What are the types of fireplaces?


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There are four primary types of fireplaces for use inside the home:
  • Wood-burning fireplaces are the most common and they are pretty simple; put in wood, set it on fire. There are multiple types of wood burning fireplaces, including the basic enclosed type, and also inserts and wood burning stoves.  
  • Gas fireplaces use natural gas to produce heat. They are much cleaner and more efficient and can provide just as much heat, if not more, than wood.
  • Ethanol fireplaces are trendy these days. While they are easy to install and use, but the heat output is much less than wood or gas fireplaces.
  • Electric fireplaces are the most cost efficient and easiest to install of all the fireplace options, and can be operated by remote control. How’s that for ease? Electric fireplaces generally do not have a great heat output, but are efficient, clean and easy, and kind of cool to watch.
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My grandmother used to have a traditional fireplace, where you just place some logs inside and light them on fire. There are also electric fireplaces that heat the air around them without an actual flame. A third option would be a gas fireplace that burns behind built-in glass doors without the use of logs.

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You could say that fireplaces are defined by the fuel they burn. So there are gas fireplaces, wood-burning fireplaces, electric fireplaces and ethanol-burning fireplaces, which seem to be a current trend. But I guess you could also classify fireplaces according to their design, like wall-mounted fireplaces, tabletop fireplaces and traditional open-hearth fireplaces. For outdoors, you can also get fire pits and those earthen ones that look like pottery with a chimney attached....Read More