What is the best way to keep a hot tub clean?


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The best way to keep a hot tub clean is to test the water in the hot tub every three to four weeks and make necessary adjustments. These may include adjusting the levels of alkalinity, the pH, and making it less hard or soft. Responsible hot tub owners also clean the spa filter every one to two months and replace it every one to two years. It’s recommended to remove the spa cover from the spa a couple times a week and give the side that normally faces the water some time to air-dry. Finally, regular quick steps to keep a hot tub clean include skimming debris from the water and topping up the water.The longer process of draining and refilling a hot tub only needs to happen every three months if all the rest of the steps are done regularly....Read More

Lily M.

You should drain your hot tub to clean it thoroughly, especially if the water isn't clear or if it smells. You can use a hot tub cleaner (or diluted vinegar) to clean the shell. Don't forget to clean the filter....Read More

Dale L.

You don't need to buy a specialist product. Vinegar works perfectly. Just drain the tub, apply an equal parts vinegar and water solution to the surface of the tub. Wait for 15 minutes and then rinse off....Read More