGNMENT SHOP! Not even the staff at Louis Vuitton, Nordstrom's or Tiffany's treats their customers with such utter contempt and disdain. And by the way, who knighted you as the doyennes of all things stylish and fashionable? My estimate is, the appearnce presented by the staff and store takes me back to 1987 if not earlier.

To Prospective customers- If you desire a truly good laugh at imagined socialites behaving badly- go experience the Hall Tree, take in and old pair of wool pants and get ready for a great piece of bad theater!! It would probably be more enjoyable after a few drinks!!



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Very True about the additude in Hall Tree Consignment Shop

The Hall Tree has been a Richmond institution for as long as I have been living here (14yr) and more. Nothing surprizes me about the additude of the staff, for they are definately bettter than anybody least they give off the snobbish airs that they are, the ""higher elite"". Don't fall for their game, ignore and enjoy the shopping. The additude isn't going anywhere except to the bank. Personally, I haven;t shopped there for years, I go to the Butterfly Consignment, and many others in town that treat its' customers with friendliness and care.

Long Luscious Nails


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Ex Houston's best Mexican Food

Be Conversational.



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Avoid the Hall Tree!

The Hall Tree in Richmond is a complete rip-off. Don't bring jewelry there to consign, whatever you do! I brought in a $300 24-k gold necklace and trusted them to price it fairly. Since they set the prices, you don't get to argue. Came back to collect and they'd priced it at $20! Less than some cheap, plastic jewelry they had on display! My cut? About $7. I've never felt so ripped off. I'm certain it never even made it to the floor for sale and that they sold it to a jeweler for a profit. That's where I should have taken it in the first place! Taking your clothes to Goodwill and getting a tax receipt for your donation will also surely garner you more than what your pathetic ""cut"" of the sale price will be. I say avoid this place unless you like getting ripped off.



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Ok clothes, not -so-good customer service

The clothing is OK, but there is a chill in the air for sure. I had to stand at the checkout for several minutes before one of the ladies behind the counter bothered to come over and ring up my purchase. Granted, I'm not going there for the social contact, but customer service and friendliness are traits I look for in stores that I frequent. These seem to be old Richmond society babes who look down on the very people who patronize their store.



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Rude and Cheap

I would steer clear of this place - the women are incredibly rude and unfriendly to both buyers and sellers. I consign all over town and will never return to the Hall Tree, I was treated with total disrespect. Whatever happened to a little customer service, or at least a smile? Plus many of their clothes are cheap, in poor condition, or outdated. It's not worth putting up with the sales associates' attitudes to search through to find anything worth purchasing. There are plenty of other fabulous and friendly consigners in Richmond that I'd rather give my business.



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hall tree

Hall Tree is a great place to find great items. I find myself stopping by every week or at least every other to find out the new items they have.

I read the previous reviews and was completely shocked to see such remarks. I go into a store to shop. Not to find friends or to confirm my social status. If your going there to shop, you will find what your looking for. I have never had a challenge with any of the customer service. I have located great suits, great skirts (one I have on right now). The only thing I wish they had was more accessories (purses, belts, maybe shoes. Im not too fond on used shoes, but having a shoe dept would be fun- so i can get a whole outfit in on stop).

I recently found out that this store was somewhere my grandmother shopped as well. that alone makes me enjoy it. My grandmother taught me how to find a bargain. I cherish that. My aunt also shops there. For me its a way for me to locate quality clothes on an entry level job budget. For my aunt, who is well established and financially successful, its a way to locate great fashion at a reasonable rate.

The great thing is i don't like shopping in malls now just cause I know the Hall tree will have something like it, or the same suit at a better price. The quality of the garment isn't based entirely on the price. Once you get away from the crazy mark up that big deparment stores have, you will see its apples and apples. At the end of the day if i can get more apples with less money its great!



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Hall Tree Bad for Self-Esteem but Good on Pocket

It's true; Most of the ladies who work at the Hall Tree won't bother to look your way when you visit, much less welcome you to the store. They don't look my way and, though I'm not a society gal myself, I am a corporate gal...not a slob. I have occasionally had the privilege of having some kind conversation while checking out and am somewhat surprised by any friendliness I encounter. But still, I have found some great deals and some beautiful clothes for my children. So if you're looking for friends or have low self-esteem, best steer clear. If, on the otherhand, you can stomach some snobbery, you might find some delightful deals.

UPDATE: There is a change in the air at the Hall Tree. The last few times I've been in, some of the staff have made a concerted effort to be helpful, conversational, and downright friendly--and genuinely so. Now remember I said ""some."" After all, most customer-facing businesses tend to end up with a stodgey rep or two. But strangely, that's part of the charm of the place. Side note: If you're interested in selling clothes at the Hall Tree, I've heard there has been a change to the commission structure. Bottom line? Less of the proceeds of the sale will go into your pocket and more will go to the Hall Tree. Bummer.



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Shop elswhere....

I use to go here frequently, but it got to be too much. They say they pride themselves on quality, but many of the items there are something you would get at Rave, Dollar General or WalMart and are over priced. You CAN find quality items, but you have to look. Not to mention, the women there are pretentious and RUDE. I'd suggestion going somewhere like the Butterfly. They at least have a wide selection of designer clothing and are alwyas helpful.


Phone: (804) 358-9985

Address: 12 S Thompson St, Richmond, VA 23221


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