I sent a cashiers check to a person whose bank decided not to deposit into her account and canceled her account. How do I get my money back from that bank? How do I get my money back?


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This is just my opinion, but I would say the problem in not yours but is the problem of the person receiving the money. Further it might be fraud on the part of the person you paid, call her Jane. You have proof that you sent a cashier's check to Jane as you have the bank documentation. That check became cash to Jane. Her bank could only deposit it OR give Jane cash. If they did not deposit it, she could have cashed it. Or Jane could take it back to your bank and cash it without depositing it, so check with your bank. Did the bank clear a payment on the check? Can your bank give you a trace on the check? In any case make no more payments, take no more action. I think Jane is trying to get more out of you.

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