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We've been providing quality automotive service to our customers. We take pride in hiring the most qualified technicians, offering the fairest prices to our customers, and utilizing the best in automotive technology and services to fix or maintain your vehicle. All of our repairs come with at least a 12 month 12,000 miles warranty.
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Friendly and honest

We have been using hookset for several years now and really appreciate their honestly and good work. Our family has cycled through an old hippy VW bus, a huge F350, a huge f150 and a luxury acura. After selling both the VW and the F350 and suggesting the new owners use hookset they were happy customers too. We have referred several friends and everyone has been happy with the results. There isn't a better mechanic in town. The only real drawback with hookset is that for some ridiculous reason the owner doesn't understand how the game of football works and ended up being a broncos fan. I have tried to help, but there is nothing that can help a denver fan. If it wasn't for that drawback, it would be a perfect shop.



Pleasant experience

I'm planning to return to this place. Good vibes.

claimed iconBusiness Response01/26/2011

Thank you for the fantastic review! Please email us at for a coupon. Have a great day! Angie

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Avoid this place. My opinions is that they are a total rip-off.

I took my wheelchair accessible van in for service. My vehicle had less than 50,000 miles on it so I knew the problem would be minor. Hookset refused to look for a low cost solution and immediately diagnosed a high labor 'fix'. After completing this $700 ‘fix’ the problem still existed. Did I get a refund for their misdiagnoses? Heck no. So, I asked them to look for the low cost solution. Did they? No! They went for diagnoses #2 -- a $2,400+ ‘fix’. Every other Dodge mechanic I called said there is no way my vehicle had the problem Hookset said it did. I would not let them do the work they recommended so they retaliated. They first said my engine was put together and ready to drive. But, after I said I was picking it up suddenly “another 3 or 4 hrs of labor were needed to put it together”. So, on top of charging me for a ‘fix’ that wasn’t a fix at all, they bilked me for another 3-4 hours of labor when I refused to let them do another $2,400+ worth of work on it. So, I took my van to a reputable place. What was needed? A tune-up. That’s right. A tune-up. This dealership looked at the chain Hookset replaced for $700 and said it wasn’t bad. They also said the values that Hookset wanted to charge me $2,400+ to ‘fix’ were not bad. With the tune-up, my van runs great. AVOID THIS PLACE. They will suggest high cost ‘fixes’ to overcharge for their services. They will also retaliate if you refuse to let them spend all they want. They are either incompetent or crooked. Based on the extra labor they charged my opinion is that they are crooked. A final note. Read the ‘positive’ reviews of Hookset. Do those seem legit to you or do they look like an owner or employee wrote them? Those look like self-reviews to me. You can see the same person posted positive reviews on multiple sites.

claimed iconBusiness Response10/21/2010

I am very sorry that you feel the work we did was not correct. To slander a business is wrong without knowing or understanding the whole situation. I would first like to point out the repairs we did and why we did them. When you brought your vehicle in, it was back firing out the air filter. When a Vehicle does this it is because the intake valve is staying open when the spark plug fires and rather than containing the explosion in the cylinder it allows it to travel back up the plenum and out the air box. At this point, we started the diagnostic process and found that the timing chain was slapping the timing chain cover. When a timing chain is loose it can allow the valve to stay open this causing the problem mentioned above. We called, explained this and you approved the work. I also pointed out that there may be more going on but this was the first step in solving your problem. Now as far as the dealer telling you that the chain was not stretched that would be impossible to say unless they reinstalled the old one on your vehicle. If they did this, then they would not only know that the chain was stretched but also found that it was so bad that the chain guide had been chewed up and broken, which is still there because you declined the service. After this, I gave you Leak down test on your vehicle at no cost which would be around 180.00 dollars. I figured you had been nice and bad for you. When Adam and I did the Leak down test we found that the #3 and #5 cylinder were leaking down. This would be a solution to the problem meaning that the only way your vehicle can back fire out the air intake tube is because the intake valve is staying open when the engine fires that cylinder. We also had this conversation. I am sorry but having a bad spark plug or wire will not cause a back fire out the air filter box. We also gave you a big discount on the repairs that you had already did plus 4 hours of free diagnostics and a free carbon clean because you said the only reason you were not having us do the repairs is because you could not afford them. All in all we gave you 443.00 off services we did and tried to help you out in every way we could. I usually don’t reply to good or bad comments because I like to read what the people and respect what they have to say. In this case what you have stated is just a blatant lie from someone trying to get their work done for free. As for making up my own reviews, I would never need to do this. I would also like to mention that I have the right to remove them but I opt out of this as well. Owner J.C. Jenkins 503.287.2877

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Fantastic service

I believe supporting local commerce is key to stronger communities. So when I had an abrupt mechanical situation w/ our family car, I was a little distressed at having to shop around and find an honest mechanic. I have received some advertisements for Hookset Automotive and said well they are a local business. I called them and was astonished at how quick the Owner gave me a quote and was very friendly. Realizing his was modestly priced for parts and labor and his impression of friendliness won my trust, I went. They were fast, professional and beyond helpful. They were not put out by me quickly inquiring and overseeing the work done, they educated me.

Truly a gem of an automotive shop! Search no more, Hookset is it!

claimed iconBusiness Response01/26/2011

Thank you for the fantastic review! Please email us at for a coupon. Have a great day! Angie

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I first went to JC for an oil change and was impressed with his knowledge and honesty about my aging car.

When I decided to keep my car instead of buying a new one JC and his mechanics looked it over from top to bottom and made honest recommendations about what should be repaired if the car was to keep running well. In the end the work was done well and he made every effort to keep his fees low. I thought he was very fair.

Since that experience we bring both of our cars to Hookset because we know we can count on JC to honestly recommend only the work that should be done.

Recently, when JC noticed that work that had been done at another shop was done incorrectly, he spoke personally

with people at the other shop and advocated for my wife as she negotioated with the shop to correct their work.

Not many shop owners will go to bat for you like JC did.

I highly recommend Hookset for good, honest work at a reasonable price. I am glad I finally found a mechanic that I can trust.



Excellent Service & Prices

JC & Adam do an excellent job every time I bring in my cars. They gave me an excellent deal on tires saving me hundreds of dollars over other dealers and they never recommend unnecessary service and repairs. I trust my cars with these guys and I tell all my family and friends about them as well. Everyone there is always very friendly as well.

claimed iconBusiness Response01/26/2011

Thank you for the fantastic review! Please email us at for a coupon. Have a great day! Angie

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Walked in one day over three years ago to get brakes done, and NEVER go anywhere else! I am a single mom of three and am very scared of being taken advantage of by mechanics. JC and Adam have always been very honest with me. As a matter of fact I always carry a few of thier cards in my pocket so others can benifit from him as well. If the job is not within thier capabilities, they will tell you up front and they have a few times with me, I totally respect a stand up person like that. I have an older van, so I have had brakes done, many lube and oil changes, radiator problems, transmission leaks, charging system issues, you name it and they have never taken advantage of me. I have called them quite a few times with urgent car problems. I can tell you that every single time they told me to bring it in and they looked at it immediately....and not charged on about every occation! I once took my van to a well known transmission shop to get it serviced, only to get taken advantage of, and they were very rude, then took it to Hook Set Automotive, and found out JC does the exact same service for about 50 less dollars. Trust me go to Hook Set Automotive you will never go anywhere else! These guys are SO honest, just really great people.

claimed iconBusiness Response01/26/2011

Thank you for the fantastic review! Please email us at for a coupon. Have a great day! Angie

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Honest, friendly, well-priced

I've been to Hookset a few times and have only positive things to say. As a single lady, I'm always super duper wary of being talked down to or taken advantage of when it comes to car care. But here I know they're being straight with me. Do I expect them to be 100% perfect every single time? Well, no probably not since they're humans not robots. But I'm confident that they're being honest with me and I'm also confident that they'll stand by their work and make it right if something were to go awry (which it hasn't for me). To me, having been straight up lied to and swindled in the past at other shops, that's huge.

Are the digs fancy? No. If you want slick waiting lounges and lattes and sky lights this is not the place for you. But there are comfy chairs, wi-fi, a nice TV and even some sweet and well-behaved dogs behind the counter you can say hi to if you want to.

All in all, I'm happy and will continue going back for sure.



Great Service

Hookset recommended great tires for our car. They were very knowledgeable and fast to help.

claimed iconBusiness Response01/26/2011

Thank you for the fantastic review! Please email us at for a coupon. Have a great day! Angie

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I just left the shop today. I had a check engine light reset and was given some good information, and all for free!! The mechanics at Hookset Automotive were reluctant to replace a $300 part if it didn't need it. Apparently I had a sensor go off that MIGHT have been caused by some ice build up, but also might be a result of a part that needs replacing. Rather than jump the gun, the mechanic gave me some good advice. Drive the car, make sure I have my cell on me, stay in town, and watch for the check engine light. The worst case scenario is that I might have the car die while idling. Chances are I can restart it and get it into the shop to replace the part. The best case scenario is I just saved $300 in parts and who knows in labor!!

Oh did I tell you that when the Toyota dealer quoted me $1500 in repairs, I got a second opinion here. I DID need the work but I got it done for a fraction of the price at Hookset!!!!!! They are honest and reliable. My car was in and out on schedule.


Hookset Automotive

7631 Northeast Sandy Boulevard

Portland, OR 97213-6462

(503) 287-2877



Finally, an honest mechanic!

I have been to several auto mechanics in the Portland area. I have finally found a mechanic that will explain what the issues are with my car. I came to see JC when I had a funky noise in front end of my car. He explained that I needed a CV Axle replaced, and that was the cause of the noise. He told me that repairing this was important, as you do not want this part to fail while driving down the road. I was not sure what a CV Axle was or why it was so important to the safely. JC took me into the shop where my car was up in the air and showed me where and what the CV Axle was and how it was torn and what the good ones should look like.

Having him show this to me and take the time to teach me the workings of my car helps me put my trust in him. I know he would not sell me things that I don't need. He also has shown me that he the safety of me and my car is a priority to him.

A trustworthy mechanic is hard to find and I have recommended Hookset to all my friends and family.



claimed iconBusiness Response01/26/2011

Thank you for the fantastic review! Please email us at for a coupon. Have a great day! Angie

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Phone: (503) 287-2877

Address: 7631 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR 97213


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