How much does a physical therapist cost?


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YP Answers

A typical  physical therapy session costs around $100 each. But the cost can vary based on the procedures necessary. How many appointments you need also varies depending on the injury, , but most patients visit between six and 12 times....Read More

Brendan D.

Physical therapy can cost in the range of $50-$350 per session. The price depends on things like whether or not you have insurance, which physical therapist you see, if you purchase a session package beforehand or the costs of specialized equipment....Read More


I mean they can charge whatever they want, I got someone who I thought was a physical therapist, who actually wasn't.... long long story, I paid a good $350 and I just ended up getting robbed, so do your homework before.

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Marietta H.

Roughly $125-$150 per hour session. I had physical therapy after a knee injury. Two sessions a week for a month came to just over $1,100....Read More