How do you start a gas fireplace?


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Most gas fireplaces have a pilot light, just like a gas heater or stove. A pilot light is a small flame that stays lit all the time (until turned off) and it is used to trigger a flame when the gas is turned up. If the pilot light is on, usually you just turn on the fireplace with a switch or remote, whichever device your particular unit has. If the pilot light is off, you will have to first light the pilot light. Some units might need to be lit with a match. For the best results, consult the owner’s manual for specifics on how to light your fireplace, or how to light the pilot (or turn it off)....Read More


You should have a key to the fireplace that's flat on top with a hollow tube. Look for a metal square in the wall near the fireplace. Plug the tube into the wall in the matching square, twist to the right a little bit to turn on the gas, then light the fireplace.

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It depends on your fireplace. You either start it using a control panel or ignite it with a fireplace key. Read your instruction manual to find out how to light yours. ...Read More