What are the pros and cons of a vinyl garage door?


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YP Answers

These doors are hard to dent or break and don't need much maintenance to keep up their appearance. They are usually built on steel frames with polyurethane insulation and come in  limited colors....Read More

Trudy B.

I really like the look of vinyl garage doors. They're great because they don't ever need to be painted and they're incredibly durable. They're also good for sunny places like Florida, where I live, because you can get them with a UV resin that prevents fading. On the downside, you're stuck with whatever color you choose, and if you don't get an insulated door, it can be hard to keep your garage at a steady temperature....Read More

Harris H.

If you're considering buying a vinyl garage door, some of the benefits you're likely to enjoy include little maintenance, resistance to dents, aesthetics, and durability. However, the material is expensive, has limited color selections, and offers poor insulation if you buy an uninsulated version. ...Read More