When do I need to go to a mechanic?


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YP Answers

Setbacks with brakes, lights and other parts that are vital to the safety of your car's driver and passengers, as well as others on the road, necessitate quick fixes. A ripped seat cushion or broken radio do not involve safety and will not warrant enough of a problem that going into a garage is required.  Many modern automobiles will notify drivers of an issue, in the form of a signal on the dashboard or a noise within the vehicle....Read More

Andy B.

I go to the mechanic or have him come over to inspect my car if I notice anything abnormal. This includes fluid leaks, excessive vibrations (or vibrations that don't stop), an abrupt decrease in gas mileage, difficulties shifting gears, or black smoke coming from the exhaust. You should have any of these issues checked out immediately to avoid costly repercussions. A brake fluid leak could hinder your ability to stop, potentially causing an accident....Read More

Stanley P.

It's always smart to schedule an appointment with your mechanic if you are planning a long road trip. You should also head in if your car is shaking, your brakes are squeaking or feel mushy, or your gears are sluggish to shift. ...Read More