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Colonial Town Center, Coytown
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Natasha R.



I would like people to be aware that if you're buying a Yorkie. I believe half of them are from the same breeder not only that they're not giving you the information that you need. if you're looking for a traditional Yorky they are not selling traditional Yorkies their selling half parti or brewer and half traditional Yorkies. We became aware of this when our Yorkie was turning white and we did further research to find out that the Yorkie was not a traditional Yorkie Nor do they tell you that. that is what you're getting when you asked for a traditional Yorkie. I tried to go through the company to get this resolved and feel I deserve at least half my money back for only receiving half of what I asked for and they said no because they don't guarantee color. It's not about guaranteeing color it's about if you told me she was going to be half parti and half traditional I would've known that there was a huge possibility that she was gonna turn different colors other than a traditional Yorkie. So with that being said if you have a Yorky that has a lot of white in them I would look for the breeder and it's probably the same breeder because he has over 50 breeding females and 15 breeding males on his website So you most likely got a half parti Yorkie and you're probably unaware of it thinking you got a traditional Yorkie. I will not be going back with this company and I'm gonna be making this completely aware to as many people as I can because they're trying to pass it off as coloring when there's a huge difference between A traditional Yorkie and biewer Yorkie and parti Yorkie.Oh and they did send pictures of mom and dad and we just thought that it was the lighting because dad was in a white background with the really big white light with it so we never questioned it nor have we ever heard of a parti Yorkie tell now. So they'll probably try to sit there and say we showed you mom and dad but for people that Are unaware that there's more than one a Yorkie breed

L C.



HORRIBLE STORE and HORRIBLE STAFF!!! I can not express how much damage this store has done to my family and I through their sleazy business. To begin, we purchased a supposedly "healthy" German Sheppard from the store in February. Right when we got him home, we noticed he was throwing up food, so we scheduled him to visit the store's vet (like stated on the store's contract) on their next operating date. The vet said he was fine and that it was probably due to his age and that he'd grow out of it. Two weeks have past and nothing has changed, we took him to our personal vet and he was diagnosed with megaesophagus. Throughout his life he will have to visit the hospital and he will require constant attention due to pheumonia developing from this hereditary disorder. Right away after visiting the vet, we went to the store to report our finding and request a refund. The store manager, immediately told us to wait for her outside. We waited for about 20 minutes before she came out and told us to call or text her after the business closes so we could discuss this matter the next day. We called her right at closing and she failed to answer, we texted her and she told us to bring in our copy of the documents the next day. Right when we delivered them, she told us that the owner would contact the next day. We explained how we couldn't wait any longer due to the dog's illness and requested to talk to the owner. She said he wasn't in right now, so we requested to talk to him by phone. She immediately became furious and said no, that she wouldn't give us his number. We said, we didn't need his number, that if she called on the store's phone and let us talk to him, it would be fine. She then threatened to call the cops on us if we didn't leave the store. We refused to leave without a refund and she called the cops. The cops removed us from the store and put a verbal restraining order on us from coming back to the store until the owner invited us back to exchange the dog. Days past before we talked to the store manager once again by phone, only to tell us that we didn't qualify for a refund due to our contract. She mentioned how the owner was "such a nice guy" that he'd let us exchange our dog for another one. We requested a Golden Retriever as a replacement, and she said that she didn't know if that would work because they are worth more than a German Sheppard. We did research at pet stores around the area and determined this to be completely false. After this conversation, she never called us back. We began filing a lawsuit against this company and ended up on the reality court show, The People's Court. The court shortly decided that the store wasn't at fault due to their contract. Their contract states that a pet may not be returned for a full refund, only an exchange, if there is a sickness detected by their own vet within 48 hours of purchase. First off, stating that your own vet is the only person who can say that your dog is sick is pretty shady. Second, megaesophagues is a birth defect, not a sickness, thus rendering that statement irrelevant. Third, Florida Law states that if an owner finds a birth defect in their puppy within a year, they are entitled to a full refund. My recommendation is to pay the extra money when it comes down to adopting a pet into your family. Please save yourself from the stress and work and DO NOT PURCHASE A DOG from this CORRUPT business!



Provided by Citysearch

On January 14th 2012 I went into The Puppy Spot with my husband with the sole intention to just look at the dogs for fun. I picked up a Miniature Schnauzer with no real intention of buying but after 10 minutes of holding him I was starting to feel like I should buy him. I am not an impulse buyer by any means and so I checked the account to see how much we had...I went outside to think and when I saw another couple looking at this same puppy I realized that I had to take him home. We signed some papers, spent 527.18 and we're told we would receive his breeding papers in the mail in about 2 weeks. That should have been my first indication that something wasnt right but we took him home anyways. That night he developed a cough and in doing some research I found out he had kennel cough. Tuesday the 17th so my husband took him for the exam and the vet stated that he was fine, just had kennel cough, and gave us medication. I also had my husband ask about the Luxated Patella (Grade 1) that I noticed on the original paperwork. The doctor said that he would grow out of this and with the meds his cough cleared up fairly quickly. All seemed well for a while. I was so excited and loved Bowzer like a kid. What happened next was so heartbreaking.

Sunday morning at about 2am he started having seizures. My husband and I woke up to a very odd kind of strangled yelping noise; when we looked into Bowzers cage he was seizing.The first one was very short and fairly minimal so I figured this was some sort of fluke. No more than 2 hours later the same thing only worse. We took him to the Emergency Vet. They gave him an IV, charcoal, and other medications; told us when we left there that morning to take him to Boggy Creek Animal Clinic. We went straight there where they continued treatment. I was took him home around 9am. He seemed much more like his little puppy self so I thought this might just be ok. At about 10 am he started seizing again; this seizure was horrible. I rushed him back to Boggy Creek Animal Clinic. The vet told us that if it had been anything toxic he would have started to improve so it had to be a Liver shunt, which is a birth defect.
They kept him for the day. I picked him up at 5pm and all was fine till about 9pm when he had another seizure. His last seizure, we took him to the emergency vet again and decided to put him to sleep. Any other decision would have been too painful on our part and too cruel to my Bowzer.

When my husband and I went back for a refund the manager made copies of all our paperwork and said that she would have the owner call us back. We told her we would wait and did, for 2.5 hours. We also had to drive to get the paperwork of the 48 hour exam because their fax ""wasn't working"". When I returned I had lost a great deal of patience and told her that there was no reason I should have to wait and I would make a HUGE deal out of this if I didn't speak to the owner. She said that he would call the following morning. Which he didnt, he didnt get a hold of us untill Friday the 11th and only then said, very rudly, we needed to provide a State necropsy report for him to issue a refund. Did I mention that we never received our breeding paperwork? Have picked up the next best thing (after all this was a birth defect) left him yet another message which has not been returned. By this point my husband has contacted wftv channel 9, the BBB and we are preparing to take him to small claims court. Channel 9 is going to investigate because this whole thing never should have happened in the first place and we are not the first people who bought from this place that this has happened to. This puppy mill will be shut down as soon as we can manage it because this entire thing is unacceptable! We are still waiting on a phone call.

NEVER BUY A PUPPY FROM THIS STORE!! and if you dont believe me just go to yelp and google and read the other reviews...wish I had done that first.



don't support irresponsible pet stores!

They need to make serious changes- clean up the store and take better care of their puppies. I went in and saw puppies with feces all over them and fleas. The prices are slightly above average, and the puppies seem unhealthy. don't support this business.


Phone: (407) 228-2227

Address: 2515 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32803

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