How can I find a hot tub leak?


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YP Answers

Before you begin looking for a hot tub leak, turn the power off. After that, the first place to check is the pump--a leaky pump is common, and easy to recognize from the water pooling below. If this doesn’t show anything, examine the union fittings, which can often come loose and need to be tightened by hand. If this fails to find your leak, you will need to visually inspect all the valves and plumbing—especially the connections on the pipes....Read More

Claude G.

Check your pump first. That's often where the leak is. Turn your pump off and look beneath it for water. You should also check all the connections to make sure they're tight, and then check the valves and heater too. ...Read More

Debra I.

My brother dropped dark food coloring into the water near the jet when the tub was running. He was able to see the colored water dripping out of the leak within a few minutes. ...Read More