How does automobile detailing differ from a standard car wash?


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Standard car washes provide a basic, surface cleaning that enhances the car’s overall appearance. Automobile detailing, however, is a deeper, more thorough cleaning tackled with much greater  precision. As a result, automobile detailing takes longer than a standard car wash, and is more expensive....Read More


A car wash uses water and detergent to clean away surface dirt and grime. Detailing cleans off stuff that gets embedded in the paint. A detail shop adds extra steps of waxing, polishing, wet sanding and buffing to make your paint shine better. They also clean the inside of your car and probably steam clean your carpet. There are different levels of detailing, and plenty of car washes do some level of detailing....Read More


The way I see it is that a standard car wash is like everyday care, like showering and hair brushing. Detailing is more thorough. It's about protection. A car wash cleans away the obvious dirt. Detailing is like putting your vehicle under a microscope, getting rid of everything that shouldn't be there and then coating it in protective wax to prevent it from being damaged by the weather....Read More