What is window tinting?


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YP Answers

Window tinting is a process in which a car's windows are darkened to block exterior light. Window tinting is done to maximize privacy, since tinting makes it more difficult for those outside to see a car's passengers and contents. Window tinting also reduces heat within the cabin, and it protects the interior from harmful UV rays....Read More

Loraine B.

The glass is specially treated before a precisely measured polymer film is cut and applied to the inside surface of the window/windscreen. There is also an option to have the tint applied when the glass itself is produced but this is less common. ...Read More

Cory P.

Window tinting is the process of applying a layer of window film to the inside of windows. We had limousine tint, which is darker than normal window tinting, put onto the windows of our camper van for privacy and to keep the van cooler. In our home, we tinted our south-facing picture windows to prevent the sun from damaging the furniture and carpeting and to keep air conditioning costs down....Read More