We are looking for a free puppies in Folkston Georgia by owner ?


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Unfortunately there is no such thing as a "free" properly cared for puppy. Puppies need proper nutrients on a daily basis, a series of vaccinations, parasite (flea, worms, mites) treatment, toys which are appropriate to chew on, fresh bedding and an investment of time if you wish to develop a happy and well adjusted pup who is pleasure to be around. Remember time is money. Being a responsible pet owner requires a a big commitment of both time and money. If you cannot afford to make the investment please do yourself and the pup a favor and have the good sense (and kind heart) to forgo getting one at this stage of the game. BTW - good breeders don't let their pups go without starting their vaccination schedules, making sure they are flea and worm free. But there is usually a cost associated with these assurances. They are worth every penny up front and almost always save you bundle in the long run.

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