I am looking for a volunteer to be Treasurer of a community newspaper called the Aberdeen Times


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I can suggest some tips and guidelines for finding a suitable treasurer for your community newspaper:

1. Reach out to your local community:

Spread the word in your local community about the vacant treasurer position. You can post announcements on social media, community bulletin boards, and local newspapers. You could also consider approaching other local organizations or societies that might have members with financial expertise who could help.

2. Look for relevant skills and experience:

When selecting a treasurer, look for someone with relevant financial skills and experience. Ideally, you'll find someone who has experience working as a bookkeeper, accountant, or financial analyst. You may also want to prioritize someone who already has experience administering finances for a community organization.

3. Conduct interviews:

Once you receive interest from potential candidates, you'll want to conduct an interview to assess their experience, skills, and availability. Be sure to ask questions that pertain to the specific needs of your newspaper, such as how the treasurer plans to handle the newspaper's taxes, reporting requirements, and financial records.

4. Provide training and support:

Once you've selected a treasurer, be sure to provide them with any necessary training and support they may need to perform the role effectively. This might include providing access to financial management tools, resources such as accounting software or spreadsheets, or other support like training resources or assistance from your newspaper's staff.

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